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I would like to complain about a subcontractor you are using to service your products.
Our washing machine broke down almost 2 months ago and we contacted you directly for help. We were referred to A&E Factory Service (Chesapeake Service District) to help us with our washing machine.
The first trip, the technician never opened the machine and informed me that the problem was water pressure, and that the washing machine was operating incorrectly due to low water pressure.
So, I brought a plumber out and after spending $85, I was sarcastically told that my pressure was at 47psi and that A&E's technician was full of beans.
I called A&E out again, this time the technician was very professional and we needed to remove the stacked dryer off the washer for him to access the washer. We worked together and removed the dryer.
After he removed the top of the washer, he tested the intake valve and concluded that the valve was faulty. He was surprised by the story I told him concerning our first visit and again was courteous, helped place the dryer back up, reconnected everything back up.
He then ordered the part and told me to expect the part in the mail and scheduled to come back in 10 days.
On Friday [protected]), another technician showed up and after 30 seconds promptly returned from the basement to inform us that “that was a quick visit”. He stated that the dryer was on the washer, to which we immediately informed him that we would remove it. He stated that it was against “policy” to help assist remove the dryer. He promptly left and informed us to reschedule another visit.
This was outrageous; we never knew there was a policy or a need to remove the dryer beforehand. If we had known this, we would have had the dryer off a week beforehand if necessary!
Two out of three technicians were horrible! No customer service and I am inconvenienced and had to shell out money for a plumber to come out and diagnose a problem that NEVER existed.
I have always had great experiences with your products, and I do not hold whirlpool to blame, except for obviously subcontracting with these buffoons!
So here it is now going into our second month with a broken washer, and if I call you again, A&E will be referred back out here. This is not acceptable and I want to know what alternative do I have under these circumstances?


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Aug 07, 2008 8:35 am

To date working with Areceived a box ans assumed &E Factory service has been deploable. My relatively new
icrowave was not working. My wife found A&E and scheduled an appointment for a Thursday between 8-12...the earliest was 3 weeks out. They called the day before and said the Tech could not show up and rescheduled for two more weeks. The Tech finally showed up and worked in the Microwave...he was very polite and professional...first visit $135. He said he needed to order parts which would be under warranty and they would be delivered to my home. He scheduled another appointment for 2 weeks later.

The parts arrived, or at least I thought they were the parts and took additional time off from work to meet the Tech between 8-12. At 10 AM that morning I got a call from A&E stating they would have to reschedule since "all" of the parts needed were not delivered. I said I had assumed all the parts were delivered. She asked if I opened the box to check. I stated that I had not opened the box since I had no idea what I would be looking at.

I asked that she have sombody from A&E Management contact me and she said she could't do that. I asked why and she said she was just working out of a call center and had no ability to contact anybody at A&E directly? What sense does that make. I rescheduled another appointment an additional 6 days out. Have not heard from anyone from A&E Management and don't expect to. When I get back from work tonight I will be researching A&E as well as Whirlpool to find out the names of the people running those companies and will never do business with A&E again,



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