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Walmart Moneygram Complaints & Reviews - Ricky Norton

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Walmart Moneygram

Posted:    cristy patitucci

Ricky Norton

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Today 12/12/08 I went to walmart to purchase a moneygram as asked by Ricky Norton of 10 Newbury Street, Damvers, MA 01923. I agreed to purchase a teacup size yorkie for $400 and was to be shipped via Delta soon after receipt of payment. I received my confirmation number and sent to Ricky, which we've had many text and voice conversations which I kept. After I left work to head to the Philadelphia airport to pick up the precious 1.5 lb. pup for my daughter as a christmas gift, I received a text from Ricky stating he needed $150 more because he forgot they charged a fee of 150 for a Live Animal Transportation Fee. I stressed to him that we had an agreement and I was paying nothing extra and demanded a refund. I have yet to hear from him nor been able to locate his whereabouts. Would walmart moneygram be able to track the facility where he picked up the money and possible have an ID or video of the person aleging to be Ricky Norton? I am demanding to him via text and VM that he refund or I am pressing legal action. This again, as for many, is most possibly and positivily, a scam and right bfore Christmas which in theses economin imes, the normal person can not afford to loose $400 PLUS $22.92 for the moneygram. I am asking for help from anyone and everyone who can direct me with this horrific situation. I am not only out a special specific Christmas present but $422.92 which will now doulble to make up for what I was suppose tho get for my daughter. I will accept phone calls o my cell 856-340-8202 if anyone has been through this and can guarantee me getting my money back.
Oh forgot, Ricky Norton's "cell" number is 646-417-2683
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 30th of Jan, 2010 by   BLABLABLA6969 0 Votes
Good luck!!! I lost $950
. What a sorry company. No live help!!
This line is crap!!
Affordable: Competitive pricing that often costs less than our competitors
Benefiting You.
$24 to get a copy of reciever's reciept. WHATCH OUT FOR HIDDEN FEES.
Phone support What a f@#$%ng joke Press 1 to go to where you started. Want help?
No such thing here. Your on your own
According to them there great. LOOK BELOW

Our services are designed to meet your values, which is why our money transfers are:

Affordable: Competitive pricing that often costs less than our competitors. Additional discounts are provided with our MoneyGram RewardsSM Program.
Quick: Customers can send cash quickly, usually available to the receiver within ten minutes.*
Reliable: Our service is secure and guaranteed.
Convenient: MoneyGram offers a variety of convenient ways to transfer money,

 6th of Apr, 2010 by   Not Paranoid 0 Votes
I've used Western Union for money transfers in the past, and thought of trying Moneygram for a change, only because their fees are a tad cheaper. WRONG!!! What they advertize is not what they end up charging you.

In any case, my complaint centers around their RACIST PROFILING policy. I sent some money overseas for the purchase of a rare soccer match on DVD - recipient happened to be named Mohammad. THEY CHARGED ME $14 FEE (for USD35 transfer), FLAGGED THE TRANSACTION, AND REFUSED TO RELEASE THE MONEY.

After furious inquiry as why they held the funds back, one of the senior manager of the "Escalation Department" said that the name matched some list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, US Dept. of Treasury.

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE GO BY Mohammad, Muhamed, Muhamad!!! This is TOTALLY uncalled for!!

Recipient went to the bank THREE TIMES to retrieve the money. He was NEVER told why they would not release the money the first two times. IN FACT THE RECEIVING BANK, NEVER GOT THE MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. When I relayed what I had learnt, he went back a third time, complete with affidavits, character statements and proof that he was not a terrorist - just a civilian who happened to own footage of a rare soccer match. (eBay anyone?? This is NO DIFFERENT!!).

Going on a week now - they have still not released it. He is on the verge of cancelling the transaction. Not worth the humiliation for 35 bucks!!! (He wasn't even making a profit, just sharing a match with a fellow enthusiast).

The hell with Moneygram!!! PIGS!!
 5th of Jan, 2011 by   Collin Robinson 0 Votes
Im starting a class action againt Money Gram Internationinal, that is a cost free to you, chance to sue Money Gram International, and keep any awards from the court. The condition is you can not accept any offer by Money Gram International, indevidualy.

Contact me at cdr-1234@hotmail.com if you have a complaint, against Money Gram International.
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   Paige Scruggs 0 Votes
Yes, this exact same thing just happened to my husband..well, very close. I am very interested in a class action.
Collins: I am contacting you via the email address above, but please feel free to contact me pscruggs@hlhlaw.net.

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