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Alexander Zakir Schmidt Omarov

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BEWARE OF THIS RUSSIAN FRAUDSTER. On June 5th 2013, Alexander (Zakir) SCHMIDT Omarov Came into our Store Sibbling Jewelers Located at 546 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach. He Came with someone that I sold a few watch parts too in the past, because of this I let my guard down a little bit. The Person who I sold some parts to in the past said his friend wanted to sell his watch, he showed me his IWC Mark XVII Watch, it felt and looked legitimate, as well it came with a box and a Cert Card With Matching Serial Numbers, to me the watch Looked 100% Authentic. I took down all the sellers information, Watch Serial #, Seller Signature and Sellers Fingerprint. I actually listed the watch on eBay and sold it, the seller said the crown was loose and was going to send it to IWC for service, I said sure ok. A few weeks later the seller notified me that IWC told him the watch was fake and he Forwarded me the letter (Letter Attached), I called up IWC and confirmed the letter was Authentic and the Serial Number had matched the watch that I sold. I then Opened up a Small Claims Case and tried to get the Defendant Served though the only address I had for him he had been evicted a few months before. I currently have a new address for him and a working phone number. His Company is BUMBLEBEEFX LLC, phone number is 305.600.0909 and his Current address is Eithier 575 CRANDON BLVD, SUITE 410, KEY BISCAYNE, FL 33149 Or 1850 S OCEAN DRIVE, APT. 4009

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, US
Apr 22, 2016 12:21 pm EDT

Hi to All who reading this post.
My name is Vlad and I’m the person who had experience dealing with Abe at Sibbling Jewelers Located at 546 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach. All above statement it’s wrong from Abe side. I have deal with few time and always been cheated with watch parts. I came with Alexandr and it was my watch I had offer to him.
Alexandr want to make sure it’s Original and I had to bring him to Abe shop, as I know he is professional watch dealer to check it. But he refuse to purchase and Abe offer me good price and I sold to him.
As a professional watch dealer and repair company and jeweler, he opened a watch and checked everything. The watch were in Original packaging and with all Original Certificates and Original box. Week later he sold it on eBay and contacted me and asking for more parts and watches. Two months later I meet him in Seybold Building (Miami Diamond Center) me and told me a story, how he was cheated on eBay. Then he got charge back from eBay seller and try to recover money from me.
As you all know, there is a lot fraud on eBay, so he also received a fake letter from eBay purchaser.
We all at Seybold building know this story, but he keep cheating people on eBay and contacting for money.
Well Abe, why don’t you tell the story how you cheating people with fake watch parts?