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AAFMCertification Fraud

This organisation is an offshoot of a series of well known US scam organisations. It has been reported many times, for example, Professional Certification — Scam,, People can apply to be "certified" by this organisation on the assumption they will be getting some value. What applicants do not realise is that anyone that sends funds gets "certified" and this only means they receive a piece of paper and the "right" to use some initials after their name. This, and many other websites that are linked offer the same "service". The proceeds of the "services" all go to a private company in the US controlled by an individual called Mr George Mentz.
The scenario in Singapore is slightly different. Visitors to the website are informed, that American Academy of Financial Management (Singapore) is (A duly registered not-for-profit society) . Parties may wish to join the Singapore branch on the basis that it is "not for profit". However, when they register the Singaporean website is directed immediately to the US website which just happens to be the "for profit" website (s) of George Mentz. Quite clearly this is just another attempt by Mr Mentz to defraud people into joining his "certificate mill".
Perhaps the Chairperson of the Asia Board of Standards Mr Carl Thong, or some of the other Board members,, can explain how this fraudulent behaviour can be condoned.



  • Dr
    Dr. Santa Claus Aug 19, 2011

    Geoffrey Baring is the guy who was busted for diploma fraud in Hong Kong.

    Now Baring and theother criminals have been caught selling CFA certificates in China and Arabia

    What's next? Will baring and brett king sell oxford university degrees?

    The posts above are by the tas-branian criminals who were caught in the sting operation in Hong Kong. Now the phony IAFM in Maccau is banned from China, Banned from WIKI, banned from Linked In and delisted from everything.

    Yes, they are recognized by NOBODY and you can take their 3 day course from one of their speakers who has a fake australian MBA.

    In Contrast, The world knows that accredited education is best.

    As an advocate of accredited government backed programs, we urge all consumers and readers to get a real education, diploma or degree from a bone fide institution.

    As CFA and CFP are standards bodies and only offer certification and charters. CFA does not offer a degree or training of any sort.

    These guys from Australia are selling 3 day courses and giving away fake certificates such as CFA at the end of the class for free...

    After researching the hong kong business registry, we have found that these guys ( Geoff Baring and Brett King who is a webmaster with a firm called ) do not even own the IAFM trademark. Thus, they are petty counterfeitors selling stolen goods to the chinese. It seems that userstrategy Geoff Baring and brett king are using stolen websites and are now trying to cybersquat and steal money pretending to be other companies. i.e. Professional Phishing


    Veni vedi vici

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  • Dr
    Dr. Santa Claus Jul 27, 2011

    Due to the wild and ignorant gibberish above, this post surely must have been made by the known lead- counterfeiter Geoffrey Baring who prints fake certificates and diplomas in Maccau and sells them to innocent chinese victims. This man is the CEO and IAFM Governor of the phony China institute that sells fake certificates.

    What is sad is that the IAFM is recognized by nobody. Not a single group. They claim recognition from the Greek Finance Ministry, but that is really stupid if that is true.

    The press contacted several persons who claimed NOT to know that their names were used on the board of any phony IAFM ?

    In the news, it says that there is a real Academy in the US and a sloppy and fake one created a few months ago in Australia or the Philippines. The fake one (IAFM Maccau) is run by sock puppet Baring with Brett King as the puppet master. The authorities says that King has sold fake stock on many occasions and pawned phony rights to the sucker Baring and some other dope named wylie.

    Public Beware: Everyone should enroll in an accredited institution for exams and education and stay away from offshore fraud from scammers such as these hard core criminals from Australia.

    These offshore fraudsters named Geoffrey Baring and Brett King and others on this fake list are bad people who have already been caught stealing from children in asia, ripping off arabs and ripping off the chinese. Also, they have a fake shell non-profit company while stuffing their pockets with stolen cash.

    Hong Kong Chap 200 Crimes Ordinance, Section 73, anyone who knowingly used false documents with the intention of inducing somebody to accept it as genuine, "is liable for a 14 years imprisonment term". Section 76 outlines that anyone who make or possess machines that creates false documents are also liable for 14 years jail time.[19]

    Most all of the people on this phony China IAFM website list dont even know that their names are listed on a diploma countefeiting website

    This Australia group has also been banned from WIKI, LinkedIN, FINRA and delisted by the dept of labor. Oh yeah IAFM is also the first to be sacked from IIR for fraud.

    Again, everyone should earn a real education, real degree, and authentic certification and stay away from fake offshore certificates and fake diplomas from Australia.

    The Standards Enforcer

    Veni Vedi Vici

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  • Ja
    James001 May 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh George George George.

    As CEO and OWNER of the American Academy of Financial Management AAFM do you not think it is about time that you actually started telling the truth rather than the litany of lies and deceptions that have permeated your web pages and all your vile blogs. Exposed as a liar and a fraudster on all sides and now pathetically changing all your websites NOT to say “recognised by UNESCO” which they all did but to now say recognized by “UN - United Nations Civil Society Registry” but cleverly (you think) leaving the Link not to the United Nations Civil Society Registry but to UNESCO itself.

    So – is George telling the truth? Is AAFM registered with the United Nations Civil Society Registry? Well, Of Course it is. George may be an idiot but maybe not a total idiot (debatable). HOWEVER to become “registered” in the United Nations Civil Society Registry is the same as joining Facebook or Bebo. IT IS SIMPLY A CASE OF FILLING IN A PROFILE. THIS IS NO WAY WHATSOEVER SUGGESTS THAT AAFM IS IN ANY WAY “REGOGNIZED” BY THE United Nations Civil Society Registry.
    AAFM’s registration can be seen here Just type AAFM in the SEARCH

    But it gets even better. The next stage of the process is to become a Consultative organization. Has George done this for AAFM – Well of Course NOT. No way does George want UNESCO to see what he is actually doing which is using his simple registrations as a MEANS to DECEIVE people to believe that in some way the prestigious United Nations Civil Society would wish to be associated with AAFM. George knows that he cannot allow any outsider to lift the lid and have a look under the trunk of AAFM because what they will find is a catalogue of half-truths, lies and deceptions
    AAFM American Academy of Financial Management - IIPA -The Foundation for Educated America, Inc
    Profile Consultative Status Meeting Participation
    Consultative Status

    This organization is not in consultative status with ECOSOC.


    Finally given all the prestigious work that George has done for the United Nations you would have expected that he would have at least attended ONE meeting. Well Surprise Surprise – George has in fact attended NO meetings whatsoever. See link below


    Your organization has not participaetd to any meetings.

    I could destroy every single one of the organizations that George claims to be recognized by. You will notice on the AAFM website that there are very few hyperlinks to the organizations that George claims recognize AAFM. We wonder why? Could it be that George doesn’t want anyone to actually contact these organizations to ask for clarification as every time I have I have been met with blank stares and denials of any links. The only “links” or organizations that may respond in the positive are those created by George himself. A good example of this is the pathetically named Royal Society of Fellows
    Of which surprise surprise George is a member. Someone may wish to explain to George that claiming recognition from yourself doesn’t count.
    George’s claims of recognition are so pathetic he would claim to be recognised by a blind man if it meant he could deceive someone into parting with their money for a worthless piece of paper.

    If anyone needs a further laugh at the expense of AAFM and George Mentz why not have a look at the Wikipedia Entry for the American Academy of Financial Management
    Not exactly complementary towards AAFM and focuses on its expose in the Wall Street Journal. George has attempted and failed to have the entry removed. George has clearly met his match (not that that is difficult) with the Wikipedia guys who can see right through his lies and deceptions. Have a read through the discussions and talk pages and you will see the rantings of crazed individual and this is the person who heads up the American Academy of Financial Management and has links to Thomas Jefferson School of Law!!! Perhaps the public should be made aware.

    No doubt George will respond to this posting with another attempt to divert attention onto some named or unnamed individuals in Tasmania who according to a previous post spend their time biting the heads off babies. Who these people are I have no idea and I am not particularly interested although I suspect that they are probably people who have exposed George’s lies in the past.
    There is an old saying that George should do well to remember “You fight by the sword, you die by the sword”. You crossed me once too often George and your lies and deceptions will continue to be exposed should you continue to operate in the way that you do. The public need to be warned about the fake certificates from the American Academy of Financial Management AAFM, the fake “recognitions” and as already exposed in the Wall street Journal “the fake Board”.

    Lets await George’s next instalment of untruths and falsehoods. Every blog he makes is a permanent reminder to the public that you should avoid the American Academy of Financial Management like the plague.

    Bonne Nuit George.
    (that's French - George)

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  • Dr
    Dr. Santa Claus Mar 04, 2011

    Yes, its true about the guys getting caught in Hong Kong.

    Dear James the [censored],

    The news says that Your phony IAFM Australia organization was baned and delisted from FINRA for FRAUD.

    IF you read the FINRA website it states that PHONY or Fraudulent organizations outside of the USA will NOT be added to this list. Too too bad for you offshore.

    Remember, - FAKE IAFM Australia's attempts in lying to the government is a crime ... little idiot.

    Maybe you should come to the USA and talk to FINRA or the SEC yourself and explain why you are selling counterfeit CFA certificates offshore.

    Public Beware: Everyone should go to an accredited institution for exams and education and stay away from offshore fraud from scammers such as these guys from Australia.

    These offshore fraudsters named Steve Wylie and Brett King and others on this fake list are bad people who have already been caught stealing from children in asia, ripping off arabs and ripping off the chinese.

    Most all of the people on this list dont even know that their names are listed on a countefeiting website

    Sorry about your being banned from WIKI, LinkedIN, FINRA and banned by the dept of labor. Oh yeah IAFM is also the first to be fired from IIR for fraud.

    To bad that lying and offshore fraud always catches up with people like you offshore. Poor baby.

    Again, everyone should get a real education and authentic certification and stay away from fake offshore certificates and fake diplomas from Australia.

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  • St
    StopDiplomaFraud Mar 04, 2011

    Is is true that IAFM and IAPM were caught counterfeiting and selling fake diplomas to the Hong Kong University?

    Its all over the news

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  • Ja
    James001 Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh and another point George regarding AAFM's Chartered Wealth Manager CWM FINRA recognition - I suggest you actually read the FINRA website which states that:-
    "FINRA does NOT approve or endorse any professional designation. Nor does a designation’s inclusion in this database imply that FINRA considers the designation to be acceptable for use by a registered representative." Ooops - first UNESCO debunked and now FINRA. As sorry tale of deception slowly unwinding.

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  • Ja
    James001 Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks George Mentz for your continuing tirade of abuse. You just keep making a bigger and bigger fool of yourself (if that was possible) and are now accusing all Australians of stealing from babies. Absolutely brilliant. Now the world knows just what an imbecile and [censor] you are. George - have you ever wondered why you received so much bad publicity. Could it possibly be becasue it is you that has posted defamatory and illegal material all over the web. Is it because you make false and bogus claims about recognition - the UNESCO recognition (see above) is such a joke. Your counterparts Stepehen Polak, Cornel Collins, Professor William Byrnes and Professor Carl Thong must squirm when they see the bile and falsehoods that you perpetuate in their names. Please continue with you abuse as every article further damages you, your colleagues reputations and more importantly the reputation of your certificate mill the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)

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  • Dr
    Dr. Santa Claus Feb 22, 2011

    Idiot Idiot Idiot.

    The ABOVE colossal idiot named John Tho must be from Taz-brainia or other nation exclusive to [censor]s.
    These fraudsters from Australia are demanding even more attention to their counterfeiting operation offshore. We hope they are caught by the authorities. See the phony websites and companies and And yes, They title themselves Governors.

    Everyone knows that Certifications Bodies in mature nations in Europe and USA grant sanction and accreditation to education providers and do not seek or receive accreditation . As a matter of fact, most certification bodies do not offer Training such as the: CFA Institute PMI Project Management Institute or CFP Board. CFA CFP and others ony recognize accredited government recognized business schools via articulation. Thus, the above James Tho apparently knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about financial standards world. There are some lesser certificate programs seek accreditation such as trade schools for truck driving etc.

    Thus, this clown, James Tho, must either be stupid or have zero exposure to international academic rules. Or, maybe Jim Tho or James Thomas is the guys who are printing and selling counterfeit certificates?
    Yes, the above post looks like it was either Steve Wylie and Geoff Baring who advertize themselves as Professors from the unrecognized company in Australia called the IAFM and IAPM.

    A few people have purchased fake certificates from IQPC after taking a 3 day class and then were shipped a piece of paper that said certificate or diploma on it from somewhere in Asia or Australia. Now they want their money back from this SCAM and diploma mill operation from Australia and the Philippines.

    After being ripped off by IQPC International Quality and Productivity Center and the "so called" Asian IAPM international Academy of Project Management customers now find that these certificates are fake and not recognized in Asia, Arabia or US. People are losing their jobs for having these counterfeits.

    I just went to the websites for the US Dept of Labor, The FINRA and the United Nations and found the authentic company from the USA but did not find anything about the fake offshore group that John THo works for ? Hmmmm

    I contacted the US Government to get the truth and they verified that the US Company has been in operation for over a decade and all persons should beware of offshore counterfeiting by criminals in Australia or Philippines.

    The cybercrime warnings all over the web say that these guys from Australia were fired from INFOEMA and IIR and started a phony group in Australia printing and selling counterfeits. If you have lost money or been fired from a job for having a fake Australian diploma from these pirates, you should contact criminal authorities or lawyers in the Asia, USA or Europe to report the imposters. Some people think that certificate-diplomas are regulated in Australia and the Philippines, but apparently anyone from Australia can sell them like candy to innocent children and steal money. A diploma in Australia is something like a getting a 3-day "training certificate" and these cheap training certificates are worthless. I should know because I got one of these fakes with the name Baring and Wylie on it and it cost me money and almost my job.

    After digging deeper, it appears that phony IAFM and IAPM from Australia were caught with their pants down, reported, and indicted for selling counterfeit certificates to Chinese students and also to Arab students.
    Bogus counterfeiters and criminals such as IAPM and IAFM are not recognized by ANYONE. Not even in Australia.

    IAFM and IAPM caught counterfeiting which is a crime. The Fake certificates that were turned over to the authorities had the name of IAFM, Brett King and Steve Wylie signed on them. As such, They should return the money to their Chinese victims.

    The imbecile above, James Tho, also uses the fake internet alias names of: Brett King Geoff Baring Steve Wylie, Hu Jin Tow, Muhammad Jenzabob, AsianLawyer, Richard Snoots, Hilton Symes and many others.
    Various news sources state that scammers and phony IAFM and IAPM from Australia were: banned and delisted from WIKI, Banned from The Wall Street Journal, IAFM was banned from being listed with the FINRA for FRAUD, and IAFM was reported and Banned from the US Dept of Labor and these offshore IAFM counterfeiters were also recently kicked out of and banned from after being exposed as frauds and counterfeiters.

    OMG, these guys with the IAFM Australia must be the first idiots to ever be kicked out of a LinkedIn group for Fraud ?

    If you dont believe me, call the FINRA, Call LinkedIN, Call the Accreditation Council for Business Schools, or Call anyone with the Chinese or US Government to see for yourself. They will all say that the group from Australia and the Philippines is a Fraud, a Knockoff, and a FAKE counterfeiting and Piracy certificate MILL

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  • Ja
    James001 Feb 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just wrote to UNESCO and CHEA to ascertain the truth. I received teh following email that confirms that the AAFM claims of UNESCO and CHEA recognition are, like all the claims on the AAFM website, utter nonsense, BOGUS and fraudulent.
    Dear James,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    None of the information we have indicates that either the American Academy of Financial Management, or the European Academy of Financial Managemnet is accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by either the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the United States Department of Education (USDE).

    Please feel free to utilize the CHEA website and database at: to research institutions that have accreditors that have been recognized either by CHEA or the U.S. Department of Education.

    In addition, please feel free to review the CHEA informational brochure entitled "Ask Before You Decide, "

    1. Although the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have worked together in the past on joint projects and will continue to do, CHEA and UNESCO are entirely separate organizations.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



    Jean Franklin

    Office Administrator

    Council for Higher Education Accreditation

    One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 510

    Washington, DC [protected]

    p. 202.955.6126

    f. 202.955.6129

    mailto:[email protected]

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  • Ja
    James001 Feb 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For those of you who do not know Dr Santa Clause is probably George Mentz the owner of the scam websites called American Academy of Financial Management.
    The American Academy of Financial Management is a con and was exposed in the Wall Street Journal

    AAFM American Academy of Financial Management claims recognition by UNESCO. As most intelligent people know (and I do not include George Mentz in this category) UNESCO is an intergovernmental body. It does not have the mandate to accredit nor to recognise higher education institutions, programmes, diplomas or accrediting agencies.

    Conversely UNESCO posts a WARNING on its website regarding BOGUS institutions like the American Academy of Financial Management making it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is BOGUS

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  • Dr
    Dr. Santa Claus Jan 02, 2011

    These phony posts are by fraudsters and counterfeiters named Brett King and Steve Wylie. Brett King AKA Investigator and Steve Wylie is AKA John Thomas blogger. They were caught counterfeiting in Asia and Arabia and banned for various criminal activities. Now they are hiding out somewhere in Asia and want to cover their tracks.
    Only an idiot would claim that their certificates from the philippines are legal and US Certifications are not.

    Of course, Brett king “Investigator” and Steve Wylie “John Thomas, can offer 3 day quickie courses in Australia for $4000 dollars, and then they sell you a genuine FAKE and Counterfeit certificate . These guys are 21st century Pirates RRRRRRRRR Me Mate….

    Brett Andrew King and Steve Wylie were caught stealing and selling counterfeit diplomas and certificates to the Chinese and Arabs. They were kicked out of Dubai and China after their certificate and diploma mill fraud was exposed. A quick search reveals the public alert: IAFM IAPM Fraud Alert

    Brett King and Steve Wylie have Phony PHISHING websites that are pirating BOGUS degrees, credentials and diplomas. Some Websites were stolen by Webmaster and Owner Brett King . King and Wylie were also caught with fake academic certificates that they were trying to sell in Asia, Middle East and China. After they were busted, they have become professional bloggers probably hiding out in asia?

    Now Brett King and Steve Wylie run fake websites from Asia using the names IAFM and IAPM and are selling counterfeit diplomas and phony certificates with the help of the IQPC International Quality and Productivity Center in the United Arab Emirates and Sooner or later, all of the people who are sold the fake counterfeit certificates and diplomas by IQPC or other duped groups will demand their money back from King, Wylie and IQPC.

    It appears that Mr. King desperately wants a relationship with any school, and King’s FAKE ASIA website still fraudulently claims a relationship with the greek minster of defense and boasts of recognition from various US authorities which is a JOKE. Just checked the ANSI and the NOCA and these guys are NOT even paying members.

    The IAFM and IAPM websites are loaded with stupid & fake claims, fake alliances and phony people. See the fake partners. BIFM INDIA IS FAKE, IAFM alliance with Royal Society IS FAKE, IAFM Latin America is FAKE, IAFM claims a relationship with Pervasive in New York which is totally is Phony, and their law school claim is A COMPLETE FRAUD. See the fake IAFM International Academy of Financial Management Claims

    The whole freaking IAFM and IAPM website is a giant cybercrime PHISHING Expedition, Hijack and Rip-off from a US Company? Hmmmmm?

    Guess what, they sell for cash various multiple designations that belong to US companies such as "Certificate Financial Analyst. Which is a big fraud

    Also, the spurious company history of IAFM is totally BOGUS See: :mrgreen: IAFM and IAPM claim to be an American company that mysteriously changed their name and by some act of genius, moved offshore to Australia and the Philippines . Out of convenience, IAFM offers diplomas, degrees and all sorts of counterfeit certificates: About 100 certificates and diplomas are sold and available from their IAFM and IAPM offices in Australia and the Philippines. You name it, they will SELL it for cash. You can even probably get a CFA, CFP, CPA or PHD from them. Call IAFM and IAPM now to get your bogus certificates signed by, thats right: Brett King and Steve Wylie or Geoff Baring

    It gets better, see their PHONY board of governors Professor Governor Brett King and Professor Governor Steve Wylie Sounds Prestigious  Oh yeah, here are other governors
    Most of these people have never heard of Brett King or Steve Wylie ; however, I love the photos of the so called governors? Must have copied the pics from stock images? One pic looks like a famous soccor player.

    Just look at the counterfeit documents that they were caught selling to innocent Chinese students that had the signatures of Wylie and King on them.
    The whole offshore counterfeiting thing makes me sick.

    Happy Holidays.
    Sincerely, Compliance Legal Dingo

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  • Jo
    John J Thomas Feb 12, 2010

    Just warm from the US Complaints Board Website: Professional Certification — Scam

    "I received a certificate from Mr. George and applied for a visa based on this certificate. My employer checked with the US authorities and they did not recognize Mr. George or AAFM and as a result I lost my job. I think he is a fraud of the biggest kind in this world.

    When I asked for my money back he did not want to know my email!!"

    Another question that Mr Thong may like to answer or is it too difficult given the financial arrangements between Mr Thong's own private company and the AAFM "not for profit "

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