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Allied Commercial Financial / Merchant Services SCAM

Allied Commercial Financial / Merchant Services SCAM review: Misrepresentation, Fraud, and Lies 3

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Sometime in Feb of 2015 my son was approached by a salesman who worked for Allied Commercial Financial after months of daily harassing phone calls. He only took the appointment so they would stop calling. The salesman told my son he had a great deal and it would cost us much less in fees for using his company. The salesman then came to me and explained that there would be a fee for the credit card equipment but it would be refunded to us each month so that the equipment would cost nothing. He gave us his cell phone number in case we had any problems. After the first month when our rebate check for $169.00 did not come we called him and he said two checks had been written and were in the mail. During the second month when the checks had not come we called and his phone was disconnected. I then called Allied Commercial Financial and they said that they do not have any program where they rebate money for equipment leases.

I called consumer protection and sent paperwork to the Utah Attorney General. Allied Commercial Financial was sent a letter to refund all money that they had taken from me. I received a refund of $338.00 the same amount FDGL Leasing had taken. I told FDGL Leasing to stop taking money from my account they said 'Read your lease'. They continued to take money from my account and I was no longer using the equipment. I went to my bank and signed a form to not allow FDGL leasing to take money from my account. That stopped them for one month. The next month they changed the amount they were withdrawing and my bank did not catch it and neither did I. This went on for about 8 months. FDGL Leasing stole approximately $1, 800.00 from me. After finally stopping them, all the phone calls started and said I owed them $5, 900.00.
As of this writing I just got back from a brief court appearance in New York City where they have taken me to civil court. I have filed an answer to their accusations and filed a counterclaim asking for return of all money taken and punitive treble damages. My court date is July 8... Say away from ALLIED COMMERCIAL FINANCIAL they are a SCAM!

J DeLaurentis
, US
Sep 07, 2016 10:07 am EDT

I received a series of phone calls over a period of about one week, declining to do business with their company each time. and asking to be removed from their Call List. that they are aggressive and rude is an understatement. today I have thus far received a total of 7 consecutive calls and the threat of more.
I would love find out who / how to contact these ppl directly and file a restraining order

, CA
Nov 23, 2015 9:11 pm EST

What was the outcome of your trial?

Security Aviation
, US
Oct 07, 2015 2:52 pm EDT

These people at ACF will not quit calling us after repeated requests to be removed from their call lists. They seem to have a "boiler room" mentality and are very forceful and rude at times.