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My name is Abid, I am living in Dubai UAE, I am here quite long time. My family was here they just left end of last month, and my wife is using Ufone simcard but she said there are two guys who are sending stupied sms and they are calling as well, she told them this is worng number you should not call on this number. But we faceing still same problem untill yesterday due to my busy schedule i cannot go and do something for them thats what i am writing to you please help us out on it and if you are not able to help let me know then i can go to the Consulate here in UAE and I will make a complain against them. But since we prefreing to use your service its our first periorty to inform you. Yesterday she was very up sett because one of them carrying following number [protected] had called up and said her name. Please help us and we wanted to know how come they got her name and number, my family is very upset eventhough they were not ready to go to Pakistan but i told just stay there for few months. we have above said number where she is getting call and other number she has deleted. hope i can a reply from you. please contact me on my e mail id [protected]@gmail.com

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