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LEM Swap/LEM Swap feedback Complaints & Reviews - Unfair/double set of rules

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LEM Swap/LEM Swap feedback

Posted:    Saroyan1946

Unfair/double set of rules

Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Contact information:
LEMSwap/LEMSwap feedback
United States
Hello there, first, full disclosure:

I was asked for legal advice/help about the dealings done by the web sites cited in my subject. Two friends of mine had received the highest/harshest penalty provided by the above sites. They don´t disput the charges and do not want to be reinstated or the same.The penalty, albeit correct, is issued with no fairness and missusing the personal info of my friends. Also, my friends provided partial evidence of wrong doing of another people in the above sites. Ultraquick response in the dealings of my friends was done. But not the same set of rules enforced by that list nannies/owners etc is done about the other people involved. So, my warning goes here:

Avoid at all cost dealings in these websites. People there can do the the following to you:

a-Promise positive feedback if their personal disputes go well. Lure you into disclosure of personal info, using deceiving e-mails and later posting the worst possible and inexact history/feedback of the deals.This can be viewed as internal sting operation.
b-Harass/bother you with a flood of sites making claims your items are over-priced.
c-Harass/force you into going a war of words and going in disrepute, no being the nanny list/owner. Collecting so called evidence by use of personal e-mail and private conversations with the people confederated and later going in a personal vendetta.
d)-Being addresed and warned, using the site to make auctions not permitted.
e)-Overcharge you with "shipping costs no considered" over one amount/deal already done.
f)-Requesting you info/help about items no wanting more the correct info to get their buyings right and not buying of you, with any excuse. I know, in USA anybody can sell/buy as the person wants. Only is not ethical, to me, use the time of another person searching a profit, to provide you the info you cannot have because lazyness/lack of homework and later claimed that info is right and useful, and yet, not buying.
g)-Use of personal info to purposes against the Google policies and for personal and private use.

So, be aware of the sites aforementioned. If you want more info, feel free to ask me via e-mail.

Este post y otros se publicaron en AppleInsider y MacRumors, dos sitios online. En 24 horas ambos fueron borrados de ambos. Tambien se le hizo llegar a Mr. Dan Knight, dueño/mantenedor de los sitios antes mencionados, una peticion para que su staff actuara. Es el momento y aun no lo hace.Yo, Mikhail Saroyan-Nimzo, en representacion de los dos amigos antes mencionados en el post en ingles, estoy presentando esta queja.
Comments United States Computers & Accessories
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 25th of Jan, 2015 by   arkangel1975 0 Votes
Bought and sold for years on the list, NEVER had any of the above listed problems. Most complaints seem to come from people attempting to scam others on the list.

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