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1 Jan 30, 2019 Review updated:

Hi I really hope this message is not taken lightly. I have gone to this particular 7-11 for 5 years now and after tonight I will never go again. My girlfriend and I were grabbing some waters when one of my 3 bottles feel and knocked off an "on sale!" Sign. Neither myself, or my girlfriend notice. We picked up my water and walked to the front when we were both verbally insulted and attacked for not noticing the sign and picking it up. These four women then continued to shout at my girlfriend and one when I asked to calm down followed us outside the store. Since these were women I didn't want to get into an altercation, we left. I have never in my life experienced anything like this and you can be sure I will never walk into another 7-11 again until the worker who followed us fired. I love your company but the fact that employees of this ignorance work there, is an issue, and I ask you politely to take action.

Many thanks


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    BEnchboy Jan 30, 2019

    Why should the worker be fired because you knocked over their sign. Next time be more careful. Bet you did not even apologize. Then again we cannot really blame you for not apologizing when you are wrong. Mommy never taught you any manners.

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  • Mrs Bean Jan 30, 2019

    if you told us one of your three water bottles toppled over and felled the sign then you DID realize!

    tell the truth. you won't have to remember anything.

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