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I completed all incentives for this reward. Tried repeatedly to contact company, with no replies, whatsoever. I called the number I googled and of course they arent accepting calls on that line any longer. Now I've got all these subscriptions to products that I don't need or want. I feel like this is an advertising scam I'll be dealing with for months now that my number will be sold a million times. If I dont hear something from rewardzoneusa in the next week I'm going to get an attorney. I'm just tired of scams honestly and if it's not a scam, they def need a better system to make people feel more confident in this process. I did what I was supposed to do no you aren't.


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      Dec 15, 2017

    Hi there! It is not a scam. I followed everything they asked, I read their Terms & Conditions before signing up for the prize and did the same before subscribing to any of their offers; and the whole process, since the first subscription until they send me my $1, 000 visa virtual card lasted 16 days.
    Here are a few tips:
    1. Keep record of everything, even screenshots in all steps of a purchase/subscription to any of the offer, because in my case, there were two companies that never sent me a confirmation email for subscribing, even though they had my billing information (of course, they seem very shady, I was afraid of being charged again and again, but didn't happen because I also saved the links to their webpages before I even signed up, so I could unsubscribe or stop their membership from the link and my email/password created at the moment of subscribing, but like I said, they never sent me an confirmation email. If I hadn't saved their links, I would have been charged by those companies again).
    2. Fill in the prize form from their prize status page, click on the claim prize link and contact them (don't expect them to contact you asking for the completed offers evidence, they will take longer and since there is no other effective way of contacting them, it is not your fault to feel that you being scammed, but be patient, this worked for me) and send them all the emails from each offer you completed. The emails should say that you successfully completed each offer). For the companies that don't send you a confirmation email, send the screenshots or like I did, go to their websites and right click on the page where you see your membership active or paid and select the Print option, from there, you can save it as a PDF. Also, for sending the welcome or confirmation emails, try the print option and save them as PDFs. I even sent them all files numbered in order of appearance in their prize status page. Honestly, I think that accelerated the process for me. I have heard about people having to wait about 2 months for their prize to arrive.
    3. As soon as you have all confirmation emails, unsubscribe from all the offers, they do not care if you continue your subscription or you cancel within the trial period. In my case, there was only one company that required me to send their DVDs back (Disney Movie Club, and they were also the last to send me a confirmation of my cancelled membership, if not, they can charge you like $20 per DVD, plus shipping. I even emailed them the tracking number, it arrived fast and even so, I just got their email two days ago, so, be persistent and very organized).
    4. If you don't have yet all necessary evidence (it means if you still have any offers in pending in their prize status page), it will be harder for you to hear back from them, but even so, email [protected] and tell them that if they think you have not completed everything, that you want to know what is your status and what else you can do. My advice is try not to get mad, I know this may sound wrong because you are completely entitled to be worried about having paid this subscriptions that you don't want, but I wouldn't have liked going to court because from what I heard, they will reimburse lawyer's fees or something like that but that will be it, you will not receive any prize after that. And, at least in my case, the first email of all, I found it in my spam folder after the second email I sent because I was worried, it came from [protected] However, a couple of times that I insisted in getting confirmation of the sent documents, they replied saying they already replied and they were re-sending the already sent email, but I triple checked in all places, there was nothing, but I never told them that I didn't think so. I remained patient enough, it worked well for me.
    5. You will have to provide prove of residency as well as send them a valid ID, also, you will need to send them your bank statements of the card that was charged for the subscriptions/memberships. As a last step, you will have to sign their last claim form that comes from Adobe Sign ([protected] and have it notarized. I went to a UPS store and paid $12 for that and I sent it through Priority Mail USPS and paid about $6 for that. Don't make my mistake and send it with extra insurance and requesting signature because it will be harder to deliver, I think I just wasted money there, I had to re-schedule the delivery because of that and received no signature confirmation, so it is not worth it.
    6. Overall, these are my final numbers: Began the process on Nov, 15th, received my prepaid card on Nov, 30th. I paid less than 30 in offers (including shipping back one order), 12 for the notarized, signed document 10 for priority + signature confirmation (it should be just 6 without the extra), that means approximately $50 for everything. I sent 9 emails to them, received 5 mails from all of them. It is up to you, but when I received the final email to choose the format of my prize, I chose the virtual, instead of the physical card, because I got the virtual one in a matter of seconds on my screen (I have already used it and I have already spent most of it) and as for the other one they would charge me $7.50 on that card and the shipping could take up to two weeks and if it "gets lost" they would send another one and it was too much waiting for me already.
    I really hope you have got in touch with them already, because I felt also worried many times, but when I used the virtual card for the first time, all my worries went finally away, especially in a moment when I had no extra money to experiment with. I'm glad to post this, since I didn't believe 100% when others posted positive reviews. One more thing, you are completely right in the system used, they need to improve it to make people not doubt so much about it; and I am receiving a LOT of calls from companies I never signed up for. Hope this works for you as it did for me.

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      Dec 27, 2017

    @9wood He obviously works for them. I've gone so far as to look the people up who have won prizes and the pictures don't match the people or any profile. I've also unsubscribed every day for the last 2 weeks and still recieve the same offers and scam pages daily. Sent a complaint to the Feds but haven't gotten anything back yet.

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