7-Elevenvery bad customer service and management

Da Oct 05, 2019

This place is poorly ran! I normally stop in in the evening and sometimes mornings. The store owner of this place is very unprofessional. He has employees there that are awful and still keeps them around even after several complaints! One in specific is named Henrietta. I've been coming to this store for a long time now to buy my marlboro cigarettes and to take advantage of the 2 pack special with my rewards app. First when I came into the store it was very dirty! The woman behind the counter dropped food on the floor and put it back into the hotcase! I actually wanted to buy some food but after seeing that no way! So I went to the other hotcase where they appeard to have some warmed up subs that were pre wrapped I reach in to grab it was very hard no telling how long it had sat in there like that! I tried to ask her how long that sandwitch had been there and she ignored me, she stood there on her phone instead of acknowledging me. When I came to the counter this woman very slowly took care of me. She acted like she had an attitude from the very beginning! She rings up my cigarettes and ignores me when I tell her I wanted to punch in my number for the rewards. Then after the transaction had gone through she told me it was too late and that it was my OWN fault for not putting in my number! She didnt even give me the chance! This isn't the first time I have had and many other customers have had with this person in general. The store owner doesn't care when told about her. I will drive out of my way to avoid this place if I see her through the window. She deserves to have her food handlers license taken away! The only time I will bring my business there is if the little blonde girl is there, she is ACTUALLY good and has good customer service and keeps store clean. Id like her to be recognized I just cant remember her name. She works mornings.

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