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Google, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Google Adsense / My Google adsense account was disabled..........

Reviewer18921 on 2016-02-12
My google adsense was activated in 2.jan.2016. I have earn $9.00 lost one month. Now my account was disabled. I am ask a question why my account was disabled? google is not give a proper answer. It's told only invalid activity. I have span more time to create this blog. but google is not...

Google / Unauthorized credit card charges

lee holley on 2016-01-19
1/19/16 sequence 601925000214 1/19/16 six unauthorized charges showed up on my debit acount totaling 16.94 . dont know who thay are, what there service is, or how thay got my information. dont know how to contact anyone the phone number thay provided was no good there are no document...

google supercell / charges on my account

coreyellie on 2016-01-13
on the 04/01/2016 £7.99 then on 05/01/2016 £3.99 again on 06/01/2016 £0.79 and £3.99 and on the 11/01/2016 there was a £3.99/£7.99/£7.99/£14.99/£14.99.these amounts were all taken from my account as im on dissabillity benefits i cannot afford to lose this sort of money.i would like this sorted as soon as possible. regards j.morgan (mrs)

Google / Killoo games

Sanjem Joe on 2016-01-11
My bank account has been charged $73.97 New Zealand dollars for games i do not even play. How they got access to my debit card details is beyond me. When i saw that this had happened, i quickly cancelled my card with my bank ( 10/1/2016) just to find that more transactions had gone out the...

Google / Unauthorized credit card charges / unethical behaviour

endthescamsplease on 2016-01-06
On 7 December 2015 seven bookings, each of 1, 99 Euro, were made from my credit card. I have now cancelled my credit card so that this does not happen again. However, I would like to have my money back since this was unauthorized and appears to happen a great deal, judging by the complaints about GOOGLE*socialpoint/GOOGLE.COM/C on the internet.

Google Inc. / Sgn games

Sandra Simons on 2015-12-24
I downloaded a game for my granddaughter to play while we are on a short visit over Xmas .only to find that I have payd £39.99 for a game I thought was free. I am over 70 years old and won't be playing this game myself we return home in January, this is absolutely outrageous, no...

Google - Texas, Houston / Google adwords

I’ve been in mail order for about 45 years. My web business has been a Google adwords advertiser since there has been a Google. Over the last 15 years, I've paid Google somewhere around $140, 000-$150, 000. That's a lot of money. I have tracking software on my server. The tracking...

Google - California, Mountain View / Google updates for Airaisa flight AK83 dated 6th Dec 2015 from Kaulalampur, malaysia to visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh,India.

vijjimajji on 2015-12-21
Respected CEO or Head of Google, I along with my 5 family members including 2 children of about 9 and 10 years age have booked air asia flight ticket on 29th Nov 2015 onward journey and return ticket on 6th Dec 2015. However, on 6th Dec morning we have received an Google update that...

Google - Virginia, Wytheville / Adwords Marketing/billing

Real Life Photography on 2015-12-02
I was just notified after an year of a "past due" balance that it was sent to collection. Not once was I notified and at no point did I owe when I shut down my account (over a year ago). I was told that there was several attempts which at one point I talk to someone (false note...

Google / Adwords Express - Withdrawals of unauthorized money from account

Oreficedave1 on 2015-11-30
Back in Dec 2014When we initially signed up we were given all the bells and whistles that after 2 weeks absolutely nothing was done so we closed the ad down. Then when in early Nov 2015, they billed $51.47 and if we didn't pay, they'd take action. So yes, I paid BIG mistake! They...

Google - Colorado, Denver / Sales Call on Thanksgiving 11-26-2015

Laura Dirks on 2015-11-26
Mark, identified himself from a Google Affiliate (unspecified), called on Thanksgiving with a sales call. His number is 303.823.4351. When I told him I did not want to talk with him on Thanksgiving, he became verbally abusive...ending in calling me a 'crazy b****h'. Nice affiliate Google has, huh?

Google, Inc. / Google Play Music

Michael Stanley on 2015-11-22
Dear Sir, On about the 20th September 2014, i joined a free trail with google play music, and one year later on, my fee was taken out of my account and the next month another fee was deducted again, the reason why i am very angry with it is that i would have appreciated a warning that the...

Google Adwords / Overcharging - inaccurate clicks

Reviewer12035 on 2015-11-08
I have paid tracker on site with the same time zone as in Google Adwords, but google adwords showing huge overcharge if my tracker show 500 click for a day, google charging about 850 clicks. I sent them email with proof but they the reply is the same - system is automatic

Google, Inc. - New York, Sanborn / I have been trying to send emails to my uncle but they fail to reach him.

ldhgllh on 2015-11-05
I have been trying to send an email to my uncle in Pennsylvania from new York but I get no response from him then after I talked with him in Pennsylvania when I was visiting that he told me that all he got was a gill on his computer screen and there was no message and my email is through...

Google - California, Palo Alto / 14 fraudulent charges to my debit card of 99.99 each

alma sanger on 2015-10-22
We tried to order a charger cover door for a Samsung S5 phone for 9.99 on Sept. 4, 2015 on our Wells Fargo Visa debit card from Google MachineZone Google.com/ CH CA. We cancelled the order, because it wasn't the right item, but were charged 99.99 four times on Sept. 4th, 99.99 six...

Google / Google Maps- Wrong maked

Reviewer63739 on 2015-10-21
I have a complaint that when I was in Korea, the sea of Japan was marked as the east sea, but it is marked as "the sea of japan" in all countries accept Korean site. it appears to be ignoring Korean people, although Korean people proved the issues, I think. anyway, I wish that Google change the name of sea as soon as possible.

Google / Some one created mail id same as what was mine.

Girisha N J on 2015-10-10
Sir, mine mail id is girishanj@gmail.com having from 5-6 years, But from the last month some one was created same mail id as what i having. So i getting his mails too... so please accept my request and cancel his mail id who was created in last month.. Thank u sir...

Google / Unethical behaviour

Reviewer44754 on 2015-10-05
Google Partners initiate their call by saying they are Google when they're not. They fail to disclose the total cost of their programs; then you get charged through your bank for a cost much higher; Bait and Switch. Google Adwords is a self generated scam because Google controls so...

Google / Censors my site for "unoriginalcontent"

Marc Batko on 2015-10-03
My site is a nonprofit informational site with links to 12 free Internet books, 50 videos and 800 translated articles. German Translations on the Economic Crisis These articles could invigorate debate and deserve a wide English readership. www.freembtranslations.net Marc’s Translation...

Google / Same Google mail id being given to two users

Billu on 2015-10-03
Hi, I am forwarding an e mail sent to my e mail id BUT ADDRESSED TO A DIFFERENT Person as can be seen from the e-mail shown below.. I have been using this id vijay411@gmail.com for many years now. I find that another person Mr. Vijay Raghunath Patait, based in India has also been allowed...

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