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I've been meaning to do this the lady couple weeks as I'm still upset about it bit I visited this store on April 1 with my 7 year old daughter @ approx 7:50 am. I had 3 donuts and a bottle of water to purchase. The self pay registers were not yet open, and there's only one register that is being ran by an employee by the name of Missy D. Only 2 people ahead of me, 1 of which she is apparently friends with so chatting is more important than working at this time. I realize before she rings up my items that I had left my money in my car and I'd be right back with it. When I came right back into the store only a couple mins later leaving my 7 year old in the car, I stood by the end part of the register where a customer was getting ready to pay. Missy did make eye contact with me before the customer submitted payment and I figured I was next.
The customer leaves, and she starts ringing up the next customer an d leaving me standing there. I was more than upset, I was furious. So I went to the end of her line and started complaining about the complete lack of customer service she had, the manager was servicing the self pay registers 5 feet away from me, and never turned around to offer any assistance. Missy D is retorting back at me that she was going to help me next but I left. I told her I should've been after the first customer that left and she didn't seem to care or listen, I made sure to tell her I was getting her name to report her and still was never acknowledged by management still 5 feet away from me. So what should've been a quick in and out visit with my 4 items, turned into a 20 min visit (a few of which is entirely my fault) due to an employees poor performance.
On April 4, at about the same time I sent my 12 year old daughter in for almost the exact same items. She came out 16 mins later and said only 1 register was open and the lady was slow. I don't know who was working that morning, but I'd say lack of open registers and friendly employees that can work at a consistent pace is a huge problem at this location. I have since not gone in that store in the morning because I know I'm going to waste 20 mins I don't have.

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  • Om
      May 01, 2019

    So you left the line and then got upset when she didn't let you just jump back in where you left? as soon as you left the line, you lost your place and you have to go back to the end. You don't get to butt in front of others. It doesn't matter why you left. You left for a significant enough period of time. It wasn't poor customer service, but your own selfishness assuming you were more important than the others in line.

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  •   May 01, 2019

    Your place in line is gone if you leave the store and come back in. Why leave a seven year old child alone in a car instead of leaving her in the store with people? You’re an irresponsible parent and if I saw a child alone in a car, I’d call the police. Anyone could take your child away and you’re responsible for leaving your child alone.

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  •   May 03, 2019

    For the love of God organize your thoughts! Really, your complaint is absurd!

    I have been meaning to do this the lady couple weeks as I'm still upset.


    I can understand you up until you discovered you forget money. You both left the store, you threw your kid in the car, retrieved your purse/money and returned to the store?

    Did you say, OMG I forget something, I'll be right back! No? Yeh. that's like preschool 101. Also, your kid is a good place holder. Just say to the people right behind you that you'll be right back and your kid will stay in line. Most likely the other patrons will be glad to babysit her for a minute.

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