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Posted:    Mary Pulitzer


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The Walmart in Alpharetta, Georgia on WindWard
Parkway has hired a known thief. The womans name is Jan Maxwell Gaston. She stole peoples identity from several Metro Area Doctors Offices.
She was arrested in November 2007 and is obviously out on bond. She was charged with credit card transaction fraud, ID Fraud and receiving stolen property. How can Walmart hire someone like this to work around credit cards. I will not go there. This woman caused and is still causing a lot of people grief and ruined their credit.
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 18th of Jun, 2008 by   richard james 0 Votes
Just because someone makes a mistake doesn't mean they should have to pay for the rest of their life. Everyone makes bad decisions, sounds like this woman did her time in the system, at least the victims got that out of it, doesn't mean she will go out and do it again. Of course I understand your frustration, but if it was known fraud, it shouldn't ruin yours or others credit, the banks should wipe it out, especially with ID Fraud is big as it is. As far as Walmart goes, they are known to hire rapists too, so, I don't ID fraud is going to keep this woman from getting a job.
 25th of Jul, 2008 by   MAx 0 Votes
Well Richard, sounds like you just might be an accomplice. Such a lot of information from
a law abiding citizen.
 31st of Mar, 2009 by   clarriss 0 Votes
the employees of this store, not all of them some of them are very rude and unhelpful. When you ask a question or as for help they either arent in that department or they are on break so they dont have to help you further. sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get to someone who will help you or lead you in the right direction.

What happened to customer satisfaction? Did it go to Mexico and China along with all the second rate products the store now carries? This problem is from the Manager all the way down to the employee. Tell you what Walmart, if you spent half the time and money working on employee managers and helping customers as you do reorganizing your stores you'd have a much better business. Its sad that all of our home town stores are going out of business for your Corporate takeovers and that the wonderful small store owners who are happy and glad to help a customer get replaced by your corporation with second rate employees.
 2nd of Apr, 2009 by   Allen Martin 0 Votes
i guess we should start letting convicted child molesters work in day cares. Oh and all the convicted drug users could be pharmycists! How bout the car thiefs being valets? obvious to say I agree with Mary.
 19th of May, 2009 by   Phoenix Bird 0 Votes
I recently applied at walmart they called me and offered me a job, i was hired, the third day after my tests
I received a letter telling me I had a prior arrest 4 years ago, that was not letting me be a walmart employee.
I was not even asked about it. I am more than qualified, id say way more than qualified, but my point,
im getting there.
Later I was shopping at walmart with my family, i seen a employee doing hand gestures to another
employee, at first I thought it was sign language, well i suppose to them it was, this was a spanish speaking
person that could not speak english to her co-worker, I was going to assist them sence they both looked utterly
stupid!, but I did'nt, I mean they were smart enough to work there, I supposed they could figure it out themselves.
 19th of May, 2009 by   rwj19731 0 Votes
so whats ya complaint im pretty sure on the app it asked about felonies or misdemeanors and you know damn well ya background is gonna be checked so why hide it
 2nd of Sep, 2009 by   carolcheryl 0 Votes
she should cll first and see if they have the item in stock! and go to the fitting room and ask if they can find someone to help them I'm sure they will help they are allways nice to me at Walmart!
 12th of Sep, 2010 by   sharpeye 0 Votes
if you dont know the person then u really have nothing to say!you need to get your fact straight before you judge someone else.sharpeye

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