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Aspen Dental Complaints & Reviews

Aspen Dental - Illinois, Marion / Dental work / extractions and property fitting dentures

Reviewer56036 on 2016-02-09
New Patient 1/10/2013. Extractions with (iF/iP Impressions 01/10/2013. Impressions for surgery Surgery by Dr. Mirande 1/23/2013 extract and deliver. (4) Additional visits Thru 01/23/2013 to- 07/25/2013 Adjustments #3- Root tip ext 08/01/2013 Patient 8/23/2013 Wax try for Perm Delivered upper...

Aspen Dental / Uneccessay Procedure

Reviewer19606 on 2016-01-30
On 01.27.2016 my father went to that shoddy place that has the nerve to call themselves a dental clinical. They lied to him about needing to have teeth pulled that in-fact t could have been saved. He was told that a filling had fallen out and that the tooth had chipped and was not able to...

Aspen Dental - Florida, Venice / Dental service

Kay Kibbel on 2016-01-18
I called Aspen Dental for my bi-annual cleaning appointment. The day of the appointment I went in and was supposed to receive antibiotics because I have 2 knee replacements. The dentist told me the ruling changed in 2015 but still gave them to me. 2nd: I had a panoramic x-ray in addition...

Aspen Dental - Illinois, Cicero / New Patient Examination

Reviewer54971 on 2016-01-16
I'd luckily been warned by a friend about going to Aspen, and after my new patient exam the warning turned out absolutely correct. The good - the staff were friendly, competent and quick at their jobs. If it weren't for the bad side I'd be happy to be a regular patient there. The bad -...

Aspen Dental - Pennsylvania, Altoona / Appointment

Reviewer63579 on 2016-01-02
My insurance advised me to get a dental checkup of which for a $15.00 copay, I was to receive cleaning, x-rays, and a check-up. So I made an appointment with Aspen Dental, who I was told(by Aspen Dental)that they accepted my insurance. When I made the appointment and when I checked in at...

Aspen Dental - Massachusetts, Springfield / Double billing

Reviewer24582 on 2016-01-02
I had an agonizing 2 yr. ordeal $8000 bill contract said this included both temp/perm dentures extractions cleanings. I keep receiving a bill for the last four months for my permanent dentures that was already paid for and every month I call tell them this is in error. they tell me I...

Aspen Dental - Ohio, Cleveland / Unprofessionally

Reviewer78339 on 2015-12-03
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go into my jaw bone and ate away at my jaw bone. I went to Metro hospital dental department in...

Aspen Dental / Fort Myers, Florida

PissedOffChic on 2015-10-30
DO NOT GO THIS PLACE ! Aspen Dental DESTROYED ME PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. And corporate doesn't even care, They need to be shut down. For 1 year now i have had an infection, was told i had bone loss as i see others have been told. I live in pain everyday, I was told 3 teeth had to be...

Aspen Dental - Florida, Jacksonville / Dentures

Reviewer60296 on 2015-10-29
I went to them for dentures in April.I had 2 teeth extracted, one was very short and she had default getting it out. After several visits, I told them about the sore spot where the problem tooth was extracted.I was told it would take six months to heal.On my last visit/OCT.23, 2015 it wa...

Aspen Dental / Unprofessional, rude

Reviewer25584 on 2015-10-25
My very first visit ever to Aspen Dental was absolutely the most traumatic dentist appointment I have ever experienced! I had called different dentist offices to try to get in asap and after many trys finally got in with Aspen. Very first visit ever, receptionist was nice, exray lady wa...

Aspen Dental - Tennessee, Bristol / complaint

Reviewer71584 on 2015-08-28
I went to Aspen in Bristol TN for top extraction and top teeth as well as bottom parcial. HORRIBLE! After charging me $6000 I thought I could expect a good experience, however that was not the case. After paying to be put to sleep to avoid the stress of it all two weeks later I find out...

Aspen Dental, Cheektowaga, NY / Rough handling physical abuse

sadlyragdollblues on 2015-08-03
On Friday the 31st of July, I went to Aspen Dental, on Walden Avenue, in Cheektowaga, NY. I asked for Dr. Singh and Dr. Tin rudely replied that I'm here today. He asked me to open my mouth wide, and I could not as the left side of my cheek was badly blown out, I had five abscessed...

Aspen Dental - Massachusetts, Saugus / Broken dentures several times

Joan2015 on 2015-07-30
I had purchased a set of dentures two yrs ago..Before my warranty ran out the manager told me I had to pay for a repair that it was my fault...I posted a complaint to the posses off customer website..days after that the manager contacted me and was upset I made a complaint and made an...

Aspen Dental - Indiana, Fort Wayne / incompetent

Mikesell on 2015-05-20
I discussed a treatment plan with the office manager. I asked several times if the price she quoted was for EVERYTHING from start to finish. She assured me it was. She had a sample selection of dentures in her office & asked me which denture I was interested in. I selected the...

Aspen Dental / terrible dental office

Dental-Hell on 2015-05-07
I scheduled an appointment with Aspen Dental in Waterbury because it was the place with the soonest appointment available since I have tooth ache. one hour right before my appointment I get a call from some receptionist name "Rosie" telling that she was sorry but my appointment had to be...

Aspen Dental / False Diagnosis

Milly 14 on 2015-04-27
I have never written a negative review in my life but felt like others who are looking for a local dentist or current patients uneasy with an Aspen diagnosis need to be warned. When I visited Aspen for the first time they diagnosed me with early periodontal disease and the dentist said I...

Aspen Dental - Ohio, Wooster / Not a reputable company

ProudMom69 on 2015-04-24
Never go here! They tried to push me into a very expensive "deep cleaning". I told them i would wait to see if my insurance would pay for some or all, but that in the mean time i want just a regular 6 month cleaning. I was told that the dentist must decide what treatment i receive. I said...

Aspen Dental, Muskegon, Mi / waiting almost 2 weeks to get in for denture adjustment

problem dentures on 2015-04-24
I went in to get a new upper plate. It took over a month to finally get the plate, after wearing them for a day a couple of spots of irritation my gums started to swell and can't even drink liquids without pain because of a sharp edge on back of plate. Called to get in for an...

Aspen Dental - Ohio, Zanesville / Wisdom Teeth

kenrae on 2015-04-07
I went to aspen dental and got my wisdom teeth out. I asked them if they would knock me out and they said yes. I get there and they give me laughing gas which didn't help me at all. They might have not even giving it to me it was a waste. Then I felt everything and he wasn't nice...

Aspen Dental / Neglect/Deception

Charlene F. on 2015-03-20
I've been going to Aspen Dental for quite some time since I took the DMO option for Dental for my insurance since their was no maximum to save money for some work I knew I needed done which was the worst decision I ever made. Many dentists don't take this insurance, so I got...

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Online Shoppers Warned About '12 Scams of Christmas'
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