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I ordered running boards for my new truck over the phone and told the agent that my truck is extended cab. In an effort to help the agent locate this, he asked for a part number. I looked at web site and gave him a part number which turned out to be for a crew cab. After receipt of the boards, I realized, they shipped the wrong boards. They shipped new boards to me but now expect me to pay for return shipping and a 20% restocking fees. They should share in the responsibility but have refused. I do a lot of business online and have never experienced this. This is the last time I will ever do business with this company and I will make sure I to tell my network of friends to go elsewhere - I later found the same boards for $30 less else where and of course they would not match that either.


  • Tt
    TT in Chile Jun 11, 2014

    4wheelonline stole from me!!!
    I purchased a pre-runner from them and it was warped when I received it. I did not notice it until I had already installed it. It took pictures and sent them to 4wheelonline. Not only was I told that it's not their problem, but I am stuck with the defective part now too. Beside that Matt the customer service manager was extremely rude to me. Talking over me in a really aggressive manner then he got frustrated with my questions and hung up on me. I was told since I mounted the pre-runner they could no longer accept it back. I should have read the return policy before installing the new item I bought from them. My fault here is not in my failure of not reading their return policy but in assuming the part I was receiving from them was in pristine condition as advertised. I plan on sharing this information on all possible sites so that others don't fall victims to there online scam.
    I have been mistreated as a customer and have been stolen from. Do not buy anything from 4wheelonline just cause they are cheaper. You get what you pay for and even worse is the customer service.

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  • Ro
    Roundel May 29, 2013

    I'm glad that I checked this page, as well as the BBB page, before ordering from these guys. I've had bad luck ordering from companies based in Florida over the years, so I wanted to be careful. There's no way I'll be ordering from these guys. It looks like an aggravation waiting to happen. Thanks for the alert, internet folks.

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  • Ma
    Matt4444 Apr 06, 2013

    Poor order accuracy. Poor customer service. There staff is clueless. I asked for some specific information about shocks for my jeep and it' s current lift. The guy read me what was written on the package. I actually laughed from disbelief. I did my homework and ordered some shocks. They sent me the wrong ones. Their policy states that I would get a full refund or a replacement. I opted for the replacement. Guess what... They billed me again, never sent an MRA #, and then sent the wrong shocks. You would think they could get it right the 2nd time. 3 out of 5 orders they messed up on. Billing me extra and making it difficult to return the product. Great prices and an easy site to navigate, but beware. You will end up dissatisfied. I get human error, but they have no care in how they put you behind schedule or inconvenience you.

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  • 4w
    4 Wheel Online is RUDE Mar 30, 2011

    4 Wheel Online has such rude customer service. Both guys I spoke with sounded like they could care less about my issue, and were condescending. I ordered tires for my husband WEEKS ago, and never recieved a confirmation. I had tried to call several times, but got frustrated waiting over 10 minutes. I finally got through today, only to be greeting by a rude man. There was no formal greeting, he might as well have answered the phone "What do you want?" He was supposed to find out what was going on and e-mail me, but he never did. I called back and there was no record of the conversation, and the new guy I spoke with was just as rude. He said that the tires were going to ship tomorrow. When I asked why I was never made aware of the long back-order, he just shrugged it off. I told him that I would take my business elsewhere, and he said "um, pffft." Terrible.

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  • Lc
    LC. Jul 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst company I've ever dealt with. All I'm trying to do is upgrade my order to expedited shipping. I placed the order around 10AM and have since then been trying to call the company to talk to them about shipping since an expedited shipping option is not available on their website. One guy told me to call back at two. I literally called back over and over for an hour before I got someone else who said they needed to look up rates and that they'd call me back. An hour and a half later with no callback, my phone now says I've been on hold for 22 minutes as I'm trying to reach them again. I cannot believe this.

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  • Sp
    sportsmannoplow Jan 18, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I couldn't agree more. Come on 4weelonline, spend a couple of dollars and upgrade your website so that customers can see if the item is in stock when they order and what the shipment status is on each item! I actually felt bad for thier operator today because it is obvious that his job is hell. My experience with 4wheelonline.com involved buying a plow for my quad. I purchased 2 items on December 21, 2009. One item was a combination plow and push bars and the other was the mounting kit for my Polaris quad. It was right before Christmas, so I wasn't really expecting to get the plow till the first week of January. To my surprise, The plow arrived on December 23rd. I had to sign for it right then. When I opened the box, I found that it was only the plow. No push bars or mounting kit. I checked the website and it only indicated that my order was shipped and that it had been received. At this point I started to be concerned, but figured it Christmas, so some of it might just be in other deliveries. On December 28th the push bars arrived (via a different carrier) leaving me with everything but the mounting kit. (Strangely enough, I didn't have to sign for the second delivery, just the first.)
    I wrote an e-mail to 4wheeldrive.com to find out the status and the only response was "call us". Only when I called did I found out that my mounting kit was on back-order and was that way from day one. They were expecting the mounting kit on January 12th and they would ship it to me then. Well it is now the 18th and still nothing. So I called again and wanted a return on the stuff that came only to find out that I would have to pay for shipping back to them as well as pay a re-stocking fee with the return.
    In this day and age, not to show what is in stock and out of stock on a website is shameful. Instead, they keep their customers in the dark about their order and them hit them with shipping charges and re-stocking fees when they don't have what you ordered. THAT IS DEFINITLY MY LAST PURCHASE ON 4wheelonline.com.

    P.S. I am still waiting for the mounting kit, I guess it will be here sometime in the spring. The good side is that my plow is really nice and clean since it never goes outside! Moral of the story: If you are thinking about using them to buy something, DON'T'!

    Bill L.

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  • Th
    TheTruthtellsall Dec 09, 2009

    These guys do this to everyone there main concern is to make money, if your a happy customer thats by mistake. They false advertise by the dozens. Just like call us for a better deal. Half the time they dont do anything for you its just to get you to call. and like a sucker since your on the phone your gonna place the order since you took the time to call. Also there accountant Keegan charges customer first without sending your products out. Thats illegal and they must refund your money. If you call your credit card company they will back that up. Sharon is also involved in this scam along with Ryan and Griffen and Bob. They should all be investigated for Unlawful business practices. If there is a lawyer that would like to take the case just simply reply to this comment and i will contact you. As I am just a Ghost until the storm.

    4 Wheel online is a Malicious Company that has been breaking the law for years. They False advertise all the time, for instance the Free Gas Card promotion... They never purchased one gas card in there history of that promotion, they simply lie and state there all out of Gas cards and they credit you back the amount promoted when ever they get around to it. Thats only if there pill popping accountant is capable of doing so. Not to mention there lack of Professionalism. Bob Heath the owner and ryan heath co owner thinks they can just speak to anyone however they want. That's from Customers to employees to Vendors. They should be sued for Harassment, Racism and discrimination to women. Do yourself a favor and never buy anything from them, they run several web sites out of the same dinky hell hole, Petstreetmall.com americanoutdoor.com, petproducts4less, and all the automotive 4 less web sites as well. They even have there slimy hands in powerpluslevelers.com. I wish the company would be shut down and the pervert of an Owner BOB HEATH be locked up.

    A Very Informed Customer

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  • Th
    The All Seen Eye Sep 08, 2009

    I Agree However No Matter how pleasant the service is, the Rep is only as good as there Company Owner or Owners. Alot of online Companys are there for the bottom dollar. Its ashame when You State you have a knowledgable staff like 4WO 4 wheelonline. And the staff is green under the gills. They have no idea whats what. Thats false advertisement. Just to make us feel more comfortable to purchase there goods. Not to Mention the charge before the goods are ever shipped let alone in my expierence ever ordered. They just sat on the order let all our money generate interest in the bank so they can then ask you for more money for shipping. No Hidden fees on the site. They ask you on the phone. Paperless trail i guess.

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  • On
    oneshotred Jul 02, 2009

    I have had a bad experience with them as well.. I shopped around for a good price on some tires and found them on their website. I added them to their shopping cart. It showed something like $36.00 shipping. Well for some reason i called them to ask some questions. The rep i got seemed to hate his job and was giving an impression of how crappy the company web site was. I inquired on several items. There were some items listed on the site that they did not even sell. During the conversation he also advised me that it was something like $96.00 shipping.?? Well i did not have a huge problem with that they were big tires. I also told the guy about some rims that i wanted. He showed me some that were like the ones I wanted. Well i got them. BUT--- he told me there was FREE mounting and balancing--" they do it at the wearhouse"... well that sounds great to me!!! The tires showed up and they were not mounted. To start with, I did not get any email reciept until after i made a complaint, I got the runaround from several phone guys... then i got "Arturo" after 3 tries to get just him. He told me that I got my product that there was nothing he could do and that they charge $50.00 for mounting and balancing.. Well lets see... $50.oo for them to do it or $100.00 for me to do it locally. I am not stupid and I dont like to waste money. I would have let them do it if I was told about it. BUT I was not. I was told that it was FREE... I was LIED to!!! OH yeah... is it a coincidence that someone tried to steal $50.00 off my card???? I dont know but it sounds fishy to me after reading other complaints...

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  • Je
    Jeff Miller May 29, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same problem, I orderd a Diablo programmer and received it on ( May 6th 2009) but they sent me the wrong one. I call and told to fill out the return form on there website. I sent it back they received it on (May 11th 2009) they tried to charge my account for a second one, but i only keep enough money in that account to cover what i order .After a couple of days i called back to check on my order and was told that because the second charge was denied it woult take seven to ten days to process . I asked how long it would take to just refund my money, and was told two or three days .That was over two weeks ago and after several calls istill do not have my refund .( May 29th 2009 )

    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    john tork Apr 23, 2009

    These guys are terrible...No communication of tracking numbers and reps are downright RUDE!

    It's almost like they don't want your business..Scammers once they have your credit card information beware everyone, this is a great example of cheaper price doesn't mean better service "if you ever do receive a product that is!

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  • Ti
    Tim Lockwood Jan 30, 2009

    I can't aggree more with what the following poster stated about their customer service. Here is what just happend to me.

    I purchased a warn winch almost a week ago (Janury 27th 2009) from 4 wheel online and then I received an email from the credit manager Sharon Burkhart from 4wheelonline.com complaining to me on how they can not confirm my physical address to ship it to. She then stated in an email, "after nine calls and as many reps" she finally got to talk to the right person at wells fargo about my physical address associated with the card and the order would ship soon.

    So I went online to do some banking and I noticed three charges for $1587.59 making it a total of $4762.77. There were two extra charges that I never placed. So I immediately called the phone number listed on 4wheelonline.com website and told a sales rep named Albert of the two extra charges that they made by mistake and I then told him that he needed to have them removed immediatley because it was going to overdraft my account. He then responded, "no one is here right now to help you. They are at lunch." I then asked when they would be back and Albert then said in an almost hostile tone, "They'll be back when they get back." Now, I have my own business and I never would talk to a client this way especially if we charged their account three times for something that they only ordered once. So I said to cancel the original order and cancel the entire thing.

    I called back a couple hours later because I never received a confirmation email of the ordner being cancelled and I needed them to refund the two extra charges that were wrongfully charged on my account due to the incompetence of the employees at 4wheelonline.com. I asked for a manager and I got to speak to Arturo. Arturo said that everything has been cancelled and the pending charges would fall off of the account in a day.

    So the next day I checked online again and sure enough three charges of $1587.59 were still on there. So I again called 4wheelonline.com and asked for Arturo and he then acted almost irritated to hear from me again. He then said that it wasn't their problem since they don't have the money and it only takes "the push of a button" for Wells Fargo to reverse the charges. So I then called Wells Fargo and spoke with a manager. She assured me that it was the fault of 4wheelonline.com and to call them because they had not refunded anything to my account.

    So I again called 4wheelonline.com back and asked for Arturo and demanded that they take care of the problem because they are going to cause me an overdraft fee because of the two extra charges that they charged me by mistake. Arturo then stated, "well, you should watch your account better." I immediately responded stating that there would not be a problem with my account if their employees didn't keep running my card for multiple fradulant charges. He then said to give it another day.

    So again I gave it another day and sure enough the charges are still on my account and 4wheelonline.com has not refunded anything. I since have called and am told the Arturo the manager and Sharon Burkhart the credit manager are at lunch. Even if I call in the mornin or before closing they seem to be always at lunch. I have also sent a number of emails to both of the manager with no response. So long storey short I am still out of $4762.77 thanks to 4wheelonline.com.

    My advice to any of you wanting to purchase anything from 4wheelonline.com is don't get caught in the trap that I did and order elsewhere.

    Tim Lockwood

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