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Google, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Google Inc. / Unexpected Transaction

Petesey_saan on 2016-05-15
On the 15th of may £9.99 was taken form my account in a transaction which I did not authorize. If possible I would like to know why this money was taken from my account and if it can be refunded. My email is p.phillips59311@gmail.com which is connected to my google account.

Google - Wisconsin, Madison / Unauthorized - Fraudulent Charges

Dede Wynne on 2016-05-09
Google *PerBlue.g.co/Payhelp# CA I have 6 separate charges on my bank card ranging from $2.99 to $99.99, totaling $167.94. I downloaded my Google account and these charges do not show up. I use Google Play to pay for my Pandora subscription and 1 game I play, Candy Crush which show up a...

Google Inc. / Google Sega G.Co play charges

Barbara Salter on 2016-04-19
I am checking my account and I notice charges that a minor made and you all just deducted without verifying whether he was of age to make these charges. I have charges for 4/11 of $8.21; $8.21; $4.11; $8.21;$3.90; and $4.11 and 4/15 of $1.05 These total $37.80 that should be refunded to me...

Google, Inc. / Don't Know

AlexJenny97 on 2016-04-17
So I go and check my bank account and find that it was just charged 8 times by google. 4 of them said GOOGLE *SPICERACKM g.co/payhelp#. The other 4 said GOOGLE *SPIC g co payhelp. Both of them followed by CA and a number. All of them costing $4.99 each except for the last one which cost...

Google / chrome browser = Malvertising generator

GooglersREvIL on 2016-04-04
Google Public DNS: An Introduction Dear Googlers.. I don't know if your engineers were having fun on april fools day, but Mr. google.com, your Dns servers, were resolving my browser to sum disgusting, revolting content that had nothing to do with what I wa...

Google / Google Translate Voice Service for Portuguese(Portugal)

CarlosCosta on 2016-03-28
Dear Gentlemans Every time a translation is made for Portuguese and You click the Voice buton to ear the translation, this come out in Brazilian and not on Portuguese. This is not correct! Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil have different accent and settences! Google...

Google - South Carolina, Cowpens / Google Play Charges

Jerry Adams III on 2016-03-10
I went on line to check my balance and this is what I seen when I open up my account. I seen where I think it was 10 year old ADHD son. I am not sure, but didn't Google get in trouble about this once before? I am expecting my whole refund back. $148.00. And that money was supposed to...

Google / Unauthorized use of my Google card for game play charged to my card

hazelnut@knology.net on 2016-03-03
During the month of February, I was charged about $27.00 (actual total $26.93) for playing games that I did not play; I played a game that costs exactly $4.99 + 2.99 = $7.98 total charges only . The rest of the charges (exactly $18.95) should be refunded to my account, and, somehow, we...

Google Inc. / Chrome

Reviewer65599 on 2016-02-27
Still feeling angry that you will no longer be supporting my operating systems but I guess you wouldn't know anything about being poor since you use fake offshore companies to avoid paying taxes you greedy scum! Long live Mozilla. Did I forget to mention that I hope your company fails and...

Google, Inc. - New Jersey, Paterson / Google dragonplay google com ch *ca

Reviewer95381 on 2016-02-26
on 2/2/2016 my debit card from 469216 Google dragonplay google com ch *ca was unauthorized in the amount of $29.99. I would like a full refund. Thank you I am very upset randyhopw@yahoo.com 973-517-6676

Google / Listed as Google*Pandora

m.allen on 2016-02-25
Each month on my bank statement close to the 8th, last charge 2-08-16, a charge is being made for $5.30. The charge reads "Google*Pandora with a description under it of Google.com/CHCA. You said do not submit capitals but the Google is in capitals and so is the chca. The bank said to close...

Google / Unauthorized debit charges

Deb DeVeney on 2016-02-24
Point of Sale Debit GOOGLE *Ana $4.99 02/16/2016 Point of Sale Debit GOOGLE *GSN $4.99 02/16/2016 Point of Sale Debit GOOGLE *GSN $1.99 Point of Sale Debit GOOGLE *Glu $4.99 02/08/2016 Point of Sale Debit GOOGLE *Glu $4.99 Point of Sale Debit GOOGLE *ALA $0.99 Point of Sale Debit...

Google / Internet service on Android phone

Reviewer38708 on 2016-02-24
Using the Android phone with Google software I recently (less than a month ago) installed Mozilla's Firefox app. For a couple of weeks Firefox was running fine but then some Big Brother set its tail on fire: the crashes has become frequent and constant, especially when I read article...

Google - California, Santa Clara / Adwords

shruthi bharathur on 2016-02-13
Google Adwords is a huge scam and bait and switch. I am sorely disappointed that the "do no evil" Internet company that I love so much has taken a bad route in terms of scamming people about adwords and showing it as their revenue > They sent an offer to me - use $100 adword...

Google / My Google adsense account was disabled

Reviewer18921 on 2016-02-12
My google adsense was activated in 2.jan.2016. I have earn $9.00 lost one month. Now my account was disabled. I am ask a question why my account was disabled? google is not give a proper answer. It's told only invalid activity. I have span more time to create this blog. but google i...

Google / Unauthorized credit card charges

lee holley on 2016-01-19
1/19/16 sequence 601925000214 1/19/16 six unauthorized charges showed up on my debit acount totaling 16.94 . dont know who thay are, what there service is, or how thay got my information. dont know how to contact anyone the phone number thay provided was no good there are no document...

google supercell / charges on my account

coreyellie on 2016-01-13
on the 04/01/2016 £7.99 then on 05/01/2016 £3.99 again on 06/01/2016 £0.79 and £3.99 and on the 11/01/2016 there was a £3.99/£7.99/£7.99/£14.99/£14.99.these amounts were all taken from my account as im on dissabillity benefits i cannot afford to lose this sort of money.i would like this sorted as soon as possible. regards j.morgan (mrs)

Google / Killoo games

Sanjem Joe on 2016-01-11
My bank account has been charged $73.97 New Zealand dollars for games i do not even play. How they got access to my debit card details is beyond me. When i saw that this had happened, i quickly cancelled my card with my bank ( 10/1/2016) just to find that more transactions had gone out the...

Google / Unauthorized credit card charges / unethical behaviour

endthescamsplease on 2016-01-06
On 7 December 2015 seven bookings, each of 1, 99 Euro, were made from my credit card. I have now cancelled my credit card so that this does not happen again. However, I would like to have my money back since this was unauthorized and appears to happen a great deal, judging by the complaints about GOOGLE*socialpoint/GOOGLE.COM/C on the internet.

Google Inc. / Sgn games

Sandra Simons on 2015-12-24
I downloaded a game for my granddaughter to play while we are on a short visit over Xmas .only to find that I have payd £39.99 for a game I thought was free. I am over 70 years old and won't be playing this game myself we return home in January, this is absolutely outrageous, no warning...

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