Adams Reymondred cross society diplomatic courier scam

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From: Adams Reymond
Date: 5 September 2017 at 19:38
Subject: ...

Hello ...

Thank you very much for your email and for accepting to partner with
me in my quest to invest massively in your Country. As I told you in
my previous email, all I want is an honest and reliable person who can
be my partner. My major area of interest is real estate as I heard
that the property market is good in the country now. but I might still
invest in other profitable businesses with your suggestion and
guidance as my local partner. I am interested in buying any advertised
property and would pay for it as part of my initial investment in real
estate. Though I can invest in any city or Business of your
suggestion where any business booms. It is your duty to guide me and
to make suggestions on which area to invest and how to go about
investing massively in real estate. The total fund I have is about
$11.5 Million . and from there I would pay for the properties and
subsequently start my investment. For your assistance you will take
20% of the total fund and 80% will be for me, from there I will invest
the remaining.

I am Adams Reymond a former Commander during the United States war in
Iraq. Now that the United States has ended its mission in Iraq, I am
presently in Afghanistan for further assignments but will soon be
deployed to the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC)

During my 5 years stay here in Iraq I was able to make the sum of
$11.5 Million. This money came from Oil deals which I got involved in.
I cannot move this money to the United States because I want to settle
down there in your country and live a new life. Secondly, I am an
uniformed person and I cannot be parading such an amount so I need to
present someone as the beneficiary. I am an American and an
intelligence officer for that I have a 100% authentic means of
transferring the money through diplomatic courier service .I just need
your acceptance and all is done.

I would have liked to come over to meet with you in person before we
start this transaction but because I am a servicing Senior military
officer, I play by the rules of my profession. I cannot travel out of
Afghanistan till my deployment to do so is approved from the PENTAGON.
I am working on my transfer to NATO training Center (Upper
Palatinate). I hope it will be approved very soon but before that, I
would want us to build confidence and agree as partners so that I can
safely move this fund to you for safe keeping and subsequent
investment. The situation warrants that we commence this transaction
as quickly as possible. I am not comfortable where I kept the Fund
consignment so I need to move it to a safer place quickly. If we come
into agreement, the entire process of depositing and shipping the Fund
consignment to you could take less than four days from today with my
new plans to proceed on this matter.

This transaction has to be kept very confidential and only between us.
I am laying emphasis on confidentiality and hope you will maintain the
level of confidentiality needed. I assure you that there is no risk
or any problem involved in this transaction. As I told you earlier,
the fund will be moved to you in cash as a sealed diplomatic
consignment. The fund is clean and came from a legitimate source and
I promise to use my influence and experience as an intelligence
officer to safely get the funds into your safe hands. I am only using
this diplomatic method to move it to you because Iraqis do not allow
foreigners to operate bank account there or move funds through their
bank. Throughout my stay in Iraq, my transactions were limited. They
accuse foreign soldiers and foreign contractors there of coming to
their country to make money from their oil. They seize any funds
passing through their banks, which belong to foreigners. A lot of
foreigners here have been using this diplomatic method to move out
huge cash and precious stones. My only concern is to find whom I can
trust and who can assist me in investing the fund in a profitable
business. All we need is mutual trust, good cooperation and honesty.

Please tell me more about yourself and state in detail if you are
ready to work with me. When I receive your response, I will tell you
more on how we will start the transaction. I will come over to you for
a meeting as soon as you receive the Fund consignment . I am aware
that we have to sign some contracts for the property purchase and the
investments in presence of a notary. I will like to get a notary
myself and a tax adviser when I come over. This transaction can be
concluded in less than four days and the fund will be moved to you,
after which I will come over to come and meet with you for the
necessary paper work and the commencement of our investments.

It is your duty to do a feasibility study and come out with an
investment blueprint to determine how we would start our investment to
make the desired maxim returns on investment. Do your study and let me
know if we should invest in commercial real estate of residential real
estate and suggest other possible areas of profitable venture. I have
come to you in confidence and hope that our partnership will evolve
over years.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Best wishes,


From: Adams Reymond
Date: 8 September 2017 at 16:14
Subject: Dear ...

Dear ...

I will appreciate if you can make this a top secret, I will be the
person to sign the purchase contract with you in the presence of a
notary. The arrangement is that when you receive the fund consignment
first, I will immediately fly down to come meet with you for the
payment of any good properties and further Investment and the signing
of the contract. In addition to that, I will place you on 20% of my
Monthly income of the total fund as a compensation for your honest

I would like to know from you if there are good properties for sale
now? I told you in my previous email to advice if it is better to
invest in commercial buildings with office complex or is better to buy
residential buildings with many apartments. Which would bring the
desired returns on investment? What rate of returns on investment
should we expect from these two different properties and that of
Building business? What are the tax rates applicable to the purchase
and management of such Business? I also asked you if you know of other
businesses that would bring high returns. I would want to diversify my
investment and not to invest the entire fund into one business. Do you
have ideas of other businesses where we can invest in? I made
suggestions of Gold Bullion Security since the Renewable energy are
only in the beginning now. What is your opinion?

To be honest and reliable is a natural part of my character all my
life long. I assure you of my strict honesty and sincerity.

In my next email, I will give you details of how the fund can be moved to you.

Looking forward to your further information and hoping, to meet you soon there .

Best regards,

Mr. Adams

From: Adams Reymond
Date: 12 September 2017 at 15:11
Subject: Dear ...

Dear ...

Thank you for the little details which you provided to me about
investment. All your explanations are just for my brief knowledge as I
would get the complete and physical details when I come over to meet
you. In order to avoid further delay, we have to commence the process
of moving the fund to you as a guarantee for the payment of the
properties and the subsequent investment. As we have sealed our
partnership agreement and I have to start the process of shipping the
fund consignment to you. I shall be going to Baghdad tomorrow in order
to conclude the registration of the consignment and shipment
formalities. At this stage, it is good that I brief you how the
delivery will go.

You have to know that Red Cross Jet flies from Baghdad to Europe 2
times a week to go pick up relief materials. Through this Red Cross
Jet, a lot of foreign military officers, contractors and government
officials there in Iraq and Afghanistan have transported cash and
precious stones, as that has been the best way to move huge funds from
Iraq because of their close watch to any fund being transferred by
foreigners. I know this diplomatic delivery method may seem strange to
you because you do not know much about it but I assure you that it is
the best way through which you can receive this fund. This method is a
secured method of delivering high valued items such as this. The
delivery will be handled by a Diplomat because I will register the
consignment as a diplomatic consignment.

I want you to know that in diplomatic immunity, some diplomats pick up
courier jobs. There are some deliveries that require diplomatic
coverage. The job of these Diplomats is to transport diplomatic bags
and luggage as sanctioned under the 1961 Vienna Convention on
diplomatic relations. These diplomatic couriers are granted immunity
in every country together with their luggage until they deliver the
luggage to its recipient. Diplomatic consignments are not screened or
opened by any authority as they are automatically exempted from
Customs examination. I am going to register the consignment as a
diplomatic consignment and the delivery will be handled by a Diplomat
who will use his immunity to shield the consignment and safely deliver
it to your house. With this diplomatic delivery arrangement, there
will be no risk or any questioning by the authorities at the airport
in the process of the delivery.

Today. I spoke with the Red Cross officials in Baghdad and they told
me that the below details are needed for the registration and shipment
of the consignment.

1. Name of the nearest airport to you

2. An address where you would like to receive the consignment

3. Your full name

4. Your cell number

I shall scan and send you any document I receive from the Red Cross
office and will give you further details regarding the shipment. I
would want to know the arrangement which you are making in where to
keep the consignment. Do you have a private and secured safe at home?
If you have a private safe at home, it will be very convenient to keep
the consignment in the safe but if you do not have, you will have to
make arrangement to rent a locker in the bank where you can safely
keep the consignment. But if you rent a bank vault, would your bank
want to know the content of the box? Is your house or office well
secured to keep the fund consignment? When the fund consignment has
been successfully delivered to you, I shall come over to meet with you
and it is when I come that I will personally contact a tax adviser to
talk more on how to get good tax rate for us and a notary that will
oversee the signing of the contracts.

Please urgently send the above requested information so that I can go
meet with the Red Cross officers tomorrow to perfect arrangement for
the shipment of the consignment.

I am waiting to receive the information from you.

Best wishes,


From: Adams Reymond
Date: 19 September 2017 at 12:15
Subject: Dear ...

Dear ...

I am happy to inform you that I have successfully concluded the
consignment deposit and registration at the Red Cross office strong
room today. So devote as much time as you can to our cooperation with
the goal that the investments will develop positively in the long run
which has been my biggest dream.

As you know, I traveled to Baghdad for the registration of the
consignment. The effort to deposit and register the consignment took
me long process as they had to send a notification to diplomatic
bureau in Washington to get a registration serial number for the
deposit certificate. I waited for some days before we received
response from Washington. The consignment is presently in their strong
room and they issued me a Certificate of Deposit which I am attaching
herein for your record. This Certificate shows that they have received
the consignment for safekeeping and onward delivery to you. For
security of the cash inside the consignment, I did not disclose to the
Red Cross officers that the consignment contains cash. I used my
influence and experience as a Military Officer to register the
consignment and declared its content as ‘”Classified Military
Documents”’ and they accepted it and gave me a deposit certificate.

I had an extensive discussion with them to agree on the date of
shipment. Fortunately for us there is a Red Cross Jet that will be
flying from Baghdad here to Europe from Wednesday 20.9.2017 night to
Damascus and from Damascus it would arrive Friday 20.9.2017 morning in
Europe but unfortunately they told me that the Jet cannot fly directly
to Cambodia. They say the Jet will fly to London Heathrow airport
Terminal 5 where it is meant to pick up relief materials and fly back
to Damascus in Syria to deliver the relief materials. I have agreed
with them that the consignment will be boarded in the Jet and moved to
London. I do not have any control over the movement of the Jet. I am
only using its service to move the consignment to Europe which I feel
is more secured there.
The arrangement now is, when the Jet stops in London, you will have to
go to Heathrow airport London to clear the consignment from the
Customs and personally take delivery of it to Cambodia.

Or in alternative, the Red Cross officers can link us to a Diplomat in
London who will stand in on your behalf to clear the consignment and
complete the delivery to your address in Cambodia. It is unfortunate
that the Jet will not fly to Cambodia directly. I would have been
comfortable if this diplomat attached to the Red Cross office here
could handle the delivery but as the Jet cannot fly to Cambodia,
either you or a new diplomat in London will pick up the consignment
from London Heathrow and complete the delivery to Cambodia.

They say that when the Jet arrives at Heathrow airport it will require
clearance at the customs checkpoint. According to the officers, the
requirements to clear the consignment from the customs at Heathrow are
copy of the consignment’s airway bill, customs duties and airport
logistics fee which they told me should be about £1.728 (One Thousand
Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight Pounds). They say after the payment, the
customs at Heathrow will issue an European Diplomatic Clearance Permit
which will be placed on the consignment so that it will have an easy
passage at any airport or any other European country as it will be
certified by the UK Customs as a diplomatic luggage.

I would be more comfortable if you can fly directly from airport close
to you to Heathrow airport terminal 5 to handle this clearance
yourself and personally take delivery of the consignment yourself to
Cambodia, if you will have the chance to travel to London. They say
the flight will arrive at London -Heathrow by 11:25am by Friday
morning and the consignment will require Customs clearance immediately
it arrives. Tell me if you will be able to go to London-Heathrow or I
should contact the Red Cross office to go ahead and arrange for a
diplomat who will stand in on your behalf to do the clearance
formalities and complete the delivery.

Though I will not be here till the jet departs Baghdad airport but I
will make sure that the consignment safely leaves Baghdad by Wednesday
evening without any problem as I will be in touch with the officers
here. So, as my partner, when the consignment arrives at Heathrow
airport London, I expect you to take up the responsibility of making
sure that the consignment is cleared from the customs and that it
arrives to your house or office in Cambodia that same day.

I send you the attached copy of the airway bill and the deposit
certificate. You have to please assist in getting the £1, 728GBP for
the customs clearance and airport logistics as it is impossible for me
to send out money from here. You can just pick a flight from any
airport close to you and fly to Heathrow and do the clearance yourself
after which you will personally take delivery of the consignment to
Cambodia. If you cannot go to London, I will make a formal request
from the Red Cross today to immediately link us to a diplomat in
London who will handle the clearance and complete the delivery to your
house in Cambodia. You should note that you will not under any
circumstances discuss about our deal with the diplomat. He is just a
mere courier man and not part of us.

Let me know if you will be able to go to London on or before Friday,
or I should make a request for the Red Cross office to link us to a
diplomat in London who will stand in on your behalf to clear the
consignment and complete the delivery to Cambodia?

Please make sure you make proper arrangement on where to keep the consignment

I am waiting to hear from you.

Best wish


From: Adams Reymond
Date: 20 September 2017 at 13:30
Subject: Dear ...

Dear ...

They gave me the contact details of the accredited coordinating
diplomat in London who it is his duty to clear and bail the
consignment when the jet arrives London-Heathrow to make sure that
the consignment is cleared immediately the jet arrives. Find his
contact details below:

Name: Mr John Coleman

Email: john.[protected]

You can contact him to open up communications with him before that day
to find out how best the payment can be made. Please reply urgently to
acknowledge the receipt of this email and your readiness to receive
him in Cambodia. Please work on getting the money together before
Friday, When you receive the consignment you will open it and take
back all the money you have spent in the course of the transaction.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Best wishes,


red cross society diplomatic courier scam
red cross society diplomatic courier scam


  • Hi
    HitsCar Tv Mar 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    is he a cheater?
    because I also received a message from him

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  • So
    Solu Jul 02, 2019

    The guy present himself as active captain Christopher Benjamin send me the same email with same contact in London. But his found wich needs to be transfer urgently is 13, 5 million and amount of money that needs to be payed at Hitrow terminal 5 is 3728 GBP . He ectualy send a uniform photo of himself like he's at active mission at Iraq until May 2. 2020 and he can't come because of rules of service. Eaven the document he sent about sealed military document is the same time of the flight in London is the same. How can we protect? I want to report him to the police of my country. Has he ever managed to fourfil the scam completely? Please will someone answer me fast cause I have the possibility to kech this person.l am wery serious about last centence that I wrote. But l need the answer ASAP

    3 Votes
  • Ow
    Owen Dhliwayo Nov 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    He is a fool I declare that bad things happen to him for scamming people.II decided to search on the internet to find out and I see that everything is just the same.I hate the last phrase which he told me he said"remember me in your prayers he is a fool playing with God's name.For that I declare a very tragedy to him.

    This might be the lazy Ghanaian or Nigerian backslidden foolish scam.

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  • Павел Топчий Nov 04, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh, hello mr Patrick Adams, long time. How’s your legal Iraq Oil deals?
    Ok but seriously, why this guy’s doing this, seems he’s not gaining money from this

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  • Em
    Emeraldd Sep 23, 2020

    got the same email but it was a women whos name was Jamah Mahdi from Siria

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  • Ha
    HarisHtHc Sep 25, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Be careful, these people want to steal your identity and thus sell to someone else, they present themselves as various different people, and fabian albert write to me who sent the same messages, be careful.. always ask something that interests you about it and you will see that they don't read what you write at all, they are just interested in getting the documents, I repeat, the person who wanted to deceive me is called
    Fabian albert and this is his e-mail address: [protected] uses other addresses with this name only other numbers.

    1 Votes

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