400 Series Aquasurge Dishwasher4000 series AquaSurge dishwasher

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We purchased the 4000 series of the AquaSurge dishwasher in January of 2009. It has never gotten my dishes on the top row clean without leaving food residue and that is with using a rinse agent. Additionally, it now leaks under door so much so the last time it leaked it was like a water fall. We had a service repairman out and couldn't find the leak. Said I should use granuales instead of liquid detergent (which is bogus.) Anyway, used granuals, leaked so much it ran across the entire floor and continued to the entire cycle. Very very disappointed with Frigidaire (electrolux). Sold as top of the line whereas we have always had GE and never had issues arise this early in a purchase.
Additionally, we have the side by side fridge and freezer (single door on both) and are having the inside of the doors replaced already due to condensation and ice forming inside the freezer door. We are very upset that these items could be sold to us with the fact that that repair was going to need to be made. The items are on backorder so I know very well the problem was evident before we purchased the appliance.

Not happy at all with our Frigidaire appliances and especially for the amount of money we spent on them!!!


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      Nov 12, 2011

    Very disappointed in electrolux aquasurge 4000 by frigidaire. Thought we were purchasing a solid middle of the road dishwashed but it is a piece of junk. Highly recommend complete avoidance.

    Very similar issues with overall lack of cleaning power. Constant rewashing by hand as top rack does not get clean. Motor has now died completely (apparently). Spent hours replacing motor kit and still did not work. Replacement motor kit does not come with replacement electric wiring (?) so its hard to fix.

    Honestly who makes a disposable dishwasher - Frigidaire electrolux aquasurge 4000 with speed clean. Awful.

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