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this place is a joke, this site takes calls from verizon wireless customers, thru out the whole 3+ yrs i worked there, they promised raises and incentives then said its a lose lose situation either you break vzw policy to hit incentive or you lose out on incentive, , they would change your timecard and not have any excuses for doing so, , then would say well i dont have any proof it showed diff times, , so theres no way to change it back, , also they would miss days you were supposed to b paid and if you dont catch it they wont tell you it was in error, , also management messing around with other management, also operation managers smoking weed with the customer service agents, , also leaving the workplace during work hours to smoke weed too, also we had many reps who were taking customers info down and later on ordering phones and accessories and sending them to random addresses just to turn around and resell for their own profit, , , the workforce will stand behind you if you are on the phone for to long with one customer, and tell you that you need to get them off the phone asap and they dont care what you do, i was told to transfer to tech support and financial services all due to they didnt know answers the customers were asking; about bill or wanting credits, this is just the beginning, they have upper management wearing see thru clothes and when the majority of them bend over next to the agent their thong is showing, how unprofessional this place is is just ridiculous, the biggest part though is pay issues, , they have allot of issues and no one in the site can answer any issues due to pay due to they said its jamaica or mexico who handles pay, pretty much just pointing fingers elsewhere, , they have reps taking down the local customers info and calling them and meeting up with them after work, conflict of interest the old general manager was dating the assist manager, the assistant manager was hiring the operations managers, who are now smoking weed and drinking during work hours with agents


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 13, 2022 2:09 am EDT

I worked for both Livebridge pre-Xerox and post... I was a supervisor, Expert Call Support Rep, SME, Trainer, and so on. True fact previous to 2002 Livebridge the site manager would hide in his car and smoke marajana. There was a girl there with Leather pants on she embezzled a bunch of money along with the manager. Between the shot fired at the Call Center by a disgruntled Customer of Verizon Wireless 98 percent retention over 3 months. They pulled me off the phones to help the employees just to find out they basically froze my account on the Verizon side. It took them over 5 months after they ended floor help for the reps to get me unfrozen because the people that would get me unfroze kept leaving. I would go to work shadow and get paid I was so bored it was silly.

I survived 4 years pre Xerox and went back for 5 months after Xerox. Same overhead it really was bad and I got out of there and went IT nevermore will I grace the halls of ACS even in federal way with my presence again. NEVER!

Nov 16, 2016 10:42 am EST

It saddens me to see these comments! I worked for this company from [protected] when it was Livebridge and could not have been happier.. supervisors were very friendly and helpful. Yes there was some management issues when I first started but the company cleaned them out when they got wind of the issues. Customer satisfaction was a must. I got bonus and became quality assurance rep quickly making $1, 000 a month in bonus alone, then on to fraud investigation to insure the customers and company were not taken advantage of. As quality assurance rep I would always give reps positive feedback first and then explain what they could have done differently and explain how to do so after monitoring their calls. This was what I was taught by my trainers and supervisors. Sounds like this company needs a clean sweep. If your that unhappy or concerned contact the ceo. Google search for contact info. Good luck to you!

Oct 05, 2015 12:22 pm EDT
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I worked for Xerox in Federal Way Washington for about a year and completely agree with EVERYTHING in the previous comments. It is truly a wonder that this company can maintain a workforce like this. The job is all about scamming customers and screwing people over. You are told to transfer to the wrong department once you've had your surveys, and when somebody tells you to set up a call back time for a customer they just tell you to delete it afterward. SOME managers are good, just like SOME of the employees are good, but most of them fall into the half-### work ethic that the company supports. You get annoying floor support that will harass you while you are on a call trying to resolve and issue for a customer (which is what the company pushes for - "resolving" customer problems) and in reality some calls just take a long time to be done correctly.
My last month working for this company I was so disgruntled, disgusted, and fed up that I started giving credits out to anyone and everyone that I could. A customer would call in to order a new phone or pay their bill or just ask a general question and I would check and application the VZW system uses called ATHENA to see if they had a balance that could be credited to them. I'd stop them mid conversation and say "Hey, just for calling in today I'm going to take $10 off your bill." The customers loved me for this reason. I'd help them manipulate this messed up system how ever they could. If somebody wanted to disconnect their line and they had an ETF fee I'd put the reason for the disconnect as being death so that they didn't have to pay the ETF. I went through and found my family members and gave them free credits. I also let people keep their unlimited data after the company did away with it and started scamming people with insane data prices. I was kind like the Robin Hood of Verizon Wireless.
Screw this company. They disgust me.
This company shafts their employees so their employees need to shaft them back.
If you are going to work for this company, quit after the 9 weeks of training is over. The training is easy, mindless work. It's basically free money for sitting in a classroom and using common sense. You are are allowed to take the tests as many times as you want and they are all multiple choice so you just need to keep guessing if you don't know an answer.

May 14, 2015 10:24 am EDT
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Anderson Indiana
It amazes me that no matter which one of these stories I read, the one about manager having relations with reps or smoking pot with employees, workforce standing behind you telling you to get off the phone, floor support telling you to transfer to the wrong department because they don't know the right answer or management screwing up the call and getting you a failed survey, it all sounds exactly like the center I am in! We have one OM who is good, and a handful of good supervisers who really try to not be those ###s who give the wrong answers, but in trying to fix the other problems there, VZW or xerox decided to 'shake' things up, rearrange the teams and the good supervisors are now being picked off one by one by the bad OMs because they are trying to 'flex' their muscles I guess. It's a joke, they walk around knowing nothing, and tell us that they are not supposed to know anything that is our job, floor support shouldn't be necessary and the supervisors should know less than the reps do. WOW, that makes no sense! Credits are NOT given even though they are deserved because some ### lied and falsely charged a customer for something they didn't order, or didn't disconnect their line because they don't want to get hit on their stats so the cu is charged for 3 additional months. VZW is so focused on numbers, or maybe it is xerox I am not sure that the ones in charge are not necessarily the ones that know what they are doing. You can make the numbers look good without having the knowledge. How can people be this niave' and be running a company? PLEASE COME DOWN TO THE TRENCHES AND TALK TO THE PEONS TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

Apr 09, 2014 5:31 pm EDT

If you are a business professional then this is not a place for you if you are any kind of professional, this is not a place for you. The pay structure, is ridiculous, the trainers are laughable, the environment is a sweatshop. Just in my short time with the company, I have been privy to the unprofessional behavior described above. I won't put this job on a resume as it's embarrassing. I won't even tell my friends or family that I work there because it's embarrassing. I'm ashamed to work there. In all of my years, I've never worked anywhere like this. It's a bad joke of a place to work and I regret everyday that I accepted employment there. I live in hell every day and am actually seeking professional help for my depression. STAY CLEAR OF XEROX AS AN EMPLOYER.

As for Verizon, their sales representatives do not care and have figured out if they put in the notes a promise to a customer the agents at the customer service centers have to honor so instead of work as a team they work against each other. It creates a lot of resentment. Verizon will sell to anyone no ethics. I've had 75 year old people who have been totally taken advantage of sold on a package and call the customer service for help... stuck in some stupid contract well above their means. What kind of company takes advantage of elder people. It's disgusting! I encourage anyone thinking about using Verizon as a provider to think twice. If they don't have customers, they can't dominate the marketplace. Use a prepaid service or pay as you go type of deal that's you're best bet. BOYCOTT VERIZON!

Jan 30, 2014 9:17 pm EST
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I worked for this company, and as far as I know, it is a dictatorship. Really, trully unprofessional supervisors. On a day when my supervisor was off, I received a phone call from an escalated client who had bought a device from a verizon store and the sales person messed it up, unknowingly cancelling it but without refunding it. When she got home, she reviewed her order on the internet, only to find out it did not exist. it was past 10 pm when she called, making it impossible at this time to refund her her money, redo the order, and do an overnight delivery. MInd you that it was Friday night and that there is no way for anyone to guarantee overnight delivery since all orders must be processed early enough by the warehouse and that Saturday and Sundays and Sundays are no business days. Which meant the package would be processed sometime on Saturday and then shipped to the client arriving at ther place on either Monday or Tuesday.

Two other supervisors worked with me while I descalated this client, listening to the conversation, one at her desk, while the on the extra set of headphones. Promissing to work with her the very next day, I asked her for the opportunity to make it up to her. She calmed down and at the end of the call told me that I was the best rep she had ever dealt with since she had been with Verizon. Immediately the two other supervisors came over to tell me what a great job I had done. Nevertheless, the client received a call from Verizon, asking her if her issued had been resolved to her complete satisfaction. Of course it hadn't! She wanted was a new device delivered to her the very next morning just like the sales rep had promissed her and this was not going to happen.

The very next morning, my supervisor was in and told me that I had failed the survey. We went over it, and while he admitted that there was not much that could have been done to resolve her situation, told me that the survey was going to stand that way. When I mentioned to him what the other supervisors had said, his answer was that they are not as talented as him. Mind you, this is my third month working on the floor for this company against his almost five years of experience. Any other manager would had overturned that survey, but not him--he is just too talented I guess. It is almost laughable to me. On another occasion he decided to show me how to review a bill for a client. Well, he read word for word. Please, do not tell me that one needs talent to do that? a child can do it.

Well, if anyone out there is thinking of working for Xerox--Verizon, know ahead of time what you are getting yourself into. As for me, I am out of there.

Jun 14, 2013 5:51 am EDT
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This is a similar situation in the Federal way call center. All of the above is true due to the poor management skills and the interoffice romances. The site director is seeing One of the production OM s who's rooming with the training manager.
All of which show favoritism. If any one of these individuals has a distaste of you, kiss your job goodby.
the atrocious Lack of leadership skills cause more site issues than anything else. this company will hire anyone i do mean anyone and wonder why all their supervisors have failing teams / surveys. This center did buy surveys, but now instead position things in such a way that your pretty much screwed with the 3/4 surveys a day system. not to mention have enacted a 30 second call work timer that automatically kick the agent out of call work after 30 sec whether they have finished their notes or not.
hold times are now 30 seconds mandatory and the only way to get a good paycheck at this point is to play the customer and the system. but beware the workforce is watching you.


Xerox/ACS is a horrible place to work! PERIOD! In order to make Xerox/ACS a better environment and a more tolerably place to work you would need to look closely at management and their skills. This is for the ANDERSON, IN CALL CENTER SPECIFICALLY! THE ONE THAT TAKES VERIZON WIRELESS CALLS! I don't know how Xerox promotes but in the time frame I worked there a lot of the Supervisors there are VERY unprofessional! They are not there to help, when you have a question they would rather take a cigarette break, engage in conversations with the other sups about employees either on their team or another team, have favorite employee's that do no work and stay on the one's that do, or they will just simply look at you while sitting at there desk and say they are on coaching and no one is there but they will put on head phones to make it look good! They have Horrible work ethics. They also have favorites on their team and those are the ones no matter how many points they have or how many surveys they fail they still will have their jobs. They will also "SCRUB" the points of their "favorites" or the ones they like. Because there are people in that call center with over 30 to 50 EVEN OVER 100 points and have not been wrote up yet! And when that is brought up they will throw the "oh were not talking about anyone else", because they didn't know the whole call center knew about the points. They say they have an open door policy but THAT IS A LIE! DON'T YOU DARE GO AND TALK TO ANYONE OTHER THAN A SUPERVISOR ON THE FLOOR ABOUT ANYTHING OR YOU WILL BE JOBLESS! The mandatory overtime is so that the supervisors can get the call bonus not to make us any money. Because the pay is horrible after training, and once you fail a survey! They only want to help you before you have had a survey because they know if you fail it they wont get their bonus. Once you have had your survey they look at you like your stupid and will ask you "have you had your survey?" and if you say yes they will simply walk away and say "tell them somebody will call them later" or just get them off your phone!". And why do people fail surveys you ask, well it depends what mood the lazy ### supervisors are in if they want to take a sup call or not. If the customer isn't able to talk to one or the issue is not resolved then guess what... that's your failed survey! Then they want to coach you on "WHAT YOU SHOULD DO BETTER ON YOUR CALLS" When the reality of it is the agents can only ask permission for things but the supervisor has to approve it. And yes XEROX/ACS IN ANDERSON, IN, DOES BUY SURVEYS! What is that you may ask, well that means if you call between 8AM and noon you can get almost what you ask for, the other side of that is YOUR TOLD YES ITS APPROVED SO THAT THE AGENT CAN PASS THE SURVEY AND THE SUPERVISOR GETS MORE MONEY! BECAUSE GUESS WHAT AFTER EVERYBODY ON THE TEAM PASSES THEIR SURVEY, THAT SUPERVISOR WILL START CALLING SOME OF THE CUSTOMERS BACK TO TELL THEM THEY COULD NOT APPROVE THE CREDIT, THE AGENT DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION AND THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO! SO BASICALLY THEY ARE TELLING THE CUSTOMER TO SUCK IT UP! ****BUT THIS IS THEIR SECRET BECAUSE THEY TELL VERIZON THEY DON'T BUY SURVEYS!"*** SURE. AS MY SUPERVISOR TOLD ME "THEY CAN HAVE WHATEVER THEY WANT UNTIL YOU PASS YOUR SURVEY THEN I WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO CALL THEM BACK!" They are so so so unethical there I could not stand it. I hated working there. There are some great supervisors there but there are more horrible ones than many. The calls can be very slow at times but the overtime is still mandatory! That's a game for them, they know that since the overtime is unlimited people will work, but hats the only way that you will make any money is with overtime. And dare you to get up from your desk, its like the police are looking for you or they will log you out which will cause you to have "and attendance occurrence". Holiday pay is a joke because just say that you had to go to the restroom and you are in there and it is longer than what they feel you should be up from your desk and its not a "break" they will log you out which causes you not to get holiday pay. If your a minute late back from break you don't get holiday pay. they have every reason to NOT pay you for the holiday that you work! If they mess up on your check they don't care because it is your supervisors job to make sure your pay is correct and in on time. And if you have a LEADERSHIP role you should have good hygiene, and not walk around the call center with BAD BODY ODER and dirty clothes everyday. If you are looking for ways to improve your company you would need to start here! Because truthfully this company is horrible and they have no morals or ethics only money. Am i a bitter ex employee, Hardly, there are so so so so many people with the same issues and concerns but there is no one who will do anything about this. They tell you to call HR solutions and they are a joke too! They are agents just like us taking calls acting like they work in the HR Dept, and they will give you the run around too. they will give you number after number to call for different people or say talk to your O.M or Sup when that is who your problem is with! I WOULD NEVER REFER THIS JOB TO ANYONE! EVER!

May 12, 2012 6:20 pm EDT

I worked for this company for almost 2 years. My Complaints:

1)Mandatory OVERTIME - Every workshift there is mandatory overtime even if it is SLOW - the reason being is that the managers & supervisors get more bonus for GOING over the call commitment.

2)Young kids becoming supervisors - no real experience, just yes men who think this is actually how a company works.

3)Stuck on the phone - you get in trouble if you leave unless it is a scheduled breaktime/lunch time.

4)Never had a failed survey, I get one failed survey and they treat it like it is the END for you and you will get fired.

5)I put in my two week notice because I got tired of my 18 year old boss and the tactless and snotty tones. The day I put in this notice they took me into a conference room and told me they accepted it right then. Did I mention, I didn't have any prior history before this, I felt like they were waiting for me to put my notice in instead of firing me so they did not have to pay unemployment.

6)WA labor laws states you have to have a break every 4 hours. They kept duplicate copies and would keep handing out the law stating they can have mandatory OT, but they seemed to miss this law. I worked most of my shifts with no break from 3pm until 7pm each night with mandatory OT...

Apr 27, 2012 6:29 am EDT
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I hated working for this company, they are shady and very scandalous. They make you get station ready before clocking in. They do not let you use the restroom unless you clock out and then you get in trouble. They try to get you to work OT even when you have plans and let them know. I believe they do not care for their customers but care only for the money from Verizon. Verizon needs to take a closer look. I for one would never be a Verizon customer due to these practices.

Apr 20, 2012 6:42 pm EDT
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I was disturbed by the post because I have just been offered a job with this company and now I'm not to sure I want to take it. The process went too fast. I walked in and the interviewer from the phone came out to ask me to fill out more paperwork. Another individual came out and took me back to a room and asked questions but never told me about the company itself. All she did was take notes and then send me back out to the lobby. Another person came out and took me into another room and finished the hiring process. Not one person told explained I would be working on incentive instead of a base pay except for the 9weeks of training. I get a email explaining that after I would do my 9weeks then I could go down in pay as low as state minimum. That is not acceptable! Are there others who feel the same as the person who wrote the above complaint? If so I would like to know more before I put myself in another situation.

Apr 08, 2012 2:12 am EDT

ACS Federal Way is indeed a joke. Very poor management and illegal practices.