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My experiences with 3XP Web Solutions were the same as Gena's and Scott's, though the amount of money that I lost was less. My father is very upset with this company and primarily the owner. From my "discussions" with the owner and other employees and what they do to people, they likely all have criminal records because these kinds of people are not just created overnight. He said that he could have looked up the owner Garette L Craig's criminal history. However, it was much easier just to consult the superior court's public Internet records, in light of the fact that Garette Lamar Craig was found guilty of manslaughter. That he is also guilty of who knows how many counts of Internet fraud is perhaps only a small part of this man's story.

see the court case here:


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    Karla Brown Jul 07, 2012
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    You were not defending yourself. YOU WERE WAITING FOR HIM. It was not self defense it was murder and you dare to quote Martin Luther King. You aimed a gun at a man that had no weapon and was standing nowhere near you; He was defenseless against a bullet. You are a liar and a murderer and according to the victims complaints a sociopath so this message will have no effect on you. I heard your mother was killed by a drunk driver when you were four years old; you should have learned the value of life. you had no right to take another's life and what they say happened in the court case is NOT what really happened. your final sentencing will come on judgement day.

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  • Us
    user2067321 Sep 02, 2019

    @Karla Brown How would you know that much info about him 🤣🤣 do you stalk?

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  • Ma
    Marzip1 Aug 22, 2011

    I am so thankful to all of you people for I was going to join this program this week!! Thank you all ever so much for this information.

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    tdgglobal Mar 08, 2011
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    Call your credit card companies! Write a letter giving them as much information as possible.

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    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011
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    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- [protected] Ext 410 or [protected] Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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    Trying To Help Out Jul 30, 2010

    If anyone feels like talking with Garrette offline or calling his home, you can reach him at [protected] or you can visit him at his last known address, which is 1807 South 234th Lane in Buckeye, AZ 85326. Not sure if it helps, but may be able to get some questions answered. By the way, this is public information and should be viewed as such. It is the latest known information. It may not be accurate, but it's worth a shot.

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    LawyerNewYorkCity Dec 29, 2009

    I am a fairly, well known lawyer living in the New York city area and have been contacted from someone who states they were treated unfairly by 3XP Web Solutions, 3XP Web or 3XPWeb.com. After reading the complaint by Michael Burnett above, I'm taking it upon myself to directly contact him and do everything in my power to get him on the evening news to share his fully detailed, fact based and heart felt story about this company.

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    Client to 3XP Web Solutions Dec 29, 2009

    !!YOU NEED TO READ THIS!! Started with 3XP Web in February of 2009.

    I've owned my domain name since 2006. At the end of 2009, which good success, I decided to switch hosting companies as 3XP Web had the answer of selling much more products from Doba (who I've used since 2006) in an easier manner as I do it on my own. I bought 3XP Web's largest store (about $2000) for the maximum amount of products. I then decided to get a custom logo and custom website design. And all the problems started from the beginning. Their "coach" called me on the phone. Since I've been selling online for 4 years now, it only took me about a day to learn the entire manager system on my own. I purposely asked my "coach" simple questions regarding some features in my manager system. She couldn't answer one question and kept saying, e-mail [email protected] I've e-mailed [email protected] many times and NEVER received an e-mail back. Instead, all she could do and did do was try to sell me one of their advertising campaigns which was heavily overpriced as I use other companies (remember, I've been selling products with Doba for 4 years. I have a lot of experience with advertising and how to get your name out there).

    When I first signed up, I was told by Ian (sales guy), that they would create a custom looking website as I showed him a website I wanted them to make it look like. I told him if I was going to give them $2500 for a custom designed website I wanted it to look like the websites I showed him. He agreed and said, "If that's what you want, you got it! It's your store, it's your money!" He said it was doable and that excited me! He also told me there would be no problems creating as many categories as I needed to have a well, categorized shopping site, which is very very important for shoppers to find what they're looking for, fast. (I must have talked to him on the phone for 3 hours. No lie. I actually enjoyed the conversation) So I paid $2500 for the custom design work, plus about $300 for a custom logo and $2000 for a store with 10's of thousands of products.

    Before I get started about the "custom" designs, I'm going to explain the categorization of my products. Throughout th entire design process, I spent a good 7-10 hours per day categorizing my entire site. This was the first, hardest thing I had to do. Because I had to create a decent amount of categories (as any other one of my competitors), my site loads very slowly while browsing through my products. Almost not even worth waiting for the load times to shop on. 3XP Web told me to not have as many categories. I told them the ONLY way for a customer to find what they're looking for, is to have your products well categorized (I've been doing this for 4 years, I know). They had nothing to say to me and it made me realize that 3WP Web has NO IDEA whatsoever about running a successful, online, e-commerce business. Even when I would talk to different people from 3XP Web, in the beginning, they would always ask me a ton of questions because they knew how smart I was at what I was doing and what I accomplished before I switched to their company and that they owned their own online store through 3XP Web also and each person wanted as much advice from me as possible. It started to get a little pathetic. One girl I spoke to on the phone ask me how I knew so much about running an online store. I didn't really tell her too much as I'm not going to give all of my secrets away. I decided to tell her what Ian and i had talked about and what my expectations were from them with my design as Ian (the sales guys had told me it could be done) and she stated nothing he told could be done. This girl and I continued to talk for a bit, but then her manager walked into the room and she immediately say she had to go and hung up the phone.

    Now I'll start talking about the design. Lets start with the logo. They created me a "custom" logo that looked like a sixth grader had made. I then went on my Macromedia Flash Program ($1500 program to create flash, custom design work, pictures, ect.) and made similar looking logos in less than 10 minutes. I e-mailed them the logos that I had made and told them that if they weren't going to take my design work seriously, that I wanted a new designer or to let an actual professional website design company to come into the ball game and design a site for me on their server and keep 3XP Web's other service with Doba products. 3XP Web refused immediately. I even stated they could just keep the $2500 for the design work I paid (I have a lot of money) and let the other company step in and do some real work. At this time I realized, if they put little or no effort into my logo, what is my actual "custom "site going to look like?

    After I told them the site I wanted them to make mine look like (As Ian the sale guy sid it could be done), they stated it couldn't be done (Ian the sales guy said it could??). Anyways, they started designing my site (remember, I paid $2500 for it). It took close to a month to create the first draft of my "custom" website. It looked exactly as their regular templates. They put seriously no effort into it. There was nothing custom about it. WOW, 3XP Web changed some colors!! GREAT WORK (I felt completely dissapointed)! I then called other, well known design companies and as I spoke to several different ones on the phone (some of the same ones I wanted to let 3XP Web come in and do the design for me), I would e-mail them the "custom" design that 3XP Web had made for me. Each time, the different design company would beg me to give them anywhere from $500-$1000 to let them design the site for me as each one of them stated the "custom" design work 3XP Web had done for me was worth, maybe $100 and I got ripped off really bad. Of course, 3XP Web totally refused an actual, professional company to step in and take over my design for whatever reasons (I know, I've repeated myself). Seriously, the only thing 3XP Web had done was changed the colors around. It still looked like one of their regular templates. This went on for months and months. Nothing I wanted was done for my "custom" site that I actually wanted. I spoke to the designer himself after many times of complaining to customer service (who is rude on the phone which is why I keep it to e-mail but just recently stopped that because I get no where anyway), who must not be American or an under educated person as the e-mails he would send me had a lot of mis-spellings (once again, like a sixth grader). The designer also told me that I didn't buy a custom website and that he wouldn't do anything for me??? So then I had to call 3XP Web and make even more complaints. After 3 months of my custom website getting no where, I simply had to take a break from 3XP Web for a few months as my stress levels were the highest they have ever been and I knew it was past the time to request a refund and that I never should have switched hosting companies, as my previous hosting company was wonderful.

    I contacted them in July and spoke to someone about the horrible experience I had with the design and they offered to re-do it for me. Once again, the same thing, a "custom" site that looked the same as their regular templates, for $2500?? Of course after I finally agreed for them to upload my design because I was sick and tired of them not being able to deliver what they promise, there were errors with the design. First, while checking out, the credit card logo was not showing, it would display, "We Accept: We Accept", instead of, "We Accept: (credit card logo)". For any "buyer", this would raise a flag as it looked really unprofessional. They told me they checked it out and it was fine. To this day, it's still the same. It was never fixed. I also told them to add a shopping cart feature on top of my website and the "new" designer said he'd do it. This also was never designed into my site (simple things 3Xp Web couldn't even do.. they charged me $2500!!). Also, the content I create on my homepage to make it actually look good (I have experience with designing) is not aligned correctly due to web design errors on 3XP Web's behalf. I e-mailed the second designer about it, and never received a response.

    Plain and simple. They stole $2400 from me for the "custom" web design as what they did for me, and has been stated by many different, professional designers, was worth maybe $100.

    When it comes to generating online presence, especially with search engines, 3XP Web solutions is ONLY good for adding a bunch of products from Doba to your site. Their guaranteed visitor packages do NOTING for sales and is ridiculously overpriced. I use a company (I won't reveal the source) and pay $49 per year for a million guaranteed visitors (A MILLION!). All this does is increase my Alexa rankings, which in return, may boost my natural, organic search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect. 3XP Web does NOT allow you to write page content for any of your departments, categories, ect. What this means, even if you optimized your entire site with SEO work (Search Engine Meta Tags) for every department, category and sub-category on your website (It took me 4 months working 8 hours per day to fully optimize my entire site for a 100% match in terms of the Title, Description and Keywords matching the content on the page), it's still not good enough for decent rankings. I've already had Google index over 50, 000 pages of my website but the only good rankings I have are for my home page because It's the only page on my entire site where I have the ability to write good page content with my keywords in it. This is STILL not good enough to generate enough traffic to my store to generate sales. All of 3XP Web's advertising tips on your store manager are worthless and will get you absolutely no where! It's pointless to even try them! (Remeber, I have 4 years experience). I told [email protected] to add the simple feature to write page content on all department and category pages so I could increase my rankings, but as I stated before, [email protected] NEVER replies back. My old hosting company added these features for me which is why I succeeded with them.! They were great!

    Bottom line, 3XP Web Solutions is known and recognized on the Internet as 3XP Web FAILURES! Their servers have CRASHED twice in the past month and a half causing the hundreds of hours worth of work I did to gain online presence and generate sales, pointless, as my visitor count count and page views also CRASHED! As of right now, my website is "down"??? I can't even gain access to it!!! What is this about???

    I'm not afraid to say who I am!!!


    I recently won a contest through Doba for "How Do You Doba". You may view it here http://www.doba.com/newsletter-archive/entry/path/2009/december_2009.html#a2
    scroll down the page a bit and you'll see the "how do you Doba" contest winners! Doba also agreed that the amount of work I have done for my site to achieve online presence and generate traffic (entirely by myself) was amazing!

    I've also had other SEO companies tell me the same as I'm very proud of myself.

    I will always be disapointed that I chose 3XP web solutions.

    I would love for all readers to view my site, CheapForMe.Com, but 3XP Web has shut my site down for NO REASON whatsoever.. I'm really pissed off right now.

    That's my story...

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  • Tr
    truth-fairnessKid Dec 16, 2009

    OH NO!!! I just agreed to their upselling products this week! Initially, I bought the $199 version, that they later referred to as their "baby" store of 100 products. I upgraded to over $3K more dollars. - I don't need to know all the details about someone serving time in jail for manslaughter. In this country, people get caught for a fraction of what they actually do. And when caught, they can plead down and get lenient sentences. Being convicted of something means you probably did much worse!!! Agh!!! What do I do now?

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  • 3x
    3xpshitted Dec 12, 2009

    About 3xpweb they charge me over $1500 dollars and it was a fraud they make you believe you going to make money setting a web store for you then you also pay for membership to another site called DOBA and that's how you get the products downloaded in your website the problem came later I was interested in downloading apparel and I did it. I called a company name PPC wizard to do Google ad words for and it was $200 dollars I did not have too much experience I only had 10 days to back down from agreement I notice that It was impossible acquire a desired size every Style had only one size xxlarge or so there was no drop down window to pick a size I called them and they said state away from clothing try to sell another stuff when I signed the agreement it look to me it was a threat always threaten to delete the web store as it was a criminal who Wrote it and as they did yesterday

    Payments I Made

    $125 for store Twice $39 for membership $800 to up grade to 1000 products $100 to send people to the site 450 to upgrade to 5000 product $200 twice to PPCwizard and $500 To visible.net to do a site map I never sold a dime The reason I decide to quit was comparing prices and there was a huge deference with other sites like amazon.com etc I could not offer free shipping these whole sale price from doba it's in fact a retail price for best buy etc what should I do? I will also write to Better Business Bureau, Consumer protection agency and Internet crime complaint center.


    Carlos E Cruz

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  • Th
    TheVictor Nov 25, 2009

    Wow, I'm glad I didn't give them any money today when they called. They were very convincing too. My question is: What does all of this testimony say about Doba, since they have somewhat of a partnership going? After all it was Doba that referred me to 3XP...

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  • To
    Todd White Jan 23, 2009

    Finally Someone who not just knows the truth about this criminal company but has done us a favor and taken the time to state it. My experience confirms all that has been said. The owner Garette Craig is a completely heartless unsympathetic psychopath. Read about them and you see he fits it. "Snakes in Suits" "Without Conscience". I have not a long testimony to all this company has done to me. Instead, more importantly, I have something else to do here. See, we are totally sick of being lied to by your eff'ing criminal company. We are tired of you walking and talking as if you can tell us what is true and what is false. We are tired of your techies confabulating web visitations. We are sick and tired of your eff'ing company and it is simple as that. So instead, a compassionate reaching out message to all other victims of this company: I know how you feel. It started out with the hope you this company could help you make money on the internet. You pay for a website and in the basic trust that this company does what its says, you follow the instructions that you receive. At first they are nice and helpful. After a few days, you check your web page. It is up and online. Regardless of your experience with technical support, after several weeks, when there has not been A SINGLE PHONE CALL FROM 3XP WEB SOLUTIONS OR ANY VISITORS TO YOUR WEB SITE, you start to feel upset. It is this hole. You don't know what to think. You have two thoughts. One, it could be you. Or two I have been taken by a company. Is it you? No one wants to visit my sight and it is because I chose the wrong template. No perhaps it is not me, perhaps this company has taken me. The hole is passed over without being filled because there is the hope that over time there will be visitors. You feel shame either way. You are even preoccupide by fact of having gone from a sort of selfish hope of financial side income to the double loss of that AND being scammed or an internet failure. No!!! That is not it!!! Break out of that!!! A frog if placed in a pot of boiling water on the stove immediately jumps out to save itself. The high water temperature all at once is painful to the frog and he jumps out to save his life. However, if a frog is placed in a pot of room temperature water that gradually warms to a boil, the frog never jumps out and never saves itself. 3xp gets away with criminal acts of internet fraud and cyber crime because its owner and business manager Garette Craig is a criminal psychopath, because he is very intelligent in terms of administering a false reputation through additional acts of cyber crime, possibly including braweaking into the BBB's website, because 3XP Web Solutions has all the capacity to make people think it is legit, even though it is a crime through and through, and because consumers just like you have not as of yet taken action at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help your fellow and REPORT YOUR EXPERIENCE to the FBI!!! It will take you only a few minutes. BUT you need to do it. Use your anger and your upset feelings about giving thousands of dollars to this criminal company and use that upset to help prevent others from be ing victims too! If you have strong evidence or if you are afraid you do not have strong evidence, that is fine. You still need to do the right thing and report it. Go to www.ic3.gov that is the FBI's page for Cyber Crime.

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  • Mc
    McGinnis Jan 21, 2009

    This aggressive attack on his customers appears to support his company. In fact, look closely and it is not a defense. It is a confession. Garette you are sad little excuse for a human being. Calling your victims frauds. How dare you make such ridiculous claims. You don't even care. Ive seen it all from the inside. What you do to people is a complete and utter affront to the cyber community. You tell lies with an apparent confidence that is as bogus as your ridiculous company's so-called "web hosting and marketing services". Taking people's hard earned money for totally hollow templated web sites with absolutely zero actual marketing. It is all false visitors. Computer trickery. You know it. Most of your workers know it. And the generating no traffic at all. Look at your very sad defense (immediately above). What is it saying? For those of you reading this, read Garette's little journal entry again. What is it saying? It is spelling out how they take money from you and that you have know where to turn. Thanks for confessing that you take people's money and have all the ways worked out to prevent them from getting it back. Your whole defense of your company above is all about how your little scheme operates, and I know, I have seen it from the inside. Yes I worked for 3XP I am sad to say. You are obviously intelligent, if we can call it that, for being able to orchestrate that creepy outfit I witnessed that you call a web design company and get away with it for so long. And you are a good commander and business administrator, so you have good strong qualities. They're quite daunting to be honest. But that is what makes you dangerous to people, makes you able to get this scheme going and keep it operating. I know that many of your employees have a conscience and I know firsthand that they are going to need counciling after they stop and realize what they have taken part in. Garette, thank you for confessing, however! From the glipse I caught from the inside before departing in complete disgust, I found myself driven to find help to begin documenting testimonies, while speaking with some of your countless victims. My word there are many. You'll have a long time once this is all sorted out to think about your next scheme. Since you really have no remorse or fear as I am guessing, this note won't deter your ways. But this note still serves other would be victims with a loud cry to stay away. The best outcome for Garette is for him is to have all money returned to the victims, what's left of it anyway, since I know the crap you spend 3XP's money on. No you'll probably never know for sure who I am, especially since your company has such a high and fast turnover rate and since I am not your victim. Hmmm. Which employee could I be? But your victims know who you are. In every case, 3XP Web Solutions is to be stopped and society and the cyber community will learn from your company and that we need to have better protections against what your outfit exploits. Just as I type this now, 3XP Web Solutions is nothing but a huge sad mistake for a company. Maybe after Obama takes office his administration will play some role in wrenching a tighter reign on 3XP's breed of cyber crime. Yes, you are smart but Obama is smarter and the major difference is that Obama's administration has justice and goodness on its side. You have nothing but greed and lack of remorse. What you got to say to me? I am not your victim. I am provided by society to be your conscience since you lack one. I am not in your words "yet another customer who you could not make happy" since for one your phrases like that stink and since for two I was lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it to see that crazy pit firsthand. If 3XP customers only knew the kinds of things said after hanging up the phone. If only they knew. Such a sad thing. From the inside and I know all your little phrases like that are BS. PS let me repeat that in case you did not hear it -- total BS! And to my fellow friends on the internet, I want nothing more than for you to succeed selling online. But more importantly, you need to understand how wrong and bad this company is. I know. I am telling you from a firsthand unveiled view of it. 3XP is a total sham just as I am writing this now.

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  • Ga
    Garette Craig Dec 03, 2008

    Let me start with this, everyone who has complained about not receiveing what was purchased, is not being honest and you're the fraud! We offer websites, which are created within 72 hours after your template is selected! We offer several marketing plans that if results are not generated, you are guaranteed an additional year of marketing at no charge. There has never been a customer in the history of this company, that if not satisfied with their service, was not offered some type of monetary refund. Generally what happens is this, customers expect immediate results, which we do not promise, when results are not satisfactory, the customer becomes upset and requests a full refund. Well I'm sorry, it does not work that way. If we deliver a service without incident, you do not qualify for a refund. If you order something that has not been completed, you will receive a refund. Where is the fraud in that? In addition, if anyone has a customer service issue that goes unresolved, simply escalate the issue just as you'd do with any other company and I guarantee, the issue will be resolved or you'll be refunded your money. Unfortunately, 3XP is in a very competitive industry and our competitors coach many of our customers to dispute the charges. When this happens, I'm forced to respond to the dispute and generally the customer will loose. If we have a customer who terminates the business relationship with 3XP and requests to keep their domain name, even though 3XP pays for the registration, we have always transferred the rights to the customer. In closing, I've never had an unhappy customer give me the opportunity to resolve an issue, leave our company feeling as though they were robbed. Many of you who have complained, probably fit this category. If you are a current customer and you need assistance, please call me to rectify your issue.

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  • Ly
    Lynn C. Berry Nov 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I had only skimmed over some of the comments here that I had read & MY thoughts were/are: 1. Hey! What's up? 2. WHAT? It'll cost me more money? (I had already paid for a 1 year service with them ) (?) ( - Do I need to cancel that?)3. I see complains, however, I had seen the ~ BBB report, ~ which states that this company is in good standings with them! YES! They have HAD 22 complains against them - since they had opened! However, what I see [ in the BBB report] is that those complaints were resolved! 4. Does that mean that the ones in which I am reading these statements from NOW are: a. Still in conflict with this company?{ Meaning that YOUR dispute/Settlement - still hasn't been resolved?] b. From what I have read: That you have found out that!! ~~"HE IS A CONVICT ?~~ C. fOR WHAT?
    Okay! I will be silent... I will Not judge! For I can not, because ? I Don't have all of the fact. With you NOR him... Therefore, I am asking for them... Please & Thank you! WITH the both of you!
    If either of you... Would & will present your FACTS to me... & I do mean the absolute facts... THAN I will make MY own decision!
    Thank you for reading this & Ans. me @ [email protected] .

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  • Pa
    Paul Oct 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Hmmmm . . . this is an interesting exchange. The owner admits to being a felon but still wants us to believe it is ridiculous that his company has ever defrauded people. Conceivable I suppose. Some people overcome past wrongdoing. In light of the complaints, it is certainly not ridiculous that this man's company defrauded people. How does he explain that there are recent felony convictions against some of his employees, e.g., see the "Legal Notice" in the first few google search results if one enters his company's own name. Well, anyhow this company called me and were very convincing. It was hard to say I will think about it, but I am glad I did. Thanks to complaintsboard and [redacted] and the consumers' warnings, I will not be giving this company any money. I wish the others before me were as fortunate.


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  • J
    J Oct 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Jonna you can email me if you want any other information. I too am a victim of 3XPweb and I just filed a complaint just recently. I have been doing internet marketing for a year. And I make money through other sites, and I also used DOBA for awhile as well. I turned down 3XPweb many times until I gave in just to see what it was like. They get you bait after bait, and they make promises that I could not imagine how they could keep. There is no such thing as guaranteed traffic. You cant pay a company $5000 and think they will keep the promise of over 8, 000 visitors a month. Thats just not happening. They couldnt get my site indexed after 3 weeks and I can index a personal website in 3 days. Their customer service is RUDE and insulting. I have had their customer service call me names and proceed with provoking tone of voice. Don't worry within time they will be shut down. Even if I had to put up 1000's of articles about it, I will make sure of it. They can try to sue me too, or man slaughter me, always read the fine print. But, when they call you on the phone, there is no fine print, that is how they get you.

    Your better off spending money on building your own websites, or be an affiliate with other companies. I could easily spend less then 200 bucks on a few programs and make 10 times on what I spend. With the less amount of work. Use the money to buy domain names, build websites, sell affiliate products, sign up with EPN or Commission junction. But, dont sign up with a ecommerce store. You can easily make your own website, and get a merchant account on your own. Heck, you could just make a store with ebay or auctiva and drive traffic with SEO methods. And the owner, I dont care what charges were made against you, defend your company not your self. It just shows how self-centered you really are to care about your own reputation opposed to your companies reputation. You just care about yourself, and not about your co-workers who need to live off some type of income. Sad they get paid through fraud services.

    The whole entire internet market will know about this in a few months, why? Cause its called SEO. I will show you how organic traffic can make or break a business. Watch me.

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  • Jo
    Jonna Lee Oct 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    About the manslaughter, I feel rage against any kind of racism. I loathe it and believe it is a form of mental illness. However, as we both hopefully also agree with our racial and spiritual leader Martin Luther King, Jr., acting out from that place is not the way, conduces contents of like kind, and only suppresses our better selves. Whether his teachings allow for self-defense is unclear, it would depend.

    There are several of us in communication with each other who have paid to 3XP Web Solutions, LLC between $1, 000 and over $8, 000 and very little of that now. That alone is a striking fact. Rather than flatly denying any such thing, why don't you start by addressing that? Moreover, we do not even have a web site to our name now. We were promised tens of thousands of new visitors and have received only a couple of thousand. But more than that, we have, between us, not a single customer after months and months. We were promised coaching. Never received any. And on and on.

    Where I come from, that's fraud. And that is our experience. The moral law of humanity supports the right to own our own experiences; the first amendment of our constitution endows us with the right to voice the content of our experiences.

    First of all, it is not possible to explain our experiences except to say that we, as US Citizens, and as people were financially taken advantage of. If these people, myself included, had known what we should have been told before starting with the company that you own, we would NOT have done business with your company. It is the seller's (/company's legal and moral responsibility) to fully inform the consumer of the nature of the business and it is a requirement by law that the company fulfill the requirements of the agreement. And, that was not done for us because if it was, we would have said "no thank you". That is a form of fraud. Since you own the company practicing business in this manner, these several of us hold true to our experiences that we have been the victims of fraud. If you would like to sue us for these claims, then by all means Mr. Craig. Our plethora of evidence, rest yourself assured, supports our experiences as definitive for us.

    So, my experiences and those of several other people are that 3XP Web Solutions, LLC has victimized them financially. Call this what you will but from my understanding, our experiences with 3XP Web Solutions, LLC are those of being victims of fraud. The factual basis for stating that "who knows how many others" like us is because of how your company practices domain ownership. As you certainly know, your company creates web sites for clients; each client decides the web site name URL. However, your company does not register (/does not usually), (/our experiences are that your company does not register) the web site in the client's name. When that is true, it would seem that your company owns the web site (which leaves one question for us - what has the client paid for?). Since your company owns the web site, the client is left with nothing (/that is at least the case in my case and others I have spoken with) and hence there is no way to contact any of your previous clients. Hence, the statement who knows how many other victims there are is a perfectly sensible one. Mabye it is few, maybe it is many, but it is not possible to find out. It is at least us.

    2 Votes
  • Ga
    Garette Craig Oct 10, 2008

    This complaint is unfounded and the claim that I have several fraud claims against me is ridiculous! I am the founder of 3XP and although I have not been able to make every customer happy, I pride myself on going above and beyond to either resolve all customer issues. On occasion, I've encountered customers who have demanded monies back when, as a result of their lack of committment, income has not been attained. Most customers who complain, are generally in that category. In terms of the manslaughter charge, that accusation is correct; however, in the state of AZ, there is no self defense law. Without going into this 1991 case to much, I protected myself against a racist man who was attepting to do bodily harm to myself and the people that were occupaning me. So please, before making judgements and/or false claims, know the facts. Bottom line, 3XP is a legitamit company and we do our very best to ensure the happiness of every customer. If anyones has any questions in regards to this comment, feel free to contact 3XP at [protected].

    -2 Votes

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