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I purchased their 3 room carpet cleaning special on Thurs. August 17th. They scheduled the appointment for Saturday August 19th. I was extremely disappointed in the results. I have contacted them and my husband spoke to Summer. She did not try to rectify this issue but offered excuses and justified the poor service.
This is the complaint email I sent:

I purchased the 3 room Groupon ad. I was really excited about the prospect of having clean carpets. The lady I spoke to was so friendly and accommodating. She made my appointment for Saturday morning! Yay!
My husband and I completely emptied the two rooms I wanted cleaned (except for two large dressers).
The tech arrived and I showed him the two rooms (1 bedroom and living room) and two short hallways. He proceeded to write up the estimate. It was an additional $165 above what I had already paid. Now, I realize this was a "coupon". But when I use coupons at the grocery store I get the same product, just cheaper. This arrangement with Groupon is a way to advertise your product or services with a view to gaining customers and hopefully repeat customers.
This will not be the case here. He "cleaned" the carpet...well they were wet. He showed me on a small patch what it would look like if I had purchased the additional upscale items. So I have a clean patch on my carpet. He was here a total of maybe 45 minutes. Not the 2 hour block of time I was told it would take. I am being generous on the time spent. Yes, my carpet was dirty. Yes, I have an older dog with kidney stones that sometimes doesn't make it outside. I am disabled and cannot clean it myself. So I was thrilled to try the Groupon. There were several to choose from. Some were the same price, some higher, some lower. I chose this company. Never again! Two of our neighbors told us Friday night to let them know how it goes on Saturday and if they do a good job they will call this company to have their carpets cleaned too. Well, there's two more sales you won't receive plus the 3 repeat customers you could have had.
To me this was like purchasing the $25 car wash and getting the $3 rinse. There is absolutely NO WAY POSSIBLE the original price was $180 - 220! Absolutely no way! That was the service I was suppose to get at a reduced price. Or are you saying that if I want that service it will cost $180 (your crossed out original price) + $50 ( I paid) + $165 estimate = $395?
Plus he charged $20 for deodorizer. I am getting angrier the longer I write.
I feel like this was false advertising.

Summer, their scheduler was nice enough to call me back. They like their customers to be happy with their services. My husband spoke to her. Absolutely no offer was made to rectify the situation. Just excuses and gesticulations.
While in Denver for 3 months I needed a haircut and highlights. I bought a groupon deal. I got exactly what I needed and if I was ever in Denver again I would go back.

Don't waste your money!
I wish they would allow " no star " ratings!

Is there anything that can be done?

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Sep 14, 2018 9:35 pm

This is obviously a customer who wanted something for nothing. I use groupon all the time. I have purchased two groupons from this carpet cleaning company, Affordable Restoration Services. I got far more than I paid for! For $49 I got three rooms steam cleaned. My carpets were filthy! The technician was honest and told me that I needed a deep scrub treatment. The groupon only covered a basic steam clean service. I paid the extra fee for the deep scrub. Please don't pay any attention to the above complaint! See if Stanley Steemer will clean three rooms for $49! Not! I recommend this company to anyone who appreciates courteous, professional services. I'm so glad I chose to purchase their groupons. It is nice to know that you can still get a great service at an affordable price!

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