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Order #31462. This review was posted on, but was taken off probably owing to exposing them and bribery.

I paid $117 for magnus pharmaceuticals 10mg oxandrolone 100 tablets. I conducted a colorimetrics test and results were a conclusive methandrostenolone as shown in the images. Considering magnus is disreputable and a-steroidshop vouches their products and possibly colludes with them, urgent rectifications are required. I purchased oxandrolone for health improvements, but I have been provided a steroid that is toxic and detrimental to my health. Below is an email from Alex with assurances.

'All our products are of high quality and effective as we work directly with suppliers of globally renowned brands. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts about my claims, you are welcome to verify them by submitting the purchased product to a reputable laboratory, which will confirm that the item you bought is indeed of high quality.

Best regards,


Additionally, I would like to add to my previous message that we are an official supplier of the Magnus brand, which you have purchased from us.'

Recommendation: Avoid as they sell non-genuine products and it appears they have bribed to remove my exposure of them

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