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Aaron's Complaints & Reviews

Aarons, Inc / Rent to own, bed, not picked up when requested

pking1129 on Nov 23, 2016
Mike King requested a bed picked up two weeks ago. Could no longer pay for and was not needed. Someone from Aaron's supposedly showed up. Claimed they saw a bug, claimed they called their supervisor and could not take the bed. Leaving NO paper work. We can't pay for it. All the...

Aarons - Fort Collins / Management lied to me and cursed me in front of employees

Marcie Dawoud on Oct 20, 2016
A couple months ago I came in to Aarons to get a replacement remote for my tv. It took the store a month to get the replacement remote and when I got home the remote was broken so I called and talked to the manager who stated he would replace the remote control for free and that it would...

Aaron's / Lawn mower yard man

dan whygle on Jul 11, 2016
I have been trying to lease a mower it has had problems from the start for 2 mo. I have been working with them to get it resolved but they took in did not listen when I told them the problem they just put new blades on it and sent it back the same so they took it and sent me a loner mower...

Aaron's / Poor and rude customer service

messyouup on Feb 13, 2016
We leased a bed set at Aarons Evergreen Way Everett. Was behind with our payments this past months due to some circumstance which is outside our control. Everyday I am being harrassed by Aarons employee with their calls using different number thinking i would answer them. When my husband...

Aaron's / Manager

Reviewer88099 on Jan 21, 2016
The manager at Aaron's on Norris Freeway in Knoxville Tennessee is very rude to me. Every time I have talked to him, he has been that way. The manager's name is Guy. If anyone wants to do business with Aaron's, don't let him be the one that takes care of you.

Aarons / Furniture

Reviewer89273 on Jan 8, 2016
am buying a sectional from your casper wy store. There was an issue with one piece of the sectional so the manager Amber took it to the store to repair it. She was suppose to call me the next day. After hearing nothing I called her 2 days later. She said she forgot to call and that they...

Aarons Furniture Rental / Employees

Reviewer92523 on Dec 8, 2015
This has got to be the worst company to rent from. My roommate rented a TV. After a day after they mailed mailed him a letter saying that if he can get anything he wants for half price. So he got a laptop. It was the worst thing he ever did. They started calling him before the due date. He...

Aaron's / Customer service/management

Donna Arnold on Nov 2, 2015
10/20/2015-11/01/2015 Paid $1 to rent a HP Computor-#1.Aaron's stole the sale from their sister store by claiming that their Fax machine was down which I mentioned this in the review that came to my e-mail-so the management calls me at 8:30 a.m. to discuss why I complained in the...

Aaron's, Inc. / Damage to furniture and apartment on delivery

HerringJ on Sep 26, 2015
Agreement number: 25241 on 4/7/2015 When the furniture was delivered, the guys damaged my apartment with a large hole in my wall and numerous scuff marks multiple places on walls. They ripped the entire bottom of the couch fabric. In addition they ripped the end of the couch. I took pictures of...

Aarons Rent / Bedroom set

Trudy Letson on Sep 17, 2015
On september 3, 2015 i called Aaron's up and said i was haveing finiancial trouble, never missed a payment in 16 months, The store mananger said to pay" I said no i cannot but would pay the 176 for October. The amount has tripled to 400.00 and they don't want to hear no..fast...

Aaron's, Inc. / Poor customer service

Reviewer51868 on Aug 18, 2015
Requested a refund of my 25.00 deposit on 8/10/15. Was assured that it would would be sent to my account within the next 5 days. Called on 8/17/15 was directed to contact Jessica. Called Jessica and was sent straight to voice mail as she was in a "meeting". No respond back. Called 3 more...

Aaron's furniture / Loveseat

Loveseat on Jun 4, 2015
Katie Konkle renting love seat since November and delievery loves eat to my house then same day love seat had done rip off on leather so I called and said need come and check on it then they came over and said oh we will be back and then wait wait wait on them till 2 week ago they come to...

Aarons / Speed

wolfbreath on May 18, 2015
I special ordered a mattress 8 weeks ago. The employees said it would bs 6-8 weeks to deliver the order. I call and go up there constantly, all I get is bs stories on how they lost my order, there never was an order, ec. I'm so tired of waiting but there is no other shop in town that...

Aaron's / Why should I keep paying. I don't want to keep the furniture

Mrs Yazzie on May 1, 2015
They are so rude. One of the managers said that losing a love one is not tragic and that life moves on. I just loss my grandma two weeks ago and they have the actual nerves to say that. I told them to pick up the furniture because I'm going to stop making payments. The delivery guy...

Aarons / False contracts

Michael Harrington on Apr 7, 2015
Stay Far Far Away from this company, They tell you that you will be paying 120 days same as cash. I had one payment left to make 160 and the account would be paid off. I called in to make the payment today and now I have 8 Months worth of payments with a new buy out of $560.00 cause they...

Aarons / Appliances

ilovemybirds on Mar 21, 2015
first of all aarons is a big rip off i have had tv computers from them and now a washer and dryer my dryer is having issues squealing they said they cant find anything wrong with it i looked inside the dryer and they have it TAPED with maksing tape this is supposed to be like new but it...

Aarons Furniture / 1 day late

Rksimmons on Dec 25, 2014
I have to say Aarons is the worst place for you to even think you will be helped by them at all. My payments were due on the 1st of every month. I was ( and i am Not kidding one bit) one day late getting there and they had called my phone not once, not twice, but four times that day. So by...

Www.aaronshumakefitness.com / They took money from me without authorization and their membership is scam

Jamie on Dec 16, 2014
I became the member on the website www.aaronshumakefitness.com . I was shocked when I found out that this website charged me for $50 per month. WTF? I haven’t provided my personal info and how they got it, I don’t know. They ignored me and no idea how to stop them. They are...

Aarons Sales And Lease / very rude and unreliable

This is my second purchase here at Aarons.. I purchased a washer and dryer and had no issues.. My husband and I decided to buy a Refrigerator with Ice maker the ice maker decided to quit so i called aarons to see if it could be fixed or replaced it took a month before someone came to check...

Aarons Sales And Lease / Won't fix my tv

Jaci99 on Jul 11, 2014
We just finished paying off 3 different, 2-year agreements. Our house was recently struck by lightening and the tv we got from Aaron's was hit. This is actually the third time this has happened to the tv. Now they were more than willing to fix while we were under contract, but refuse...

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