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Age Styling (Also Known As Paramount Styling) review: Refusal to replace the defective goods

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I purchased an airbag from this company for my Mercedes Benz CLK W209 model 2007 vehicle. The item was advertised on eBay but I purchased it directly from this supplier outside of eBay. The item was advertised as "New", but upon receipt it was quite clear that the item was used and it arrived without any identifying labels or manufacturer's packaging or any other identifying paperwork. It came simply as a airbag wrapped in cling-wrap foil and some bubble-wrap sheet.

Upon installation, it was immediately clear that the part had some malfunctions. The right-hand-side controls were not working properly and were not sending the right command-signals. Also, one of the lights on these controls was not lighting up as it should.

Overall, the appearance of the piece looked old and used, when it was advertised as a new part.

I immediately brought the problems to the attention of Albert - the person who was communicating with me on email during the purchase. From that point onwards, Albert has been using delaying tactics and offering me various frivolous reasons for not being able to resolve my problem immediately. Sometimes he says he is travelling, sometimes he simply doesn't respond to my emails, etc.

To my astonishment, Albert has told me that:

1. AGE Styling will NOT accept the return courier charges for my return.
2. AGE Styling will ONLY send me the replacement part once I deposit the FULL price of a new part to them. As I receive the replacement part and install it on my vehicle, I can return the defective part and they will then refund my second payment.

Albert has also told me that he does not have the part in stock so I will to wait till he gets it from his supplier. When I checked their web-page on eBay, it was showing 2 units in stock..! I challenged Albert with this information and he never replied. But he immediately removed the 2 units from his stock because the next morning they were not showing up on their webpage.

All of this are glaring examples of illegal conduct and unethical business practices. I was willfully defrauded and lied to on multiple occasions by this company and this person. I would really appreciate if this agency could intervene and protect my interests and other potential customers' interests from this fraudulent operator. Thanks much.