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The phone number listed on my bank statement isn't the number to refers me to a dating line, so I went to the original email I recieved from them and tried to reply AND tried to send an email to the address they sent me- and all were returned undeliverable. I called the number in the email and was told to send a letter in writing requesting cancelation of my membership and it was returned to me! So I went directly to the site again and sent them and email there- it won't take it! My bank says I have an agreement with them and I can't just stop payment- hopefully today they will change thier mind if I bring in all this proof that it really truly is a scam!

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Jun 20, 2012 5:49 pm EDT

I didn't have any issues - the phone number is toll free [protected] which works fine Mon-Fri 9:30am - 5PM EST as advertised on their website. I used the dental plan and saved a bundle on my root canal, my total savings were over $340.00

Sep 06, 2011 5:13 pm EDT

same thing happened to me I finally got the correct contact info and was able to cancel my membership. I talked to Lauraine (the manager) and was able to get 2 months of membership refunded back to me.
Customer Services Team
Health Benefit Plans, Inc.
Tel: [protected]
Email: [email protected]

Hope this helps!

Aug 25, 2011 4:34 pm EDT

I agree with above comments. However, I did get through using the number listed on the website and this was after my 2 emails to cancel my membership. The first email using the contact form on their site didn't go through- (after you hit submit, it did nothing so you don't know if it went through or not) I called them, and the rep told me to email the request, I explained to her what happened, so she gave me the email address. I submitted a 2nd email that way, which went unreturned to confirm that my request to cancel was received. Then I called again, and told the rep what happened and said that I just wanted to cancel my service because it was within the first 30 days and that I wanted my refund. (You can't see the prices to the drugs that you use until you purchase a membership btw) After I purchased my membership I looked up the prices of the drugs at local pharmacies and they were actually more expensive then when I was paying completley out of pocket for them. So, when I was speaking to the rep, I mentioned that I wanted my refund and she said that it would be processed. Well then I waited about a week and a half, and I still had not received the refund to my bank account, so I called yet AGAIN! The rep looked it up in the system and it hadn't been done and she put in the request and told me that it would be 5-10 business days for it to show up. So here I sit almost 10 business days later with still no refund. How can they stay in business when they are horrible at doing business? The girl sounds like she's working out of her house, and it's always the same person answering the calls. I just want my refund! This service does not save you any money what so ever- not even enough to cover the plan amount each month. These RX discount programs are a joke- none of them work including the free ones. The free one only saved me a whopping 0.10. Not even worth the price of the paper and ink to print it out!

Jul 01, 2011 6:12 pm EDT

(Part 2) ...its been 4 months, every month i get an email saying I'm behind ans today they told me the are filing with a credit agency! If anyone has any advice as to how to get these ### off my baxk please tell me! (Sorry if my typing is a new w the nok n it takes some getting used to!)
I really am interested in taking some legal action againstt if anyone has the know-how please clue me in! These people must be stopped! I signed up so they could help me pay for life saving, expensive medication! But all they did was rob me of my money, dignity and peace of mind! CAN get ahold of someone via email...send it to the email for tech support on the website for 1020 rx. Just dont expect them to b nice...or cooperative.

Jul 01, 2011 6:02 pm EDT

I somehow got the mailing address for 1020rx, it was returned undeliverable. I got two more addresses, same thing! I ended up having to cancel my bank card they were drafting from...i suggest you do the same asap. However, your troubles wont stop. After they tried to draw from my account, i rexieved an email from thdm saying I was now really angered I called the number listed on the website(which they zhare with anothsr xompany btw) and demanded that i speak to someone from 1020rx dight away...I was very firrm but polite when I explained to the rep that after repeated attempts of using the prescription card and never being able to and aftee months if trying to get in touch w 1020rx to cancel my membedship via phone (always getting a recording, leaving a message whixh was never returned), and the mail that was returned to me, i had to close out my bank account and 1020rx just isnt a company i want to do business with