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Rite Aid Complaints & Reviews

Rite Aid - California, Los Altos / Unethical behavior

billboard4387 on 2016-04-07
4/7/16 This is a complaint from a Coca Cola Driver. I attempted to make a delivery today at 7am to Rite Aid store number 5886. As I walked into the store I asked for a manager the employee at the front of the store called the store manager David. As hr walked up he ignored me also walked away...

Rite Aid Corporation - Oregon, Portland / Their website is way too confusing/Tells you your are doing everything Wrong and Incorrect-Cedar Mill Store Portland Oregon

PamelaPr on 2016-03-08
Yesterday when I got my housing application I started to work on it and needed for the last 12 months a record of how much money out of pocket that I had spent on prescriptions. I went on their website and spent over 3 hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. When it said to...

Rite Aid Pharmacy - Pennsylvania, Wayne / pharmacy

Reviewer26514 on 2016-02-19
There seems to be only one pharmacist and she is overworked and usually grumpy. Also the "call your RX" for refills service is terrible. I was told (by their computer voice) that one of my RX's didn't have any refills. It had 4 of them. I was also told that my other RX was not in the...

Rite Aid - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Breo

Lanxton Washington on 2016-02-06
My doctor gave me a prescription for BREO, refill 1 time. The 03523 store issued me a 14 dose package, "INSTITUTIONAL" . I complained on two separate occasions to the pharmacist and was told that I was wrong and that they gave the correct package. I complained to Customer Care and they...

Rite Aid - Pennsylvania, Chambersburg / Customer Service at Pharmacy

LacyJo22 on 2016-02-02
This happened on January 30, 2016 at the Rite Aide on Queen Street in Chambersburg, PA. My boyfriend, myself, and our 2 children (ages 10 and 9) went to get his prescription for methadone filled. The Pharmacist, Nitial(?) was from the very beginning rude and out of control. She told my...

Rite Aid Pharmacy - California, Sacramento / Medication issues

Reviewer23023 on 2016-01-18
I was prescribed Humilin R as my insulin drug. I receive my insulin three viles at a time secured together. When I began to take the last vile, I noticed it was cloudy (milk-like) and thought it was from being in the refrigerator. But then I looked at the vile and noticed it said Novilin...

Rite Aid Pharmacy - Ohio, Archbold / Pharmacy tech

Aprile Jennings on 2016-01-04
I am in the Archbold Rite Aid store at least once a week and have been a loyal customer for over 20yrs. In the last three months the new pharmacy technician(s) are RUDE!! Today was the last straw! As each person comes in we all stand in line and await our turn ( 1st grade lesson). As I...

Rite Aid Pharmacy - West Virginia, Nutter Fort Stonewood / Firing of employees

Reviewer93926 on 2015-10-02
I am going to comment in length about the firing of certain pharmacy employees...I believe that is was unnecessary and harsh to fire the pharmacy manager, pharmacist and technicians who have been one of the greatest customer service teams in the last several years of this pharmacy...The...

Rite Aid - Delaware, Newark / Kim Brooks is a very rude pharmacist

Sabrinaperez1989 on 2015-07-01
I went in to the Rite Aid pharmacy on 263 Elkton Rd. In Newark Delaware on July 1st 2015. They took the prescription and said it would be ready in 10-15 minutes. I started to shop while waiting. I came back 15 minutes later to be told it was a day too early. When I asked if they knew what...

Rite Aid Pharmacy - California, Harbor City / Cant Find the Time in 3 Days to make a Phone call

Mamasdolly24 on 2015-06-07
Im Very Upset The Pharmacist at the Harbor City, Ca Rite Aid on PCH has Refused to call in my Medication to my Dr.'s Office to be Approved by the Insurance since Wednesday the 3rd of June she finally called it in right before my Dr.'s Office Closed for the weekend and After The...

Rite Aid - New York, Franklin Square / Pharmacist mistreatment

KellyDe on 2015-05-19
After the utterly disgusting, unprofessional an truly cruel treatment I received at the 178 new Hyde Park in franklin square new york location I will never step foot again into a rite aid. After being diagnosed with a bad case of shingles my doctor sent a script online but the pain...

Rite Aid - Alabama, Huntsville / Cost of Prescriptions

Josieglyn on 2015-05-14
I picked up a prescription yesterday from Rite Aid, it was blood pressure med's. The cost of $82 for a month's supply. I checked with Costco the same medication for one month is only $11, $19 for a three month supply. $71 more! Can someone please explain to me why the major...

Rite Aid/ Nicorette - California, San Rafael / Customer Service

Nicolemarie001 on 2014-11-03
I spend $300/ month on Nicorette (which I've been doing for three years). I always go to Walgreens because it's closer to my house. I just moved and stopped at Rite Aid this morning in the Northgate Mall area. The woman carded me which was surprising since I'm almost 40! I...

Rite Aid Pharmacy Montgomery Al / Incompetent and apathetic pharmacy employees

DDDY on 2014-04-02
Rite Aid Pharmacy, 6995 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36117, has the most incompetent and apathetic employees I've seen in a pharmacy thus far. I have used them for 14 years and my entire family has used them for longer. And they really don't make apologies for inconveniencing their...

Rite Aid Pharmacy / Pharmacist manager messed up a controlled substance.

Kayla22 on 2014-03-19
I went into the Rite Aid Pharmacy on 1303 woodbury ave in Portsmouth, NH 2 weeks ago to fill a couple prescriptions that my doctor prescribed so I go through the drive through to give them the scrip's and then they said to come back in about a half hour so I did. I waited in my car...

Rite Aid - New Jersey, Irvington / SERVICE

FAVOR on 2013-11-20
I went to pick up a prescription that my physician sent via email to Rite Aid. I didn't mind the wait as I was told it would be ready in 20 minutes. The wait ended up being over 1 hour and a 1/2. Then before I left I checked my prescription and didn't receive one of the important...

Rite Aide - Washington, Hoquiam / Pharmaist Hygiene

Cynthia Jensen on 2013-11-14
My husband and I went into this store to fill a prescription. While we were waiting I went to use the bathroom. I walked by the door that allows staff to go into the prescription area. its was open. When I went into the bathroom I looked in the crack of the restroom door to see if someone...

Rite Aid - Georgia, Austell / Slacking employees

Kimi28 on 2013-11-08
It is only 8:35pm the hours for Friday are 9a-9p we've been sitting here since 8:20pm and cannot get anyone to answer the drive through window, we've pushed the button several times. I've called them 6 times and all they do ispick the phone up and hang it back up with out...

Rite Aid Store# 05643 - California, San Diego / Hate Crime/Accused of Shop Lifting

Yesterday 07-02-2013 I went to the Rite Aid store I usually goto on Robinson Avenue, in the Hillcrest section of San Diego, CA to buy a cream that I use to wash my face with and shave with due to sensitive skin. While at the Rite Aid that I am always shopping and love the staff I by...

Rite Aid - California, Canoga Park / False Shoplifting Detentions

BigGrudged1 on 2013-06-11
Many persons are stopped and illegally detained by Rite Aid Security for shoplifting, even though they haven't stolen anything. This happened to a friend of mine, they just about strip searched her and found nothing, and accused her on the basis that some boxes near to where she wa...

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