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This complaint is in regards to our horrible experience with Allied/Mainstream with our pool purchase and installation.

We purchased our pool on July 3, 2006. The pool was installed on July 11, 2006 under a package deal. The agreement was if the pool was not installed within 14 days we would get $1000.00 back and the pool would be installed at Mainstreams earliest convenience.

Here is the history of our experience with Allied and Mainstream-

Chain of events regarding pool installation:

July 11th- Pool installed. Spoke with Mary in the morning regarding what they needed from me. I asked her exactly how I was supposed to back fill in the pool and she indicated I was to bring the ground level to atleast level to what was removed. I asked her how long before we can swim in the pool and she indicated we should wait 5-7 days, but that some people went in a put a foot print in the pool for prosperity. I explained to Mary that the pool MUST be installed a minimum of 5 Feet from the electrical service that was installed to meet code, and we drew it in on her survey.

Mary called me @7:22 am to ask where our hose was because they needed to fill the pool with water to set the liner. I asked her how much she needed she indicated that they needed 6-8 inches and I told her she could not use my hose. I explained that I ordered pool water for them and was informed that they would work with Waterman to fill the pool. I explained that she could not tap that much water out of my well and that I did not want my well water in the pool. If she absolutely needed water to get started she could use an inch or two. Mary indicated she would coordinate things with the pool company than.

I received a call from Waterman looking for payment information so they could deliver the pool water. I asked if they were able to work things out for the liner and he indicated that there was no conversation regarding that and they (JT Enterprise just called to say the pool was ready to be filled.

I returned home at Noon to see how they were able to fill the pool without the water company to see that they did use my well.. It was hard to tell how many inches was used. It was raining all morning.

I returned home from work at 4:00 and immediately went out to look at the pool. It was still raining and began shoveling in dirt around the pool as directed by Mary who did the survey. It took me 6 hours to back fill in.

On 6/12/06

I left a message for JT Enterprises to call me back and let me know when they would be out to install the skimmer and return and hook up the pump. I also called Allied Pool to find out what to do next, we were given absolutely no instructions as to what to do when the pool is installed. I was told to start putting chemicals in like we were just opening up the pool for the summer. I asked if this can be done without the skimmer and I was told no. I asked when do they come out to finish and I was told in 3-5 days. I then left a message for Mainstream, Inc. to find out if they could get the installation company to return my calls to find out when they be back. Never hear back from Mainstream.

Called and left another message for the Installation company to call me back around 8:50 and that if they didn’t return my call I would be calling Allied Pools again. John from JT enterprise called me back to say they would be out in the next day or so to install the skimmer and return and pump. I asked him if he needed the ball valves the pool company sent home with us because they were too small to send with everything else. I indicated that he would like me to leave them by the skimmer for when he comes, that he will need to install them.


No installer company. I called Allied again to find out about the chemicals because the water in the pool was getting slimy. I was told I could put the zap it in. To take the bag and mix it in a bucket of water and walk it around the pool and flush the water around by hand to mix. No other chemicals and be put in until the skimmer and return are installed.


No pool installation company showed up. I called and left a message at 4:30 as to when they were coming. I also looked at the pool and the entire bottom was a thick and green with algae. Called the pool company (allied) to complain that the installation company didn’t show. Jeremy indicated he would do his best to get the pool company out and that if they didn’t come, someone from Allied would come on Monday. I told him this was unacceptable because of the quality of the water and that I needed someone out immediately so we could start treating the water. I didn’t pay $410 for water to have it look like I pumped it out of a pond. (pond water actually looked better) . My 4 year did find all of the instructions and manuals though, inside the door on my door. Who would have thought to look there besides a 4 year old.

I called the installing company again around 5:30 and Mary told me John was done with pools and that he would be out in a little white. We went to Pool Park to pick up chemicals to help clear up the algae when the pump could be hooked up. Cost approximately $65.00 because the skimmer wasn’t installed soon enough. John showed up around 8:30 on his motorcycle and seemed extremely irritated. I went to see if I could get him a soda or something and decided I would just leave him to do his job after he was short with me about the ball valves. He stated he had to completely disassemble the pump and chemical nature 2 to install them. I went and got my husband and told him that the guy was upset to see if there was something he could do. My husband went to talk to him to see what the malfunction was and John told him the sealer he was using needed 24 hours to set. Turned out he didn’t need to disassemble anything. Just spouting off.

We went to started to treat the pool immediately to clear up the green and noticed then the pump was installed too far away from the electric. We moved a block around so that we could atleast turn it to get it plugged in so we could start putting chemicals in.

6/15/06- Called Allied again to find out what to do because the pool was still green and to complain about the Pump location. Jeremy my sales person wasn’t available. I left a message for him and they told me I needed more chemicals and I told them I will get them from Pool Park. I also read the instructions from the Nature 2 cartridge and it indicated the cartridge should not be installed until the pool is balance. The installation company installed it right away when they set the pool up. I was told by the guy I was talking to take it out because it shouldn’t be in there. I removed the cartridge and put it in the garage. I went to pool park for more chemicals and told them what I did, they indicated that he should have told me to put it in a bucket of water because once the crystals are in water they become damaged when they dry up. Nice huh.

6/16/06 - Pool was still a cloudy green. Needed to contact pool park and take in a water sample to see how to hand the balance of the pool. Needed to buy more chemicals. One was to get the dead algae to coagulate together so that it could be vacuumed out. That day was the first day in the pool. Family and friends came over and we all went in together. The first thing that was said was why are there holes in the bottom of the pool.

The water was so swampy looking you couldn’t see them but you could feel them. Noticed Skimmer was leaking.

I called Allied to find out about our Pool alarm and where it was located. It didn’t show on our slip but we were told there was one. I thought maybe it was integrated in the pool somewhere that we didn’t see. I was told if its not on the slip we don’t get it and that I would have to talk to Jeremy, our sales person. I asked to leave him a message. I also asked about the “holes appearing in the bottom of the pool” and the girl indicted it was normal settling.


Jeremy called to talk about the pool alarm and told me that it was withdrawn from the package because it was sold out and that he didn’t realize it when he told us about the package. He indicated he could either reimburse us with Chemicals and we could wait until next year for the alarm. I told him that we have already purchased our chemicals for the year and that we really wanted the alarm and waiting until next year wasn’t an option for me but that I would tell my husband and that I would call him back.

Either the 19th or 20th. I called Jeremy back to let him know that we really wanted the alarm and that waiting until next year was not an option. He indicated he would try to get it from another store. I also complained to him that Mainstream was not returning my calls that I have left a few messages for them and have not once heard from them except to see how the install when and wasn’t able to get hold of them even then. He told me to give it a few days more and that they were really busy and if I still didn’t hear from them that he would fax them a note. He wanted to know why I was calling them and I briefed over some of my issues. When I mentioned to him the one about the pump being installed too far away from the electric, he stated to me “ I don’t mean to tell you this is your fault, but that is why the installation contract says not to install the electric after the pool is installed” I said really. He stated to me that he pointed that out to me when I signed the contract. I told him I was then going to call him a liar because he didn’t show me that on the contract. He stated he did and that he specifically said to wait until after the pool was installed before installing the electrical. I told him his statement was untrue because he didn’t have time to fill out the contracts with us that his manager did. He then indicated the store manager must have dropped the ball on that one and he was suppose to explain this to me.

7/22/06- Looked at contract, stated nothing about installing electric after the pool is installed. States only that the pump cannot be plugged in until after the pool is full and skimmer and return are installed. That made me fume!!


Called to talk with Jeremy to tell him I still have not heard from Mainstream but he wasn’t in. Left message for him to call me. Asked the gentleman that answered the phone about the divots and he told me it was settling and that they were normal. I asked him if there were supposed to be almost a hundred. He said no.. that didn’t sound normal and that I should get mainstream to look at it. I told him I would if they returned my calls… and to please have Jeremy call me.


Called the store around 6:00 because I still have not heard from Jeremy. I was told he wasn’t in. I asked for the store manager. I was told he was busy at the time too. I then explained that if they didn’t get the store manager, my next call would be to consumer affairs and the Better Business Bureau. Larry because available almost immediately.

I explained to Larry all of my woe’s. Repeated phone calls to mainstream that were unreturned, calls to Jeremy that were not returned, problems with the install company, problems with the skimmer leaking, problems with the pump not being installed in the correct location for electric to be plugged in, and the statement Jeremy made in regard to this being my fault because of the contract and the fact that there were divots in the bottom of my pool. Larry informed me that the divots were normal. Almost crater looking. That he has had 3 pools and they all had them. He told me he would work on the alarm issue with Jeremy and have him call me. He said he would fax over a note to Mainstream to have them call me ASAP.


Phil called me from Mainstream. He first indicated he has never received any messages from me in the past. I told him I have left several. I told him of all my concerns and he said that he would come out on Friday to take a look. I told him I did not want the original installation company back at my house and why.

Jeremy called be back at 1:00 in the afternoon to say that there were able to get me an alarm. He asked if I could pick it up from the store and I told him no and to ship it to me. He indicated that he didn’t have the ability to do that. I told him there were UPS stores everywhere and that I have already paid to have it delivered to my house once and that I wasn’t going to pay to get it a second time. I also laid into him about his blatant lie in regards to the electric on their contract and that before he tell someone next time its there fault he should actually read the contract first. He tried to tell me it stated it in a round about way. I told him bull. He then informed me he was going to have them change their contracts right away. I told him Mainstream was coming out the next day to look at my issues. He kept telling me that Allied has nothing to do with Mainstream that they just contract them. I then asked him if he was going to deny that Mainstream is owned by the same company as Allied? I told him to quit acting like they had no control over Mainstream and to fix what’s wrong. He stated if Phil was coming over on Friday, he would see if he could get Phil to drop off the pool alarm. I also asked him to send Phil a note and have him call me as soon as he looks at our pool.

I also informed Jeremy of problems that we were having with the stairs and design flaws. He stated that he tells his customers not to use the two zip lock bags they provide to hold the stairs down. I asked him if he thought that would have been helpful to know before the pool went in. I also told him there was a flaw in the design. Like how do you vacuum under the stairs, he told me to just lift them out of the way. I stated that must be before the instructions tell you to bolt them to the top rail of the pool. I told him I had nothing good to say about Allied Pools and that it appears they make a sale and then leave their customers out dry. No support what so ever.


Phil must have been to my house. The pump had been moved closer to the electric and the pool alarm was sitting next to it- but no note regarding the leaking skimmer and no note regarding the divots in the bottom of the pool.


Left message at Mainstream to find out what happen with his visit to look at my pool.

Called and spoke with Jeremy to contact Phil and ask him to please return my calls on what he thinks about the issues with my pool. I also told him that day there were flaws with the solar reel. That the Velcro stick straps will not stay in the reel. He indicated there was a fix package for that problem and I could just pick it up. I asked him to send it to me. I told him it was impossible to install it with the guidelines in the package. He told me I would need to come to the store to pick up the package to install it better. I then asked him was his return policy was and he told me he would see what he could do to send it out to me.


Received very defensive call from Phil with Mainstream. He indicated he was out to my house and moved the pump and looked at the divots in my pool. He indicated that the pool was backfilled properly, but not perfectly. He indicated that he felt the divots were man made and wanted me to enlighten them on the situation. I asked him what he meant, that we got in the pool and there were divots in the bottom when we got in. He wanted to know what toys my children played with in the pool. I told him the only things that were in the pool were snorkeling goggle, a couple of rafts and a floating flower. That as soon as we stepped foot into the pool those divots were there. He then indicated he has a phone message from me on the 13th that didn’t state anything about the divots. (formerly he denied getting messages from me). He wanted to know why I didn’t mention them then. ( I left a message on the 12th to find out when the installation would be completed, un aware of any of the issues until the pump was to be plugged in after the issue of the skimmer was resolved) I told him that I have never had a pool before and the awe of this big brand new pool blows a person away. He then told me that my pole was there for skimming the top off and he used it to make a dimple and was able to do so. (Great, nothing like making a bad problem worse) I don’t know what the bottom is supposed to look like. I then told him the pool was green within 3 days and it was another 3-4 days before we could even see the bottom. I told him the divots were there from the moment we stepped in and he started to scream at me and wanted to know if I thought the installers did it. I told him I didn’t know what was wrong and that is why I have been calling the store and they keep telling me its normal and now he’s telling me its not.

Phil then stated he would “donate” a new liner, because this one will never line up again once removed with the skimmer and return line and that he would see if he could get the installation company to reinstall the liner at cost. I would be responsible for the $200 to the installation company and the replacement water. ($410.00). I told him I wasn’t going to pay for any of it. He stated he saw how this was going. I then asked him to fax it over in writing to me what he was willing to do.

I then called Larry at the store and told him what was going on and that the divots he stated were normal were not normal. I told him that Phil wants to know why I never complained of this until now. I then reminded Larry that I was complaining to him and reminded him of his 3 pool statement and they all had them. Etc.. I told him we would be in touch to see if this can be resolved.

I also called the pool liner manufacture that day. They were full of all sorts of useful information. Like now to fix this problem. They also told me the liner would not need to be replaced and that Mainstream was pulling my leg and that their deal was no deal. He asked if they rolled the sand the pool was on. I told him I didn’t know and that they probably didn’t because the center is an inch or two lower than the rest of the pool.

8/8/06- Called and spoke with Steven- Told him off all my woes to see if he could get any reactions. He indicated he was going to leave a note for Larry to call me.


Called Larry at the store again. I asked him if he got my message and he indicated no. He did see something though that was faxed over to Phil with Mainstream though. Told him I was fed up… that we still haven’t resolved the pool issues and that they can come get the pool. I told him about my conversation with the Steven ( I might have his name wrong, he is one of the managers. It seems I didn’t save my log after I gave a copy to Jeff when he came to my house) and that I left him instructions to have Larry call me. I also explained to him that now I am having an issue with the pump. The damn thing won’t stay on. Sometimes it shuts off in 15 minutes.. sometimes it shuts off in 60 minutes… Its supposed to have an internal timer. I then bent his ear about all of my other issues and that I was distraught and pushed over the edge. I also told him I filed a dispute with the finance company. Larry told me he was going to turn this over to Jeff. That he was the General Manager and that he would put it on his desk and Jeff would contact me the next time he was in his office.


Received a welcomed call from Jeff. Jeff was very pleasant on the phone. I told him everything from beginning to end and asked if he realized why I was so frustrated. He kept saying that he wished I would of gotten hold of him sooner. (ME TOO) He said he was going to bring me out the repair kit for the solar cover reel. He also indicated he would bring me out a new Nature 2 cartridge. And that the pump was their responsibility. There seemed to be some different communication on what Mainstream told them they would do and what they faxed me. He offered me Patio furniture to fix this mess and I told him I had patio furniture. He said he could give me gift certificates to restaurants. He said he would try to do what was in his powers but there were no guarantee’s. That he had no control over Mainstream. I asked him to come out and look at our pool and bring his swimming suit. I also mentioned that there was a problem with the stairs. He indicated the Lawyers wouldn’t let him touch the stairs. He told me my dispute with American General would get me no where. That they would ask if he provided me with the pool and he would say yes and it would be over with. We set a date for Tuesday 8/15/06. He asked if I could wait a few days until after they finished up State fair. I agreed. He asked me to call him on 8/14/06 just to make sure we were still on.

8/14/06. I called Jeff to confirm appointment for Tomorrow. He asked his wife and she told him they had plans and asked if he could do it on 8/16/06. I agreed (what else could I do).

8/16/06 I called Jeff to see if he could come as late as possible because I had work commitments. Jeff came to my house around 7:45. He showed up with his wife. We discussed previous options, which I was not too fond of. He indicated mainstream would now pay for the labor to replace the liner but I was still responsible for the water. I still didn’t like this option. I told him it was unfair that I had to pay anything for this. He indicated he would give me free chemicals to make up for the cost of the water. I still didn’t feel comfortable with this option. He said he had $125.00 worth of stuff in the car for me and he would put an account credit of $275 at allied for me to pick up chemicals. This completely didn’t seem fair seeing the $125.00 was for fixing what was screwed up to begin with. My husband came down and said it was getting late and that we should bother see what we can come up with seeing we weren’t getting anywhere. I asked Jeff if he would put his offer in writing and he said he would not because he was doing it on the side. His wife said he was a man of his word. (I should have told him if its good enough for the spoken word than its should be good enough for the written word.) He was going to go back and work with Mainstream to see if he could do anything from that aspect and said he would get a pump out to me. I indicated I would check into trying to get a water truck out to pump the water out and then pump it back in or see if I could get landscapers to do it. I told him I would call him with any decision and he indicated the same that we would be in touch. Afterwards I told my husband about the offer and that he wouldn’t put it in writing. We both agreed the pool should be fixed the right way.


Received a much needed call from American General / Althea. She told me she was working on my dispute and I explained to her some of what has happened. She asked if I could fax over the “offer” from Mainstream when I got back from vacation and too see if the liner company would fax over a statement about the longevity of the liner and the maintenance issues this will cause.

I received a call from Jeff that night also. He left a message on my voice mail. He wanted to know if I have made my decision yet.

I returned Jeff’s call and left him a voice mail message indicating I was on Vacation and wouldn’t return until possibly Friday. That he could reach me on my cell if he wanted to talk before then.


Left message for Robert/ Technical support with Triac in regards to getting a letter about the liner.


Received call back from Liner manufacture. Robert indicated he would not put anything in writing. That if I wanted that.. I should contact the pool manufacture. This makes me ill at ease thinking he won’t put it in writing because he can’t say for sure that it won’t effect the longevity of the liner after all.


Have not yet heard back from Jeff. I called him today to let him know I wanted the pool fixed and no cost and no hassle to me. He indicated that I was on the fence the nigh he was at my house and said that I had pretty much agreed to everything. I asked him if he thought I was an idiot. I didn’t agree to anything and that night he was at my house I felt like I was being strong armed into the only solution supposedly possible. I asked him where the new letter was from Mainstream indicating that they were now going to pay for the labor to install the liner and he said he would get that after we made our agreement. I also asked where my new pump was and he indicated that would be fixed when the liner was fixed. I told him I was refusing all of his offers. He asked me what I would do if Mainstream said they would not fix the pool. I told him “then you can come get your pool.. he was quiet. I then said if you don’t come get it, I will bring it to you. He then said he would call Mainstream and let me know what they said.

I also called American General to find out where I can stand on this matter. I was told not to do anything with the pool until I heard from them. I was right in this matter and it will be resolved. I also indicated I would be faxing the letter and this log over to them.

Note: Went into the pool today- Very cold- Zip lock bags provided with the stairs SUCK. As mentioned previously. One split open. Now have 30 lbs of sand under stairs that manufacture actually wanted me to bolt to the edge of the pool. What a mess. Thanks for being so customer orientated Allied. The information on not to use those bags would have been useful days sooner before they were put in the pool according to the instructions. AAAACCCCKKKK

9/11/06- Received call from Jeff. He stated Mainstream would not budge. Offered to up the cost on the chemical credit to $400.00. I stated no. He also asked if he could fix this with the winterization process. I told him I didn’t care when he fixed it. I wanted the pool to be made whole again at no cost and no hassle to me. He indicated I was being unreasonable. He also stated that American General has no business being involved in this. He stated that American General makes a lot of money from Allied and if they stay involved in this they are done. I told him I’m sure Allied makes a lot of money selling pools also. I told him I was directed by American General not to do anything with the pool. I called American general and made the statement I would bring the pool back to them. The girl that took my call for Althea indicated I should do nothing to the pool. Not even close it until I hear from them. I told Jeff that they told me not to close it until I hear from them and that they were waiting for him to call them back. He indicated he has gotten no messages from them and that he was a pretty easy person to get hold of. I suggested he call them then. He also told me if I didn’t close the pool that I would cause thousands of dollars damage and for American General to tell me not to close it was just stupid. I told him if they continue to drag this out that long than obviously that is what was going to happen. He wanted to know why I was being so difficult and why I wouldn’t compromise. I indicated that I thought a compromise was too late. After everything I have done and tried to do to get this resolved I was done screwing around. I just wanted the pool fixed. He told me I needed to give him some options…. I threw out three…

1. Fix the pool the right way without me and put the water back in.

2. Return my $1000.00 installation fee and give me a new liner and I will have someone else fix the pool

3. Come get the pool. (he said he was thinking about it)

I told him if he comes and gets the pool everyone looses. I am in it already for $410.00 in water, The cost of the sand, the electric and time and effort. But I will willing to eat it if he came and got the pool just to be done with this mess. He then told me I didn’t pay a $1000.00 for the installation that I only paid the package deal of $239.00. I told him he was wrong. It states right on my slip that if I decided to install it myself to credit back $1000.00

He indicated I was being unreasonable. He wanted to know what I would do if American General dropped out of the picture and they were no longer there to side with me. I told him I would pay for the pool. He then indicated I would screw up my credit. I told him I would also file a lawsuit against Allied. He said a judge would do nothing. I told him that if I went in with my log of everything that I have tried to do they might see different. He indicated this is a dispute.. its he said verses she said. I asked him what ever happened to the customers always right even if they were wrong. I also stated if Mainstream would have returned my calls from the beginning we probably wouldn’t be in this mess. He said he was going to go after American General to eat the cost for the water if they wanted to get involved. I explained to him I would be out of town for the next week and he would call me when I got back.

I called American General to let them know of our conversation and I was told that my file was turned over to a supervisor and someone would get back to me. That I shouldn't worry about them "Dropping out of the picture" because they are the finance company and have obligations.


Jeff Solie Called me to see if I have budged at all. I told him I was crabby and he indicated we should talk some other time when I wasn't crabby. I told him I was crabby because of the pool. I told him that I was gone for a week and the pool had gotten dirty, even though I left the automatic suction cleaner going, it wasn't cleaning the bottom of the pool because of the divots. He wanted to know if I was willing to compromise yet. I told him I was still waiting on weather or not American General was going to pay for the water and if he was able to get Mainstream to move any one fixing my pool. He indicated he was not. I then gave him his three options again and he indicated they were not options and that we have not come to an agreement so we were done. I said if none of the options have changed then we were done.


American General (Jaclyn) called me to say that she spoke with Jeff Solie. She indicated that she couldn't help me with the cost of replacing the water because I didn't finance it but that they will enforce fixing the pool because it was financed. I told her that was fine, I would deal with the issues of the cost of the water after the pool was repair and what my conditions were.

I wanted the pool drained by Allied Pools. I didn't want the liability of something happening after the water was drained out. I then said the bottom of the pool needed to be fixed and a new liner installed. I told her I wanted the water pumped out into containers that I will provide. This way it saved the water at no cost to anyone. I also needed the pump replaced and that Jeff indicated they were going to address the pump issue until the pool issue was resolved. I then told her because its so late in the year, that I wanted the workmanship warranty extended to the next year. She said she understood my request and thought it was reasonable and would call Jeff Solie to see if he agreed.

Jaclyn called me back and indicated Jeff agreed with my request and that he would fax it to her and that she would fax it over to me as soon as she received it.


Jeff Solie called me to let me know he had our agreement but wanted to change a few of the terms and that they should not be a big deal. He indicated that instead of "saving the water" in containers. They were just going to drain the water and that Allied would pay for the first truck load of water and that I would be responsible for the second load. I told him it was a big deal. That I was not going to pay for the water. I told him to do what he needed to do to fix my pool and that I would resolve the water issue afterwards. He asked me what that was supposed to me. I stated "what does it sound like, fix the pool and I will address the water issue by other means later". He said he didn't like the way it sounds and wasn't going to do anything unless I agreed to their terms as satisfaction in full. I told him that I wasn't planning on doing that and unless they made the pool situation whole without any help from me I would finish it by other means. He got mad and told me it was a dispute and that I needed to compromise. I got mad back and indicated that I did compromise. I was going to save the water and they are the ones who want to change it so they can kiss my [email protected]# ... That felt good!!!! I'm tired of messing with these people. All the time and energy I have put into just trying to get my pool fixed should have been a big enough compromise. Next I'm going to ask to be reimbursed for my long distance bills.

Jaclyn with the loan company called me shortly afterwards. I told her I told him to kiss an anatomy of my body. I told her I was fed up with them and I am not willing to compromise at all. She knew that a week earlier. They changed the terms of the agreement, no me! She said that American General was willing to pick up the cost for the second load of water to settle this dispute. I said that was nice of them, uncalled for, but nice. I told her that if Allied puts new water in the pool, Allied should then supply the chemicals to balance the pool also, seeing the existing water is treated and pretty much ready for the winterization process.

Jaclyn said she would call Jeff with the request and would call me back. She called me back reasonably quick and indicated Jeff Solie with Allied agreed to provide the chemicals also and would send over the agreement to her. She then indicated she would type up a letter indicated American General would reimburse me for the second load of water by deducting it from my loan.

Called Jaclyn with American General. She indicated she just received the statement the day before and would fax it to me right away with their letter.

This is not an agreement statement. Its a statement that I will give up my consumer rights. It wants me to agree that the install was free if I used Mainstream, which is was not. It wants me to empty out the water to 12 inches.. which I won't do. It doesn't mention anything about fixing my pump. It doesn't mention anything about extending the workmanship warranty. It does say I will agree to arbitration and mediation if either party doesn't comply and that we will pay for our own legal fees. No way am I signing this. It also says I in so many words I cant say a bad thing about this "Reputable company" HA! I looked at the Better Business Bureau again today. When I pulled the report for them on 9/11/06 they had 18 complaints in the last 36 months. Now they have 25 and none are from me yet.

I filled a complaint with them against Allied and Mainstream. I also filled a complaint with Consumer Affairs tonight. I am also inquiring with the state to see what I need to do to complain about Mainstream using an incorporation name that has never been registered with the state.

This company is horrible. Its been a valuable lesson learned to always check out the internet before you make a purchase. Had I done that I would have seen the MANY, MANY complaints against both companies.

Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richfield, WI

Company details:

Allied Pools and Spa's/ Mainstream, Inc.
1800 S. 108th Street
West Allis, WI 53214


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    Kimmerz Jun 21, 2013

    Mary, I know this is 2013, but I want to know the ending!! What finally happened? Did you sign a contract? Who paid for the water? Did the divots get fixed? Did you allow Mainstream on your property? Did the prince marry the princess??

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    BlueHavenVictim Feb 09, 2009

    You could have had the displeasure of dealing with Blue Haven Pools and Spas in Australia - They'll take your money and you might see something 2 years later.. Costing twice as much with half the quality. Nasty people to deal with - Stear well clear!

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  • Ag
    agreed agreed May 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    agreed, allied is not a good pool place to deal with. found better luck with binner.

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  • Ma
    Mary Jane Mann Feb 13, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here it is February. I have received a call from the finance company that now the pool company would like me to draft a contract for them to fix my pool. I have filed complaints with the BBB and I'm contesting this with the finance company. I have told them all what I want to have my pool fixed, but I will go at it some more. What they don't realize is the more time I have to think about it, the more I am going to ask for. It just occurred to me I don't have a lien waiver and I will be requesting a certificated of insurance before they are allowed back on my property.

    This company is horrible to deal with and they thought they could get around they installation issues by using a third party financing company. Well sorry guys, its not working out that way is it? Some day this will be resolved I'm sure, but until then. I am not paying one single penny towards this pool. The pool company sent over a contract that they wanted me to sign indicating I would not post anything bad about them ever again. No email, blogs, not even word of mouth. I informed them I would not sign their contract and as long as I paid one dime towards this pool, I have paid for the ability to tell people what I think of this company and how they do business. Please be diligent when looking up companies on the internet. Check every page, contact the BBB, and consumer affairs. Its amazing the things that pop up.

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