Allied Universal / Aus.comaccount manager

S Nov 02, 2019

Account Manager Burges is disrespectful to her guards. She curses at them, and does not pay them for a bumped schedule that she purposely created. She does not care for emergency situations. A guard was suppose to be removed from the site for violence on the site and mischief on the job. The guard also told Burgess she was an ugly giant and was never removed or written up. However a diffrent guard was removed for expressing personal emotions on personal time because account manager Burgess did not like this guard. The guard was written up for insubordination when the guard had paper work and a logical explanation and proof. Burgess did not care to consider the guards paper work. Account manager Burgess also pays out her guards vacation and sick pay with out the guards request. She then denies any time requested that a guard may need including emergency situations. She does not speak to her guards with respect but she expects the guards to obey her every demand.

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