Activpro 866-417-6795 SingaporeMoney Charged to my visa without permission

My name is Colette Berube, a private citezin. I do not own my own company but when I checked my visa statement, I came across 2 separate charges in the amount of 131.23. The first one was this activpro, and the second one says its from SMILEKIT [protected] SINGAPORE. I tried calling the numbers that are attached to these but the numbers are not in service.

I demand my money to be refunded onto my credit card immediately. Please send a reply to [protected]

Much appriciated,

Colette Berube
Edmonton, AB Canada


  • Ch
    chatomoreno Feb 27, 2010

    hi, my name is roman cuevas I´m from mexico and i have same problem with the same company, because in my visa statament came 4 charges in the amount 119.0 each.
    i do not how to do

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  • Ma
    Maria75 Mar 15, 2010


    My name is Maria from denmark. I'm have excactly the same problem. I recived a trail and payed about 3.99 $. A month later they charged 119.0 but I didn't recive anything...

    What do I do????


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  • Ke
    KennyLee Apr 01, 2010

    Hi my name is Kendall and I too had the same problem. They said I would receive a trail for 3.99 and I did not receive anything but I was charged $130.10 on my credit card! I also tried to call the phone number that was attached to the company name ACTIVPRO 866-417-6795 and it was not in service! I want my money back! I never received ANYTHING!

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  • Dj
    D j moore Apr 11, 2010
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    My name is Darran Moore. My Complaint is the same as the above. I bought 2 teeth whitening products from cleanwhites. Then 1 month after 2 carges have come out of my account for £76.87 each. 1 charge is ACTIVEPRO 866-417-6 and the other is NUSKIN 866-484-636. Plus both of these also incurred a cost of £1 each overseas charges. I want this money back asap. If I do not recieve a reply I will be taking this matter further.

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  • Ta
    tazmo1981 May 11, 2010
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    I too have seen 3 charges were taken out of my account, but i'm not sure how to claim this back as the bank said if people give their card details even for postage we might not get our money back... Anyone know how or if they got there money back???? tara wilson

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