Adecco Groupthe recruiter sonya terrell

T Jul 24, 2019

I was recently "fired" for something that was not my fault. I went to this company looking for office work and was told there was jobs available but instead was sent to warehouses to work. At the time of the incident I was working at Hollister in Stuarts Draft. I am retired military and when I am learning something new I concentrate on the job and don't laugh and joke around. I have been told it can be interpreted as a attitude but it isn't. I was told by the team leader Brian that my co workers had complained to him that I had a bad attitude and was making it a hostile work environment for them. I explained to him as I did to them that I don't have an attitude, I am very serious when I am learning something new and it can be interpreted as attitude but it isn't. He didn't believe me and said he was going to complain to Adecco which he did. That same afternoon I went in to talk to Sonya about it and I was very hurt by it so I was crying pretty hard while I was talking to her. She acted like she believed me but later left a phone message telling me I was released from the job and she had nothing else available. I am really insulted by her behavior and now know she is not only a liar but two faced. I have been leaving reviews on websites to let people know my experience and to avoid this office. I think she should be reprimanded for her behavior and reflecting badly on Adecco.

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