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Just attended Adam Ginsberg's 3 days Amazon Business Workshop. I am a beginning seller on Amazon and his "workshop" enticed me. Adam claimed that we would learn Retail Arbitrage & Online Arbitrage.

It started with a 1 day Amazon Business Workshop, free of charge. This was the bait to the actual 3 day workshop where you learn how arbitrage worked. There were so many upsells, I can't even begin. At the introductory 1 day workshop, Adam began with talking about Amazon, the billion dollar business it is now, how it's good to jump on this now etc... he eventually sold his workshop to many of us. $99 to attend the workshop, attend all 3 days and you would get your money back, the $99 would save your seat basically. Before the week of the workshop, you get an email about a workbook they have, sells for $15 but need to get it before the workshop otherwise it's $40 the day of the workshop, another bait.

I signed up thinking I would learn a lot of new things, I attended all 3 days on time and sat there the entire time. Also, they send out an agenda of the workshop but do honor the times written on there. The first day of the 3 day workshop was really just the basics about Amazon, I mean how to create a seller's account, high-level BS. Saturday, he walked us through the software he created, basically a tool you would need to do any of this work, which cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, I'm not as novice as the folks that were in the room that were eating up all of this information up. There are free tools online that does the same thing his software does. It was so sad to see Adam preying on older people, getting them to buy his software and in addition to that, he was working with a lending company at the workshop to get people to pull out a loan to pay for their upfront costs to start up their "amazon business". I kept thinking, okay he's going to get into the meaty stuff soon, the specifics..not at all, at least not anything you could've easily found from a 3 minute youtube video. It was appalling to see him state things that weren't even true. Things about private labeling, create complete generalizations like they were facts just so everyone in the room could by his software. The third and last day of the workshop, I sat through everything again nothing helpful, most of that day was spent him talking about his software, his million dollar home, he will spend 90% of his workshop making jokes and have audience members ask questions. this is a complete waste of time. Also, last but not least, after patiently sitting through it all, I finally politely asked about my $99 refund. I was questioned by the lady at the desk whether I attended all 3 days, she was incredibly rude, she took a photo of my debit card? then said to call the phone number on the release sign if I didn't get a refund within a week. Well it's been over a week and come to find, there is no phone number on the release form that I can call (which i wish I had brought to the seminar). I am warning people, you may not have the same experience as I will, but please use your good judgment before spending your money. There has been nothing said good of this person and unfortunately, he is out there continuing to con people of their money and most of money from older people who are not technologically savvy. It's not right.


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    Giloh Oct 08, 2017

    I attended the Amazon Business Workshop and have since sold over $500, 000 on Amazon as a result of working with Adam and his team. It's odd that someone would complain when they received a 2 1/2 day workshop for FREE - that the information contained wasn't good enough. And wouldn't it be expected that if someone is to attend 2 1/2 days of free training that they would be offered product for sale. The workshop is great, but it's not a charity. My name is Giloh - I live in Las Vegas where I am a Pastor. I'm not posting as someone who works for the company. In any opportunity, you'll get out of it what you put into it.

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    itldu4r Feb 28, 2019

    @Giloh I do not believe you. For one reason. You repeated that the workshop was 2 1/2 days and free. We both know that is not true. You had to pay for that 3 or as you put it 2 1/2 day workshop. If you are really a pastor may God have mercy on your soul for your deception. If your not a pastor may God have mercy on your soul for your deception.

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    e90049 Jul 09, 2019
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    So many scams...

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    Sheamarie32 Aug 15, 2020
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    I am currently sitting through a summit day and I am not learning anything. The info is not showing on the screen that he speaking of. Not a pleasant experience. I may not do the full day at all. Tomorrow I don’t think I’ll sit through even two hours. I only paid $20 for the two days for the special price so thank God I don’t need to force a refund. I pretty much know now if I don’t already have a private label it will be a little more tedious to start selling other people’s products at a different price with my own company name. I am so thankful I didn’t spend 200 or 300 for this course. He talks only about the history of this business and motivating yourself. I’m waiting on certain pertinent info.

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