Accendo Learner's HubStill refusing to return monies

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As the main tenant of the unit at Bukit Batok, they signed an agreement stating that in the event of HDB rejection of the sublet application, they will refund deposit paid by the proposed subtenant.

While waiting for HDBs status, they tried to discredit the proposed subtenant by making unnecessary and unwarranted demands, not stated in the signed agreement.

HDB found violations in the premise and has rejected the application. Despite trying to contact Accendo to seek for refund of deposit as per agreement, they seemingly refused to contact proposed subtenant. The u returned sum is around 3 thousand dollars.

Beware of such actions as it speaks volumes of the company. They are currently operating student cares at bukit batok and bukit gombak, Singapore. Consider and bear in mind such actions of theirs before you decide on their services!


  • He
    Heritage_Tours Aug 22, 2017

    I have a similar situation few years back. HDB leasing transactions are transparent and fair. In my case, HDB had voided the contract and enforced the return of my deposit. HDB can and will do that cause they have the power to evict any non-compliant tenant and being a govt organisation, they will ensure their image is fair and impartial. But your case is very unusual, and how come your main tenant can still lease from HDB and in two areas as well if they have committed any violations.

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  • Ni
    NickLeo Nov 28, 2017

    One sided story? Where is the contract that was signed? And why particulars only from one side? Gosh! Complaintsboard has become sort of a crap place to settle personal dispute and mudslinging ... totally BS!

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  • Le
    Legal Bud Oct 01, 2020

    My 2 pence worth for such cases - bring out your contract to the civil court and file a complain. Did that few years back and I managed to claim back most of my deposit. But careful though! You will be cross examined and the legitation will bounce back and bite you if you are caught lying or slandering. Any reason why you chose to complain here when you could have make a law suit? No offence but your story sounds one sided, with no mention of your own name or company.

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