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Allied NetworkSoulless criminals!

SCAMMERS - who prey on lonely, single people - the worse kind of criminals. I'm a single, upwardly mobile, business executive. I spend a lot of time traveling and thus its hard to meet people. I was getting bored with the bar scene and saw a TV ad from 'Ontario's oldest and best dating agency - The Allied Network'. So I thought I would check it out.

I called the number listed and was put on the line with a very smooth talking Ms. Luci Parker, a 'consultant', who insisted I come in to meet with her. When I attended a meeting at a downtown office, Ms. Parker repeatedly assured me, that the type of partner that I was seeking, - namely, a 30-35 year old, attractive, intelligent and educated woman, was highly available in the hundreds of ready and willing female Allied members. Ms. Parker also guaranteed that I would have absolutely no-problem meeting the woman of my dreams based on these attributes. She told me that I was 'an ideal candidate and a great catch' and assured me that this type of introduction would happen within weeks.

Based on representations and promises made to me by Ms. Parker as to the type, availability and age of female members who would be introduced to me, I joined the Allied Network in August 2004. As it turns out all of the representations and promises made to me were false.

After being forced to pay an expensive membership fee ($5,300.00), I was turned over to the matching department (a completely different group), who told me the exact opposite, that I was told old to meet someone like the members Ms. Parker had promised and that they would try to find someone of their choosing that would be more suitable. I was shocked and outraged.

Ms. Parker committed a Fraudulent Misrepresentation, in knowingly and wantonly lying to me about the type, age and availability of female members that you were going to introduce to me in an effort to induce to join their membership and immediately pay a huge fee. Their own Matching Dept confirmed this in October 2004, when one of the employees told me that she could not think of any members (out of the alleged hundreds) who would want to meet me based on the specifics that Ms. Parker had promised. To this date, almost 4 years later, not one of the promised introductions has occurred.


  • De
    Denny D Aug 21, 2013

    Did the company change names? I tried to open their site and it takes me to "Lifemates". I am also another woman who fall for the charms and promises of Allied network reps. I paid $2500 and just got one introduction to a wonderful gentleman who became one of my closest friends. However, I never got introduced to the other "9" dates I was supposed to have. Is there any way to get the money back from this "disrespectful" business?

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  • An
    annka Apr 01, 2011

    Totally agree with you. However, once they are out of business, do we have a chance to get our money back? And how do we do that?

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  • Mb
    MBranoux Jul 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I am all for it, we should get our money back, this is a criminal act, pure stealing from Allied ! This is so disgusting !!! We should all meet somewhere and exchange our contact information !!! Please let's keep in touch ! we are worth it and deserve better !

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  • Yo
    Yohana Jul 26, 2010

    Hi there,
    I just called allied network today (26 July 2010) and they said that their office is closed effectively since 23rd July 2010, thus they have decided to close shop. In one thing that is a good thing, they can stop preying at people. At the other thing, how can we get our money back? Any suggestion on collectively going after this company to get our money back?

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  • Da
    daisy-like Mar 28, 2010

    Did you already collect your money?
    I am thinking that I will file Allied Network. They are so rude and lies, lies and lies.
    Even they haven't returned my refund money after they received my cancellation of membership.
    Did you ask the court for fully refund?

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  • Ad
    advocateto Feb 15, 2010

    We sued. They lost

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  • Ph
    Phoenix 1 Jan 24, 2010

    I myself worked as a matcher in the dreaded basement several years ago. I left because i could not take it any longer and wanted to work for someone who actually cared and was truthful and honest with their clients. While I was there I took pride in my job and did it to the best i could. Contrary to what some other people would say about us, we would tell the potential clients that it would take awhile between introductions because we did need the time to sort through the enormous number of clients to find them what they were looking for. Yes sometimes we did not succeed but after lengthy chats with them we would try again till we got it right. I myself was pretty proud with the number of successful introductions i myself made. Please don't categorize all of us as the scammer who are not in it for yourself.

    With that being said i do totally agree that they accepted people who we could not match just because they needed to fill the quota, and the price tags were staggering and unfair. As a person who worked there i would say the owner is not in it for you and only the money, actually i know that is the truth as there were several meetings about it. So with that said, if you are a client with some introductions left please be patient, as there may be some matchers with a soul trying to make you happy. If not I would say please try and find love else where .

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  • Ha
    have Jan 19, 2010

    I used to work for the Allied Network. First of all, I'm willing to bet "Nancy A." is a fictional character created by one of the devil's minions because the vocabulary used in that comment was the same sort of tripe we were trained to say in the matching department.

    If you've found your way to this site because you're trying to do your research before you decide whether or not to go to the "consultation", I'm so glad you're being smart about this decision, and I hope I can convince you to hang on to that credit card of yours that they claim is required to identify you.

    Firstly, let's start with the website. It is very cleverly worded so that it misleads you, but isn't technically untruthful. A very common misconception among the members, I found, was the background checks. There are no background checks. The only thing that matters is that you have a credit card with credit on it. If you can't afford the service and you're a beautiful, young, petite woman with little to no standards that's when you get offered the "dollar special". These people pay next to nothing so that they can be put into the system, but not be actively searched for. Instead, they are used to be set up with men who we can't find a match for, particularily ones who want pretty young things. But since most people who walk through the Allied Network's door have money and standards, these "dollar specials" are few and far between and, as I'm sure you can understand, do not stay active members with the company for too long.

    So now onto the consultation. Susan, the sales consultant and the devil's closest minion, is the only face you will speak with. For this reason, I'm not sure how she sleeps at night. She's the only one who has actually looked into the eyes of members. Making a whopping 25% commission, she will promise you the world (verbally so nothing can be proven in court) then takes thousands and thousands of dollars from them. Don't let Susan mislead you. She does not have a hand in the matching. She never overlooks the matches, even if she says she does. If she has promised a new member that all of his or her matches will be overlooked by her, there is a note at the top of their profile saying so, so when we call members about introductions we say, "Susan and I came up with a match for you."

    Now onto the matchers. While the devil sits in her ivory tower and Susan is sucking blood on the main floor, the matchers are the busy little rats in the basement trying to deal with matching, complaints and convincing members to accept introductions. We were all asked to decide on fake last names in case any of the notes we took ended up as evidence in court. Some matchers even change their first names. They are offered bonuses for getting a certain amount of complete introductions per week. Since so many who take the job are only there for the money, some matchers will not take care of the members and mislead them into accepting introductions to make bonus. I was part of a generation of matchers (none of which still work there) who were outraged and disgusted by the whole operation, but still needed to put food on their table. We tried to make lemonade, to gather as much information about each member we were dealing with as possible. We had lengthy conversations with them; we took great care when deciding on possible matches; we were honest with the things they might not like about the person we had in mind for them. Every once in a while we would get success stories, and it was deeply satisfying. But the more time we took on those members, the less we could spend on others. There were too many members to make happy, and so many people got ignored. There were thousands of members and only 14 matchers at most. The workload was too much, our work area was a squalor, we were getting yelled at and threatened at least 4 times daily by disgruntled members and we couldn't shake the fact that we really were working for the devil. So we all left one by one.

    To anyone who has found this site because they are members already and feel cheated and deceived, I am so deeply sorry. Please help others like you and spread the word about the souless creators of this company. They're taking new members daily, and making tens of thousands of dollars weekly. There are so many disgruntled people out there, and if you join together, something can be done. It's about time that the devil and Susan stop having a happy Chanukkah at the expense of people who only looked onto them for help.

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  • St
    steve-075 Sep 07, 2009

    Nancy A... I bet you work for them hmmm?...what do you think guys and gals?

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  • Na
    Nancy A... Jun 26, 2009

    I joined The Allied Network dating service a year ago and I’ve had a wonderful experience with them. In fact, they introduced me to my fiance and we are getting married next month. I was referred to The Allied Network by two friends who met their husbands there. I was very sceptical about the whole process, but they convinced me to give it a try. I met with a lovely woman at The Allied Network named Susan, who immediately put me at ease and assured me that she did have the type of man I was looking for (50’s, professional, honest, fun, family oriented). My first three dates were with very nice, professional men, but no spark. On the fourth date I met my future husband. I am so grateful to Susan and her team at The Allied Network for bringing us together!

    Nancy A.

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  • Jr
    jrc Apr 25, 2009

    For all of you who don't know- there is a 5 day turn-around period with any company, including the Allied Network. "Susan Dawson" uses forceful, high pressure sales techniques and makes people feel as though they are forced to sign up for the service. If you leave the consultation after signing up and feel you've had a change of heart, you may call within 5 days of signing your contract and request a full refund. The matching department and "administrative team" will be quick to tell you you are only entitled to a 50% refund, and will be more than enthusiastic when telling you that you have a great profile and it would be a shame to not give the service a chance. Do not let them sway you- tell them you will not settle for anything less than a 100% refund, and if they aren't willing to meet your needs, you can have your lawyer send them a letter.

    Many of you upset members out there have probably been tagged "red flag" members. I highly suggest you all seek legal action. The company will tell you everything and anything you want to here and THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW THROUGH. This is a company with no ethics, no moral code, no values, and no boundaries what so ever. Committing yourself to taking legal action can be exhausting and emotional, but it is worth it!!! You must fight for yourself, to protect yourselves from being taken advantage of and manipulated. The principle is the most important issue here! THIS BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN, AND IT CAN'T BE DONE WITHOUT A COLLECTIVE, UNIONIZED MOVEMENT!!

    I wish you all the best of luck in your future with the Allied Network. No human being deserves to be treated this way, protect yourselves, and fight for what is right!!

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  • Ro
    RoseinToronto Feb 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an active claim against Allied Network in Small Claims Court. The re-trial date is March 04/09

    Another woman who lost $8, 500 is having her Small Claim Court pre-trial conference on Feb. 23/09

    Take them to court. It will establish a very long list of previous cases.

    Other cases:

    1. Ontario Supreme Court: Morley Hood vs. Allied Network File no. 4846/04 He paid Allied $11, 122 They settled out of court.

    2. Ontario Supreme Court: Susan Simpson vs. Allied Network. Currently in progress. Allied has not filed a Defense.

    Contact me: [email protected]

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  • To
    Tom White Nov 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company as a dating service is one of the worst out there. I have heard so many complaints against them. And I went in personally and found them to be horrible.
    The CBC did an expose on them that was aired several times, but the company threatened a lawsuit & the piece was removed. The CBC! The nations most respected newsnetwork. This place is VERY shady.
    I went in to see, & the saleswoman Susan is an expert at pressure sales & lies. They will try to charge you thousands of dollars. What they claim to what they actually produce, is miles away

    They don't produce what they promise at all!!! Beware!
    Find love somewhere else

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  • Ca
    Cally Bender Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to sincerely warn all prosepective clients of this truly horrid organization, to stay as far away as possible.
    They are expert salespeople, operating an organization that is extreme in its lack of ethics toward the individuals who pay for their services.
    The only thing that they truly care about, is sealing the deal, having you sign a contract, and forking over literally thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars, for a few dates.
    The staff are untrained young people, working out of a basement, who never ever meet you (the clients). They are certainly no experts in finding you a love connection, and they largely don't care, and are just biding time to get you through the contract and off of their list - completing their contractual obligation to you with the least work and effort possible.
    It is a horrid organization, and horrid system that does not do what it claims.
    They are certainly not a respected organization, and the lawsuits and complaints to the Better Business Bureau are staggering. But new people, uninformed, keep signing the money keeps pouring in, and they remain in business, doing the bare minimum to get people dates...often dates that do not anywhere near resemble what one has requested for a potential match.
    Do yourself a favour, stay far away from this organization, and warn others about it. You CAN find love for yourself, but there are free sites out there, and to tell you the truth EHarmony sounds alot better and more authentic than this money scamming set up.
    Also, you never know when you'll meet your love! It could be at a bus stop or grocery store!
    Best wishes, and stay away from The Allied Network Scam

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  • Ma
    marjorie Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Useless people i would say. Unlike you guys i'm a female and just the way i sent an email via the website and got bombarded with calls for the next days following that, i decided to chill alone still The hell with allied network. Liars!!!

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  • Ja
    Jane Jul 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If your mind is back to normal after you walk out of the door of Allied Network, you call them immediately, you are told you can not get your money back, and you can only get 50% back. I just think this is criminal, there must be some organizations dealing with this kind of soulless businesses. Could someone tell me where are these organizations?

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  • Ro
    Robert May 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had thought about going to these people for their services but after reading about all these scams i've changed my mind.
    the preceding poster is correct they should be put out of business. perhaps whatever it takes.

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  • Su
    susie Apr 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In regards to Allied Network, I also was scammed. The same way, misrepresentation, not one date, its been a year, no made contact with me, took my money $8, 400.00 and never heard from them again. They are thieves and I am beginning court proceedings and if anyone with similar complaints ...lets go to court. Lets tell everyone so they can be aware, just think how many people is being scammed everday. Most importantly let's get our money back and put Allied Network out of business.

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