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Went here @ 1:30AM to find the door locked, it's a 24/7 location. There were a couple other customers that pulled in about the same time. After about a minute +/- the cashier casually walked around & unlocked the door. He had a very arrogant, snooty, & abrasive attitude that could be felt as soon as I walked in. I refilled my cup w/ ice only & went to check out. He charged me more for a refilled cup of ice than a new cup of soda. I told him that it was just a refill & he snapped, "We charge for that." Ok, I understand being charged, however, I was being charged $1.07 for an $.89 cent new cup. I know it's just pennies here but my point is the attitude & overall rude & asinine service that came w/ the experience. He gave me change back & I asked if he could break a bill that he just handed me as I needed a couple smaller bills (2 $5's instead of a $10) at which point he snapped again that "I dont make change." I was taken back at just how rude he really was being & I took my cup and said, "Wow, Ok." As I turned to walk away. He then said to me, "Excuse me! What did you say to me?" Like he was taking something personal & wanting to make a bigger deal out of something. I decided to just hold my tongue & keep walking out and take my frustration out here instead of on his ill-mannered, ignorant, & disrespectful attitude. I will never go back there again. Sorry this is so long.


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      May 21, 2019

    I believe you. I recommend that you download the 7-Eleven app from iTunes or Google Play if you have a smartphone. When you leave the store a little icon will ask you to please share your customer service experience at that location. Corporate want to catch those rude employees off guard.

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