All-Star Acres Old English Sheepdogsdog breeder

L Feb 07, 2020

I purchased a male "mini" sheepadoodle from them last April. I contacted the owner on multiple occasions to get reassurance that he was in fact a mini. I even paid more to get a mini. I am older and live in a townhome and needed a small to medium sized dog. Tina assured me he was a mini. He is now 10 months old and is 70 lbs. NOT a mini. So she either lied to me outright or has no clue what she is breeding. Either way, she does not act in good faith and I am now struggling with a huge dog that is difficult to handle. He also has hip issues that should have e been diagnosed on his initial vet check. My vet picked up on it during our first visit when he was 10 weeks old.
I love my dog but he is not what I asked for or what I paid for. I would caution anyone who buys from them. Don't agree to her terms of purchase and be sure to get a health check from from your own vet.

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