AE Trademaxfraud of using other's trade account

Company has an url and take deposit from the user for do short term trade. This web site doesn't allow the user to change the password if user forgets and all rights are reserved to the company admin.
The incident happened on 26-Sep-2019 when my account was purposely blocked by tempering my password and used all my money for false trading. When i asked customer care to reset my password they took long time for resetting and i found that my deposited money was all utilized within that time frame. I asked customer care to provide me the IP address of the system during the time frame when the account was locked and the forge transaction was done but since last 5 days neither they respond nor they provide the IP address.
Please be careful by using this web site and let aware whom soever you know so that you and your near and dear one's won't be part of the scam.

Sep 30, 2019

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