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Zito is our Cable and internet provider

Service went out Dec. 23rd

William Lingle

3319 Jacksonville Road Bellefonte Pa. 16823

Account # [protected]-Impact

Cell Phone [protected]


PO Box 431

Coudersport Pa. 16915

Called and was told it was being worked on.
Called December 24 was told it was being worked on no idea of a return to service.
Called December 26 was told service was repaired.
I stated my service was not repaired was told a service call would be placed.
A line issue was still occurring.
Call back the 27th after 9 am for an update.
Called on the 27th was told again our service was repaired. Still not working.
Service order placed call back on the next day after 9am.
Called December 28th was told problem on the line service was working on the issue.
Ask for a service # T-474ae1c1dc
Scheduled for service at residence January 4th if issue was not resolved and call back after 9 tomorrow.

Called December 30th was told again service was repaired. Told the agent mine is still not working and was told a line issue was being worked on.
service # e51280gp48084783861c499b25524
Called Jan 2 was told still an ongoing issue and service was scheduled for Jan 4th at my residence.
No one called or arrived at residence.
Called late in the day and was told ongoing issue service # e512a06d4a0a47a3a611c4e9d25524
Called Jan 5th was told the issue is being worked on it was an ariel issue and no idea when the issue would be resolved. Ask for another # to call and was told there are no other #'s. Attempted to find another # to call but all calls get directed back to the service #
It has now been 12 days with partial or no service with no response.
After numerous calls with no resolution, I feel a complaint is warranted.

Bill Lingle

Desired outcome: 1) Fix my internet and cable issues 2) credit for lost services 3) Zito needs have a service program that reacts to customer issues promptly and gives timely and accurate responses to issues.

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