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120 dundas east , mississauga ,sandhurst apartmentsbad management


moving nightmare, dont be fooled with move in special, and one month free, or refer a freind and get $250

I am the current tenant at The Sandhurst Apartment on 120 Dundas St E. in
Mississauga, ON.
I have come across some major concerns regarding this apartment since me and my
family have moved in. First of all,
prior to moving in, since apartment I was shown
apartment (for similar layout).
By first appearances the apartment looked in good condition and clean, so from my
understanding and what I was told
the apartment I would be getting would be in the same condition so I agreed to take
. On the day we moved
into the apartment we were very displeased to notice that the apartment was very
poorly cleaned and that there was a very
strong foul odour in the kitchen. After some inspection in the kitchen I found that
the cabinets, fridge and stove were
not clean at all. There were left over food particles in all appliances and cabinets
as well as the window. I was also
disgusted to see that there was mouse droppings and dead cockroaches all over the
place. Due to these findings, I decided
to further investigate the rest of the apartment and since came across some major
problems. The heating vents are in very
filthy conditions. They are uncleaned, full of dust and seem to be hosting many
pests. Now going back to the foul odour in
the kitchen, after I had wiped down everything with cleaning solutions and still no
change in the odour, we decided to lift
the cabinets in the kitchen to see what the problem really was. The odour in the
kitchen was unbearable, unsafe for my
familys health. After we had lifted up the kitchen cabinets we found hundreds of
dead cockroaches as well as rotten food and dead mouses
all over the place. I would also like to bring to your attention, that besides these
unlivable conditions of infestation in
the kitchen itself, there are other problems of concern. Most of the doors in the
apartment have broken panneling.
They need to be replaced immediately for maintenace and safety reasons. I am
concerned After my thorough inspection
of this apartment, I have realized that these conditions in the apartment are not
livable. I have have my family who
I am very concerned about if we continue to live here. We have not since eaten or
slept well after finding all of these
disgusting problems and I am very concerened about our health and safety.

I have taken and attached several
photos of the problems I have found during my inspection of this apartment,

dont trust the promotions they have .
it is a nightmare

bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management
bad management


  • Ku
    kumarr Sep 30, 2009

    so true ...i just moved out this building, i ended throwing lots of my furniture in the garbage due to lots of bugs in this building, , , ,

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  • Cl
    C-Luv390 Oct 19, 2009

    Wow!!! but Oh damn!!! I'm completely speechless. Well, I live over here in the states and I am seriously thinking about relocating
    to Canada soon that is, and Mississauga from what I've seen here on the internet is suppose to be the city with the best apartments to
    rent. But, after seeing those pics, and reading your complaint; I'm not so sure what to think.

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  • Wo
    wonkaman2002 Oct 21, 2009

    I totally agree about this building and nobody should live like this. I am also going through the same thing and have posted about it as well. I am possibly thinking of taking legal procedures against them and so if anyone that lives in that building or was living there can give me a statement about their living experience for court and I can work something out with them. I really want to nail them good in court or at least tribunal. Nobody deserves to live like this at all.

    The management when confronted about this said that 90% of the people don't complain and are ok with living like this. Where the hell they got that statement from ?

    Check my complaint Sandhurst Apartments - 120 Dundas St.E — Unbelievable living condition - Rodents

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  • Co
    Concerned resident Jan 26, 2010

    I was appalled to find out after living in this building for several months that they are allowing prostitution in several units and it apparently has been going on for several years. A number of families have moved out for this reason alone despite the incentives of a free month's rent. I am also disappointed that it takes the management sometimes weeks to repair or replace anything in our unit. The main entrance of our building is suppose to be locked downstairs to prevent strangers and non residents from entering the residence but it has been open for 2 months and we are also getting soliciting. I am afraid to go out after a certain time because I have seen people smoking and drinking in the staircases when there is a strict building code in effect. If we are paying 15 % more for rent in this building than what they are asking in the surrounding area, we should be ensured of a safe, clean and well managed building. There should not be any illegal activities allowed by the management that would jeopardize the safety of its residents. On a positive note, the new cleaning staff in the building have been very hardworking on keeping the building up to the standards we are used to. The elevators, staircases, and the front lobby are always spotless and whenever we ask them to look into something, they always complete it.

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  • On
    onthemove Aug 10, 2010

    Please do not live here. Whatever you do, for your own sanity, especially if you have children - DO NOT live here. After 4 years I'm so happy that I've moved away from this hell hole. All these complaints are true. If you're a decent person living in the building and reading this, MOVE OUT NOW. I can't express this enough.

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  • Ap
    apts123 Jan 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This apartment building was recently bought by new management. This company say they will fix up the issues and clean it out but all I see is that they are more concerned with talking about the tenants and what the tenants are doing. They kept some staff from previous management and hired new ones, who apparently were at the building before, but after a few weeks they let these people go! From what I heard from some tenants these people were the best managers they ever had there so why were they let go? The staff they kept from previous management are loud, rude, and even thought they seem to be around the building I don't see much getting done. All they do is watch the tenants and stand out in front smoking. I wonder if these people know what they are doing as this recent decision seems a bit crazy. From the board in the office that I have seen they have a lot of vacancies and from the rumors going around after the managers were let go, they will have more. The current staff are not exactly people persons and I wouldn't rent from them. This building seems to have gone from bad to worse. I can tell you I will be leaving!

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  • Se
    Seanan Donovan Mar 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I currently live at 120 Dundas St. East and while reading your message starting thinking my girlfriend posted the complaint. We had an identical first experience so if you ever come across a Sandhurst building run away, but not before you waste a dozen eggs or so on it. The building was taken over by Skyline, but it was not Skyline that kept trading new managers every few months so they could push back fixing anything but still Sandhurst. Once Skyline officially took over, they sent real managers who actually fixed up the place, hired security to stop the shootings, drug deals and possibly prostitution (hadn't seen any before). They don't mislead, gossip or take advantage of us in any way and I don't have enough nice things to say about them. I am still moving now that my lease is up, but that is because I hate the area. Its like an old dirty house that will never get clean. Too many people, no sense of community and lots of traffic.

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  • Se
    Sex for sale Jul 05, 2011

    I know of at least 6 apartments in this building
    That run prostitution form them
    There is probable more but i know of 6 for sure
    This will bring trouble to the building from guys always looking for to steal quick money
    Or even worse rape someone there
    They have cameras in the hallways but they only let tenants see the front door & not the hallway cameras
    I know that the management is taking kick backs to turn a blind eye

    A well wisher

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  • Sk
    Skyline is bad Jul 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also live in this building. Cockroaches and bed bugs are 100% true. This is the worst building I have ever lived in and Skyline is the worst management company I have ever dealt with.

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  • Ex
    Exhausted and Disgusted Jan 09, 2013

    It's 3am. Just woke up to a bed bug feeding on me. This place will always be disgusting.

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  • Ro
    ROKNOL Apr 22, 2014

    I lived There just a few Years ago and moved out April 2014.Alot of renovation was done and Building remains always Clean and tidy. Except from the few Roaches that I see from time to time the Worst of all in this Building is The Super and his Wife. They are the Most Rude and ill mannered person I've ever Met in life. Don't believe me. Give it a Try and Don't say Nobody warned You.Good Luck.

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  • Ph
    Phantoms Apr 29, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just moved out of this horrible place this weekend. Several things were horrible about this building.
    1. ROACHES : Within the first few weeks, we notices the roaches in the kitchen. We had to evacuate our apartment twice for them to spray, but I know they are still in the building.
    2. THE POOL: Part of reason we moved here to begin with was the pool. They did not open it until VERY late into the summer and we only got to use it two times.
    3: THE HEATER VENTS: These vents are awful. They have them on a lot when they don't need to be and there is no control for your unit which means that it's usually WAY too hot in there. They are also lifted from the floor, uncovered, and are disgusting underneath and they generate a LOT of huge dust bunnies. It's impossible to keep the place clean with that.
    4: The CONSTRUCTION: They did not tell us at the time that we applied for an apartment here, but they were planning to re-build all of the balconies. I had to live for an entire year with jack-hammering in my own building. It gave me a large amount of headaches and took several months longer than they said it would. The balcony was another reason we wanted this apartment and we only got to use it for about 3 months. The balcony construction is finished for the next people to enjoy. It was a miserable time for us.
    5.THE NOISES: There is a lot of noise from the busy street at all hours. A LOT of sirens, and sometimes late at night there are people BEEPING right outside of the building. Very irritating.
    6. THE LANDLORDS: These people do NOT listen. They are very quick to accuse and argue, but they NEVER listen to you. I understand that their job is difficult and stressful, but it is their JOB to deal with the people that live here and they simply do not. At first, Bon and Drita appeared to be friendly, but as I lived there, it became clear that they simply did not want anything to do with their tennants. Drita was extremely rude to me while we were having our final inspection, saying that it's the woman's job to clean and blaming me for stains that were there before we moved in. I take responsibility when I know that it's my fault, but I left the place cleaner than when we arrived there. She also blamed my dog for the dust bunnies that were there after the three hour cleaning we gave the place the night before and refused to even think about it being from the vents. I am very unhappy with them.
    7. THE CLEANING LADY: She is generally unpleasant and also won't listen to you. Julia is her name I think.
    There is more to complain about this place: Homeless people living in the abandoned restaurant next-door, The poor upkeep of the building itself, unpleasant neighbors (one in particular that yelled and broke things all the time), Though a lot of the residents are really friendly, The awful laundry room, etc. I am so happy to be out of there. ****Don't live there if you can help it.****

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  • Jo
    John1208 Jun 04, 2014

    Very rude management, I haven't got my deposit for keys and laundry card back yet. It is 6 months I left the place. I am still trying to get my security deposit and trying to call the management and the lady is not picking up my phone.

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  • An
    anniesuper Jun 16, 2014

    I was the cleaner at this building for a little over a year...i saw it all, trust me. There were 5 Management couples that quit or got fired in my duration and i was left to run that place alone-even though you all thought David helped me. He didn't. I got fired for telling Bon off, not for my attitude. I put everything i had into that place and it was thankless. I got attitude from all the tenants because i was b****y. You try running on an hour sleep a day and dealing with all the ### that went with my job. The people that were in my life there actually knew what i dealt with. Skyline took advantage of me in a big way. They knew i needed my job. Bon is a dick and Drita is as stupid as they come. i did my best with what i had to work with. My hands were tied by my boss. Leave that place if you can and tribunal is always on your side. Your welcome.

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  • An
    anniesuper Jun 17, 2014

    call head office

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  • Ti
    Timbercreek haters Sep 22, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wow, i hope you and the other in your building get together for a class action law suit. Tc is the biggest cockroach slumlord out there!!!

    every one, power in numbers get bylaw in, and health department and CALL YOUR TOWN MAYOR! DEPUTY MAYOR!! CLASS


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  • No
    Not happee Feb 19, 2015

    Ive been here for a few years and this place is terrible!! Bon and Drita are complete idiots. I was cursed at by Bon and falsely accused by him and his wife Drita for many things which were not true and completely ridiculous, one thing i was falsely blamed for was tracking in mud which is absolutely ridiculous. I am on the same floor as them and all i ever hear is him and her arguing its quite unpleasant when it happens late at night. There was a whole big deal about these new balconies being installed and it took way longer to install them then the expectant date! My poor mother was falsley accused for stealing a powertool which the idiot worker just left out on our balcony while it was being worked on.This building is a dump and the renovations are terrible i would not suggest to live here. Bon and Drita take all the scrap metal and electronics from the garbage and keep it for themselves and yet they cut up the furniture placed in the back so that other people can't take it. The several management companies that have run this building in the last few years are very slow to respond to any inquiries if at all.

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