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Shoppers Drug Mart Complaints & Reviews

Shoppers Drug Mart - British Columbia, Vancouver / Oil removing mud mask with tea tree oil

Angel Aquarius on 2016-05-27
This happened in september of last year 2015 client no. 583-031 I'm very angry at shoppers drug mart on 13th and granville in vancouver bc and who is the owner of shoppers drug mart? This store was no help at all concerning a customer this is no way to do business at all what business are...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Check out customer service

Adam321 on 2016-05-27
This has happened to me twice at Shoppers Drug Mart locations on Lacewood Drive and Joseph Howe Drive in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The person at the checkout counter put in a "Senior's Discount" assuming that I was over 55 years old. The problem is that neither am I over 55 nor do I look over...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Saskatchewan, Regina / Staff - Pharmacy staff

The pharmacist on duty on May 26 while I was trying to redo my prescriptions on the phone decided to swear at me" I 'm not taking your God Dam Attitude" and hung up. I then got dressed and went over there. With the supervisor Jenny approached him. He then said the God dam was not swearing...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Customer Service/Supervisor

Tash2016uuuuuuu on 2016-05-02
Saw item in clearance originally costing $40.It was reduced to $ 3.99.I inquired from employee about price being correct.I was told it was priced to clear.At cash desk it was scanned as $23.99.I pointed out price but rude cashier dismissed the stamped cost saying it's a...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Barrie / Customer service

kmgm on 2016-04-30
April 30/16 My senior mother and myself stopped at the Shoppers Drug Mart in Wellington St Plaza in Barrie. My mom who is 75 picked up a box of Tassimo coffee. The price directly under the item said $21.99 .When she got to the till it rang in at $27.99. The cashier was young and very...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Petawawa / Prescription Overcharge

Vic E on 2016-04-26
Client 2877593257 2016-03-09 Filled a prescription for and was billed $33.86. Submitted bill to my Insurance. Was informed that my Insurance paid Shoppers $28.86 on 2016-03-09 on a total bill of $35.85 . As my Insurance had covered 80%, I should have been billed $7.17. They owe me $26.69, although...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Windsor / Pharmacy Department

Judy Furdal on 2016-04-13
2016/04/13 I needed to get my asthma medicine filled because I ran out and needed to take it. I went to the Shoppers drug store and I brought the wrong drug card to the pharmacy for a refill that I needed for my asthma medicine around 4 pm. I was told by the worker to bring in or call in...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Brantford / Poor Customer Service

WENDY SCHMIDT on 2016-04-10
I went to Shoppers today - the 10th of April 2016 to be able to print some photos for a family picture board. I went to the Fairview Drive location to learn that they no longer have a photo machine. I was directed to the King George location. I drove to the King George location only to...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Toronto / Cosmetics

nicolemary on 2016-04-05
Extremely dissatisfied with Shoppers Drug Mart at Ossington and Queen St., as I was cashing out I noticed the price of a CoverGirl powder came to $17 and I was confused because the price on the tag displayed in store said $9.99. The cashier didn't believe me so I physically went and...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Thunder Bay / Unethical behavour

techn9nelover1234 on 2016-03-28
My friend and I who are frequent shoppers of this particular Shoppers store felt very uneasy as we were in the makeup section; we understand that it is important to ask customers if they need help, but don't keep badgering them about it because you are fearing we are stealing stuff because...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmacy

Reviewer13607 on 2016-02-24
It was the bad atitude of the pharmacy technicians{not pharmacists} from my prescription drop off to picking it up. I was never treated so poorly and with such disrespect . I was sent out of the out patients at hospital and told to go straight away to any pharmacy . I mentioned the issue...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Toronto / Service

Ann Nelles on 2016-02-18
My daughter, a long=time customer of SDM at Lloyd Manor Rd in Etobicoke was approached by the Plaza Security Officer and shown an empty hair product box that they suspected she had stolen (she had been looking at those products with the store cosmetician and had selected one and paid for...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Toronto / Free I Tunes Cards

Reviewer98781 on 2016-02-16
This weekend Shoppers had a promo that gave you a 20.00 Free I Tune card that had to be registered, if you spent 75.00 at any given Shoppers Store. I went to redeem this card and there was an auto reply that this offer had been expired, despite the expiry date on the card being February...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Barrie / Customer Service

kdm101 on 2016-02-13
I attended a shoppers drug mart in Barrie this morning (Feb 13/16) and while I was there I wanted to pickup a starbucks giftcard. The gift cards were showing up at $500 and not allowing me to pick my own amount. The cashier told me to go get another one so I did, when I came back she wa...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Toronto / Perscription policy

Capzper on 2016-02-08
I am on hydromorph contin for ongoing shoulder injury. I had to have emergency surgery for kidney stones, and the urologist wrote me a script for 8 pills until my original script is available. So I get the 8 pill script filled, and when it was time for me to get my original script filled...

Shoppers Drug Mart - British Columbia, Duncan / Rude disrespect Service/Saturday Jan 30/Still waiting for an apology from the Store owner 02 February 2016

Reviewer18092 on 2016-02-02
I have filed one complaint today and do not see it on the website I received an apology from hired help who obviously is not responsible for the management of the store. who did not address me by name, started the email with "hi", like this matter was insignificant and then went on the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Waiting for an apology from the Duncan BC Shoppers Drug Mart

Reviewer95783 on 2016-02-02
Today February 2 2016 Waiting for an apology for incident that took place Saturday 30 January 2016 Toronto Office was business-like in their handling of info so far. Duncan BC store has no understanding of apology etiquette. Still waiting

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Milton / Millionaire Contest

S. Dawe on 2016-02-01
I bought things on Sunday January 31, 2016 at Shopper's Drug Mart in Milton Ontario and I was given a contest form with a Pin No on it. The flyer says right on it Contest Closes February 8, 2016 and I tried to enter the contest on Monday February 1st. This is false advertising. When I...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Hamilton / Gift Card Services

Astrik G on 2016-01-29
I received a gift card in Nov 2015. I tried using it at multiple Shoppers Drug Mart locations with no success as there seems to be an issue with certain keypads and the new gift cards. None of the associates (there were at least 4) knew what to do in each case and I was treated like a con...

Shoppers Drug Mart - Ontario, Chatham / customer service

Reviewer10212 on 2016-01-29
As an avid shopper at SDM on Grande Ave in Chatham, I have recently become very disappointed with the customer service at this location. I choose this location because it is newer, clean and they always have their shelves stocked. They offer the photo shop kiosk that I prefere because I...

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