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Aaa Road Service review: No service

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1:26 am EDT
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I have the AAA plus RV Gold membership for Road Service. I updated the policy after informing AAA how disatisfied I was with their 5 mile tow service costing $75 for the policy and $18 registration fee and an additional $ 85 for the tow. I broke down approximately 11 miles from home. (Antifreeze leaking profusely from the engine area). Apparently unlucky for me, I was near a radiator shop and they confirmed my suspicions. I called AAA and informed the rep that I needed a tow from that location to my home. The rep called the shop and verified the problem and informed me to get it fixed there and there would be no tow. It was not an emergency. Damage estimate of approx. $850 plus. I told the rep that I could not afford an $850 dollar repair bill at this time and I wanted the vehicle towed to my home. I was informed that apparently I didn't read the fine print in my policy regarding towing, repairs, costs in relation to the value of the vehicle etc. My new policy was mailed out April 5, 2011. Her supervisor was also as adamant about the non emergency road service. No Tow, No Service, No Recourse but they, AAA have my money and I'm paid in full Thru April 2012. DON'T BUY AAA

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Jan 25, 2013 10:17 pm EST
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1. I got my battery change month ago.
2. few weeks ago, my can won't start. I call AAA service. the service man clean the battery and got it start. he asked me to call AAA to get free service to check my battery and replaced new terminal next day.
3. I called AAA in following day, finally they transferred me to the battery department, I waited for one hour no one answer the phone. I leaved message and phone number.
4. no one called me in the past two weeks.
5. I called 5 times today. it will long story how they took excuse for answering my service.
6. finally one agent connected me to the contract company; I am tried to negotiate with them . I get settled with them to change $36.xx for changing terminal and check my battery. I have to call AAA again to dispatch the service.
7. the mechanic person came to change one terminal, then asked me to pay him double price which is $ 72.xx to change the second battery terminal. I had argument with him, he ran away.
8. I called AAA for another 3 times, No one call back yet.
9. I already take the picture of the battery. I will put this in court for sure. I will load it here when I get change to extract it from my cell phone.

Feb 06, 2013 3:00 am EST
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You can save money and change your own terminal(s). They cost just a few bucks each and takes two minutes to replace.

Apr 26, 2011 2:59 am EDT
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I have the same level of service that you do. My car was towed three times this week and I have not been billed any additional charges. One tow driver even did not ask me for AAA identification or my signature. I hope you get your complaint resolved by AAA.