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Aspen Dental Complaints & Reviews

Aspen Dental - Tennessee, Cleveland / Service lies and prices

PLCalhoun3055 on 2016-05-17
Well this office manager John is a liar and a hateful man especially to a woman but i stood in his face and told him he is a liar not whst he promised my husband and my son and they still are h aving problems tried to go to a different aspen thinking the payment arrangements goes to all of...

Aspen Dental - Tennessee, Morristown / Teeth fillings

Courtney presnell on 2016-05-16
I went to have fillings done on Friday may 13th 2016 at the aspen dental office of Morristown! I was told these were the last ones to be done! After numbing I waited for at least 15 minutes or longer before they came back to start. This is all on my top front teeth! The dentist put wedge...

Aspen Dental - Pennsylvania, Tarentum / Customer Care

Brittany Premick on 2016-05-05
I called the office in Tarentum, PA to have a copy of my X-rays printed. When I arrived at the office not only were my X-rays not printed, they refused to print them because they said it would take too much time, even though there was enough time to print the copies before closing. I told...

Aspen Dental - Tennessee, Chattanooga / Dental work, dentures and personnel

Cox DL on 2016-04-30
I went to Aspen Dental to get a new partial and was told I needed to get all my teeth pulled and get upper and lower dentures. I followed the advise of the dentist and allowed the dentist to remove my teeth and got a temporary denture. I had to make multiple trips back to the dentist and...

Aspen Dental - Florida, Lady Lake / Cleaning appointment

Robert Duffy on 2016-04-28
I scheduled an appointment with Aspen dental in lady lake six months ago for my six month. I have received a few cleanings their but it has been difficult to get 2 in per year.I feel it is important for healthy teeth to keep them on 2 per year cleanings. I received an email to confirm my...

Aspen Dental - New Hampshire, Seabrook / Dental Services

Dan Snook on 2016-04-26
I will never do business with Aspen Dental. "Jason" the office guy is the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. The dentist Dr. Park did nothing to make me feel confident in this establishment. I was given a dental plan that was $4, 000. I was told by "Jason" that my insurance...

Aspen Dental - Tennessee, Cookeville / Dental "Services"

Mickie Davis on 2016-04-25
BAD BUSINESS ALERT! Do not go to ASPEN DENTAL in Cookeville. What a racket. I only made a late appt there because I started a new job and my regular dentist closes at 4. I have had issues with one tooth for months. My regular dentist had just put a temp crown on it and told me that if I...

Aspen Dental - Ohio, Cleveland / dental services

Denise8912 on 2016-04-01
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go up into my jaw bone and eat away at my jaw bone. I had to go to metrohospital dental department in...

Aspen Dental - Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre / Dental Care & Dental Malpractice

Shawn F. on 2016-03-19
My experience with Aspen Dental of Wilkes-Barre, PA was the absolute worst experience that I've ever had with any dentist or dental network.I literally almost died because of a misdiagnosed abscess tooth that was missed by one of their traveling dentist and one of their on-site dental...

Aspen Dental - Florida, Port Orange / Billed for work that was not performed.

Marie DeGayner on 2016-03-15
November of 2014 I visited Aspen Dental in Port Orange, Fl with the intent of having a "root canal" which was suggested by the dentist on a previous visit. At that time the dentist told me the tooth was "too bad" and a root canal could not be performed. I was told the alternative was to...

Aspen Dental / Misdiagnosis and shoddy product

Teresa Groves on 2016-03-08
I visited Aspen Dental in February 2015. My intention was to be fitted for a partial upper denture. X-rays and exam were done at the first appointment. I was told I needed a complete cleaning and two teeth pulled before the denture could be done. I agreed to their treatment plan and...

Aspen Dental - Florida, Lake Wales / Upcharging of services

Reviewer76041 on 2016-02-18
Aspen dental is the major Solstice Dental Plan carrier. Solstice provides a fee schedule with everything spelled out in costs. It all seems fair and straight ahead. The problem is that Aspen Dental says that you need all the most expensive procedures and refers you to out of network...

Aspen Dental - Iowa, Waterloo / Dental Checkup!

Reviewer88271 on 2016-02-15
As a senior citizen (67), I scheduled an appointment for Monday 2/15/16 at 5:30 PM (after work) for a checkup! X-rays, checkup, and recommendations were given to evaluate. Recommendations included (4) surface fillings, perio therapy (gum and teeth cleaning), and upper and lower denture...

Aspen Dental - Illinois, Marion / Dental work / extractions and property fitting dentures

Reviewer56036 on 2016-02-09
New Patient 1/10/2013. Extractions with (iF/iP Impressions 01/10/2013. Impressions for surgery Surgery by Dr. Mirande 1/23/2013 extract and deliver. (4) Additional visits Thru 01/23/2013 to- 07/25/2013 Adjustments #3- Root tip ext 08/01/2013 Patient 8/23/2013 Wax try for Perm Delivered upper...

Aspen Dental / Uneccessay Procedure

Reviewer19606 on 2016-01-30
On 01.27.2016 my father went to that shoddy place that has the nerve to call themselves a dental clinical. They lied to him about needing to have teeth pulled that in-fact t could have been saved. He was told that a filling had fallen out and that the tooth had chipped and was not able to...

Aspen Dental - Florida, Venice / Dental service

Kay Kibbel on 2016-01-18
I called Aspen Dental for my bi-annual cleaning appointment. The day of the appointment I went in and was supposed to receive antibiotics because I have 2 knee replacements. The dentist told me the ruling changed in 2015 but still gave them to me. 2nd: I had a panoramic x-ray in addition...

Aspen Dental - Illinois, Cicero / New Patient Examination

Reviewer54971 on 2016-01-16
I'd luckily been warned by a friend about going to Aspen, and after my new patient exam the warning turned out absolutely correct. The good - the staff were friendly, competent and quick at their jobs. If it weren't for the bad side I'd be happy to be a regular patient there. The bad -...

Aspen Dental - Pennsylvania, Altoona / Appointment

Reviewer63579 on 2016-01-02
My insurance advised me to get a dental checkup of which for a $15.00 copay, I was to receive cleaning, x-rays, and a check-up. So I made an appointment with Aspen Dental, who I was told(by Aspen Dental)that they accepted my insurance. When I made the appointment and when I checked in at...

Aspen Dental - Massachusetts, Springfield / Double billing

Reviewer24582 on 2016-01-02
I had an agonizing 2 yr. ordeal $8000 bill contract said this included both temp/perm dentures extractions cleanings. I keep receiving a bill for the last four months for my permanent dentures that was already paid for and every month I call tell them this is in error. they tell me I...

Aspen Dental - Ohio, Cleveland / Unprofessionally

Reviewer78339 on 2015-12-03
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go into my jaw bone and ate away at my jaw bone. I went to Metro hospital dental department in...

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