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Affordable Hardscapes Denver ColoradoShoddy Concrete Work


I am posting this information in-order to warn all potential customers of Affordable Hardscapes in Denver Colorado. My husband and I hired them to do a stamped patio and fire pit. We went under contract with them on 5/29/09 and are still dealing with a CRACKED incomplete patio. They moved some sprinkler heads and have yet to replace with new ones so we are watering by hand. They left a mess of concrete littering my yard which they said they would clean daily. Well that was a joke, my husband and I cleaned it up ourselves. We had to put back fill dirt around the patio ourselves so as not to see the unfinished edge of the patio and so the dirt under the patio would not undermine due to erosion. Oh, did I mention the rest of the mess left on the side of my house (concrete forms, buckets, wood and plastic). He agreed to do some back fill work but has not done that either. The fire pit is about 50% complete. We have contacted him several times to get the job done but he yells at us (even uses profanity if you can believe that), walks off the job when we try to ask questions, and even hangs up the phone on us if we do get a hold of him. He says he is busy with other jobs and will get to it when he can. I guess we should have known better than to pay as you go, but that's what we did. Now we only owe him about $700 more and will probably never see him finish the work or fix the 3 CRACKS that appeared 4 days after the concrete was poured. Oh we also have a 2 FOOT PRINTS in the concrete too. BEWARE!!! USE THIS SELF PROCLAIMED 20+ YEARS IN THE BUSINESS CONCRETE CONTRACTOR AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

We tried to contact him yesterday 7/18 but are still getting the run-around as to when he will finish the job, if ever. In the mean time I have submitted a complaint with the Denver Better Business Bureau.

Also we hed 2 concrete contractors check out his work to see what it would take to fix his mess. They noticed more cracks, more footprints, more shoddy craftsmanship and explained all the things this guy did wrong. Looks like at least a $5, 000 repair job.

Again, hire this contractor at your own risk!

update on 09/11/2009
The Better Business complaint was a waste of time athough we did get his rating lowered from a B+ to a B. So now we have submitted a small claim in jefferson county for $6, 500 but are unable to locate this ### to serve him the papers. If anyone has any information on owner eddie farnsworth or his accomplice kristi kemper farnsworths whereabouts or how to find either one please let me know.
additionally, since posting this complaint i have been contacted by two other customers of his with similar complaints. So again, do not use this guy. if you do, you'll be sorry just like me.


  • Do
    donteventrip Oct 18, 2012

    Here is Kristi Kemper's phone # in case you dont already have it. My boyfriend unfortunately worked for this man and is still owed unpaid wages. This guy is a real prize. [protected]

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  • La
    lady silver moon Sep 18, 2012

    Shame on you! Do you not realize your Father has the same name and was a vey ethical business person!!

    He must be proud

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  • La
    lady silver moon Sep 18, 2012

    The real pity here is that the son has ruined the fathers name also. Shame on you Eddie

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  • I hired Eddie Farnsworth, who now owns Aurora Home Services Network, after a hail storm did over $19, 000 worth of damage to our home. He 'hooked us up' with Trinity Roofing Company who his wife Kristi Kemper works for (I did not know that at the time) and have regretted the relationship ever since. He took $700 from me for the non-roof items, but has done just over $300 worth of work. He does not dispute what he owes us but will not return the money unless I sign a form stating that I won't file complaints against him. He is holding my money ransom. Both him and his wife are unprofessional. He took our insurance money and cannot believe that the police cannot force him to return money that isn't his. I sure wish I had found this complaint page before I hired him. Do not hire Eddie Farnsworth!

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  • Al
    alsoscrewedbyeddie Apr 12, 2012

    In May or June 2006 we hired Eddie to put in a back yard in our new home in Murphy Creek. He came across as very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We paid half down. For the first couple of days everything was fine, and the work seemed to be coming along fine. Then he politely asked if I could pay him the balance (several thousand $) so he could finish the job the next day. Unfortunately I agreed, and mentioned we may want more trees than originally agreed. The next day his wife came by the house to happily pick up a $600 check for the additional trees. He never showed up...I called and called for weeks until his phone was disconnected. The following spring, we thought we’d try emailing him as a last resort. Low and behold, he actually answered back, had some excuse about the previous summer and said he’d be back to complete the work. One day he randomly showed up and put our fence rails in, acting as if nothing had happened. I was ecstatic, so happy that he was going to finally finish things up. He said he just needed to finish up some big job in Commerce City and he’d be back. That was the last we ever saw or heard of him. Oh, and the patio he put in was terrible, a year later it had major cracks throughout and the grass in the middle of the yard died because of the way the sprinkler system was installed. I can’t believe he is still in Aurora pulling the same crap years later.

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  • Nd
    ND 1000 Oct 04, 2011

    Anyone selling nursery stock, trees, shrubs, perennials, is supposed to have a nursery registration. The fine for not having the registration is $1000 per plant. The Colorado Dept of Agriculture, Division of plant industry is the ones responsible for enforcement of this.

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  • Nu
    nutsaboutyou Jul 20, 2011

    well we just got taken for $3, 000, the work was supposed to be completed by july 4th, 2011 and all he has done is lay fabric that has been blowing all over the yard. i wish i had all this information before then. he is a crook and should be in jail. He hollered at me when we asked for our money back and will not return our calls.

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  • i worked for that ### hole he lives in denver colorado edwin farnsworth he has a buisness called direct trees [protected] bust him for his ### work ethics or how he pays people under the table that was the most misrible work environment i ever delt with I tried to do the job right and when i did so he [censor]ed and complained and made me stop jobs before they where completed as well as any of the job sites jump from one to another,

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  • Se
    sendhimtojail May 28, 2010

    He should be in JAIL!!! His business is not landscape/hardscape- it's taking money for nothing. He's been doing it for years and has a long record. He is violent (public record- domestic abuse- pay the money- get a full picture of his legal troubles - he has a long record of various charges). In addition, we spoke with other people he duped and threatened, and he even hurt someone's pet and admitted it! He threated to KILL us- we called the police- nothing to do but restraining order. As far as publishing his address- he'll move soon enough- he changes the company name often along with his houses being forclosed on. And, he has no problem threatening you where you live!

    It's been a few years and we sued him also- BUT we named his wife since that is who we paid (obviously for tax evasion purposes). He tries to have his wife left out of it- but she is a willing participant and the judge will uphold her being named.You won't get your money unless you name his wife, find out where she is working, and dock her pay. If anyone else has figured this out- you will be waiting in line- as well as waiting in line if you put a lien against his house.

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  • Hi
    Hinsey May 28, 2010

    Complaints and ripoffs for this [censor] actually go back to 1999 - he and his wife declared bancruptcy twice - lost their house - can't believe they are at it again - he at one time had judgements for over 100, 000 thousand against him - go to the DA in your jurisdiction - he is a rip off king - I am sad we did not push the issue harder - maybe if he is put in jail he will not be able to rip people off - he is [censor]

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  • Hi
    Hinsey May 28, 2010

    We took Eddie and his wife to court in 2006 - it is a shame he is still doing this and getting away with it - he screwed us totally. At that time I had found 25 people he had done similar things to - we took it to the DA in Aurora and they did nothing - these post are from 2009 - How many years is this guy going to get away with this - send your complaints to the DA - He is in evergreen now - send your complaints to the DA there - get this guy arrested

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  • Fa
    Farnsworth cheated me Jan 30, 2010

    Check out Eddie's "F" rating by the Denver BBB:

    This POS is the same guy doing business in Texas for sure. He even used a picture of my fireplace, (that he fouled up and wouldn't fix) on his new website! I had heard that he was starting a nursery in Denver somewhere too.


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  • Pa
    patioguy 9-2009 Jan 18, 2010

    Eddie Farnsworth may also be doing business in Austin, Texas under the name Austin Farnsworth. Also, the website "" and "" look very similar to the "" setup before it was taken down.

    outdoor fireplaces san antonio
    affordable hardscapes

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  • Do
    Do_not_use_Eddie Jan 13, 2010

    I am so sorry to hear that so many people have found themselves in the same situation as me and my husband. The word "scummy" seems to be too good of word to describe Eddie Farnsworth. We started our project with him in January of 2009 and he was off of our property in May. We ended our relationship with him sending scathing emails. We finally walked away and finished much of the work ourselves and hired another contractor to complete the job. We were getting married in our backyard in August so we were left with no other choice. We walked away with him owing us thousands of dollars because of work he chose not to complete and work that had to be redone.

    We have already replaced two of the trees he planted (we realized that many of the trees were never backfilled around the holes), and we are waiting to see what will be dead when spring arrives. We have had to repair his concrete work, our grill was falling into the outdoor kitchen and we had to replace the metal surrounding it, all of the drip-lines had to be pulled up and reinstalled because it was done incorrectly... the list goes on and on. Anytime we confronted Eddie Farnsworth, he would say, "It is what it is" and provide no other response. He did get angry and walked off of our job MULTIPULE times. Eddie Farnsworth is a smooth talker, but I would not recommend him to my worst enemy. I write this because I would hate for anyone else to go through the misery we have dealt with on this landscaping project. Anyone who questions what I have to say, please reach out to me, I have plenty of pictures and emails to back up my words.

    Finally, our biggest concern remains this: We learned that Eddie Farnsworth did not pay one of the vendors that were used on our job. We worked with the vendor and we were able to prove that Eddie Farnsworth had been paid the day the material was installed and we were able to prove that the money paid was for his materials’; however Eddie Farnsworth NEVER paid the vendor. Here is the concern, any vendor that has not been paid can put a lean on your property if they can prove the material delivered and used on your property.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and I have purposely used "Eddie Farnsworth" throughout this email so anyone who chooses to Google him in any state will find out who he truly is and know that this is NOT a man you should choose to do business with.

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  • He
    He_Nailed_it:( Dec 22, 2009

    I am extremely un-nerved by this man. How could anyone, being a BUSINESS OWNER, scam people out of their money? I know that if I had owned a business such as his, I would do anything possible to earn as much money as I could, and yet still do a good job. But with all the complaints on how bad he's been doing, I'm sure in SanAntonio he's doing the same slacking work as in Colorado. And for those considering to contract him, I am sure they donot know about what he has been doing to those who already have. This work needs to be stopped, and surely very soon before others witness how badly he treats his customers. Eddie Farnsworth, you may think that posting your adress(es) on the internet is scummy, but what you are doing to all of your customers is scummy beyond compare.f

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  • Ro
    rob_c Dec 06, 2009

    Eddie claims that the judgment was fair yet he still has not paid. In fact we are persuing additional legal avenues in order to receive our judgment. So do not be fooled by this crook. Whatever company name he has whether it be Affordable Hardscapes, AHdenver, or Affordacrete, this guy is trouble. He now has an F rating according to the Denver Better Business Bureau because he has 11 registered complaints just from this summer. If you are in SanAntonio Texas, do not use this guy, unless of course you like dealing with criminals who swindle people out of money.

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  • So
    somethingneedstobedone Nov 28, 2009

    So, TheTruthBeTold100, what about the rest of us who you took money from and didn't bother to finish the job? That is theft. Any good contractor would either finish out their contract or give a refund. Some of the people that you are stealing money from have kids too and cannot afford to just hand over money and get nothing in return but I guess that doesn't bother you. We were willing to understand if you took on too many projects and were just going to take longer to get the job done but you just took the money and didn't bother coming back. There may be two sides to every story but there seems to be many stories that have similar endings where you are concerned.

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  • Th
    TheTruthBeTold100 Nov 20, 2009

    You claim to have had a successful day in court, but only received a judgment for 15% of what you sued for, which is what it would have cost to complete the job to begin with, and I offered to complete your job and uphold the warranty to fix any issues you may have had. I wouldn't call a $1, 000 judgment a successful day in court, as I had already offered that amount of money up to complete your job, but that wasn't good enough for you. The information you posted WAS my home address where my kids reside and was not posted anywhere on the internet, and it is just like you to want to drag other people into your business dealings. It's ok, there are forums for contractors to post information about homeowners also so that they know who to do business with and who not to do business with. It really is not a problem for me. People will see what a one sided forum this is, and you only get to hear one side of the story, which is exactly what the court did, listen to both sides and give a fair resolution, unlike forums like this.

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  • Ro
    rob_c Nov 16, 2009

    Update 11/16/2009
    We had a successful day in court. Now all we have to do is collect the money from this guy. I only think that the Texas business is during the winter months, so if you need to you can serve him court papers as well.

    I just got this email from him today concerning this posting...
    You know that I have kids at my house, and you posted my address on the web sit I never thought you would do something so irresponsible and scummy.
    As I am sure you do not want me to post your phone number and address in chat rooms and on web pages because it puts your kids your wife and property at risk. I going to give you the opportunity to fix this outrageous mistake. Rob this is truly out of bounds what you did here. Lets keep this between us adults. You have until tomorrow at 5:00 to remedy this. Before I jump in the pig pen with you


    So one again he is trying to use intimidation to get what he wants. Well I have additional information as to his whereabouts...

    ID Number: [protected]
    Trade Name: Affordable Hardscapes
    True Name of Registrant: Edwin L Farnsworth Jr.
    Primary Residence or Usual Place of Business Street Address: 21481 E. Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011, United States
    Primary Residence or Usual Place of Business Mailing Address: PO Box 460747, Aurora, CO 80046, United States

    I encourage everyone to do what I did. It may take some time but it is definately worth it. And Eddie, the information provided about you is readily available and supplied by you. If you do post information that is not truthful and not available on the internet then you will find yourself in court once again.

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  • So
    somethingneedstobedone Nov 06, 2009

    So has anyone had any luck getting any resolution with Affordable Hardscapes? I see on the website that they're "closed for the season" until April 1, 2010. That's nice since we still don't have our job done or our money back. If someone was able to get any resolution please let me know.

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  • Mi
    mike_c Oct 28, 2009

    Have to agree with all the comments here. Delay issues, quality of work issues, etc. etc. One interesting point to make is that if you look at "Affordable Hardscapes" is no longer listed. A quick internet search reveals a company in San Antonio called "Affordacrete" with the same pictures, descriptions, and crappy GoDaddy website as "Affordable Hardscapes" in Colorado. Looks like Mr. Farnsworth is heading to Texas to try to salvage his reputation.

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  • He
    He_Nailed_it:( Oct 21, 2009

    I unfortuanately had hired this man, asked for him to make me a patio, retaining wall, firepit, and to decorate my yard with plants. He came to my home, dumped all of his supplies and plants, and left because he had other customers waiting. My husband and I had to water the plants and keep our one year old child from the nails and sharp objects. The plants ended up dieing, and it's october, and all he has gotten done is the frame for every thing. I have tried to contact him, but have had no luck what so ever. I do not reccomend this man to others. :(

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  • Me
    mess Oct 16, 2009

    we unfortunately hired this guy and are having problems. Did he ever finish your job? thx

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  • Ro
    rob_c Oct 14, 2009

    Update 10/14/2009 - We were able to serve him the court papers at the following address.
    4785 so. Ireland ct. Aurora Colorado
    Our court date is 10/22 so hopefully we can get some resolution to this matter. Since posting this complaint I have been contacted by 4 customers of his with similar problems.

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  • So
    somethingneedstobedone Oct 14, 2009

    We are having a problem with this company too. We contracted them to do a couple of things for us in April and half of the work is still not done. He is now not answering the phone when we call or returning our calls when we leave a message. We have also contacted the Better Business Bureau but it has been almost a month and no response from the company. Big surprise there. While he hasn't used profanity with us he did storm off when I didn't like something and I voiced my concerns. We also had the mess of concrete and other things left in the yard and they didn't protect the house when they poured so there is concrete on the house. Just wish I wouldn't have paid him for part of the work that's not completed because I doubt he's coming back or we'll get our money back which we would prefer. Sorry to hear that you and others are having problems too but I do think it's good that you are leaving this review to warn others. I wish someone would have done that before we decided to go with this company. I hope you are able to get some resolution.

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