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219 American Bistro review: Unsanitary, Discriminatory, questionable business practices

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The street where this resturaunt is located in Granby street, is a historical street that marks the Woolworth sit in in the 1960's. This business is a slap in the face to that movement. The website obviously shows a picture of one of the three chefs that have been employed there over the past six months ie., false advertisement. Secondly, the turn over there is horrific, 19 people in 6 months. The present chef gloats that he does not have a high school diploma. If you dine there, you will notice such stolen recipes from the former Magnolia resturaunt. This resturaunt was previously closed by the health department and thanks to the wealth of the owners, this problem has been resolved monetarily. If you notice, there are no servers of ethnicity and the ethnic employees have to enter through the back door, use seperate facilities, not given breaks, and forbidden to leave the kitchen. For an establishment for those who enjoy the arts is relatively unenlightened. If you saw what went on behind the scenes, you would surely not dine here.

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Sep 20, 2011 12:01 am EDT

Sounds like an ex employee . it is ashame that anyone can make a complaint like this and not identify themseves . This s the cleanest kitchen in Nrfolk . Call health department and ask them .