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Zicasso Handcrafted Travel  -  Company Uses Prospective Employees Bank Accounts to Transfer Money

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I applied to work for this company as a Travel Coordinator and they required photocopies of all my identity be scanned and emailed along with my personal banking information including daily withdrawal limit and the daily hours of operation of my bank along with my personal bank account number. They wanted me to participate in a ten-day probationary period where the company would have access to my personal funds and have me transfer their business deals in and out of my own personal bank account.

This Probationary Period offer was sent to me on July 20, 2015 and here is the part that raised a red flag.
"Scheme of work with orders during the probation period: During the period of probation, an applicant will process 8-10 test orders. Payments will be sent from clients e-mail money transfer (interact) and wire transfer systems to an applicant's personal bank account. After receiving these payments, an applicant will send it to the managers of the company all over the world with RIA transfer, Money Gram, Western Union and other systems."

I don't think it's common practice for a business to use an applicant's personal banking in order to transfer their clients money, the applicant does not even work for the company yet and they are utilizing their financial institution to conduct what looks a lot like money laundering.

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Dec 09, 2015 4:02 am EST

hay que tener mucho cuidado

Dec 09, 2015 4:00 am EST

no se de que va el trabajo pero creo que pueda tener repercusiones penales

Jul 28, 2015 2:58 pm EDT

Dear dznami,

This is Brian Tan, CEO of Zicasso. That was a FRAUDULENT job posting using Zicasso's name but NOT affiliated with Zicasso at all.

Several people have written to us about that job posting. For the record, it was NOT generated by anyone from Zicasso Inc. nor would Zicasso ever require bank information from applicants looking to join our team. When we were first informed of this fraudulent entity masquerading as our business name, we immediately filed complaints with the the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Canadian Anti-Fraud centre.

Zicasso, based in California, does not have any offices in Canada, nor do we have any plans to hire anyone in Canada.

One red flag about that fraudulent posting is that the “hiring manager” or “HR manager” (often by the name of Emily Preston) doesn’t have an actual Zicasso email address (i.e. an email address that ends with Instead, they use a Gmail address, e.g. they use [email protected] -- that is NOT affiliated with Zicasso at all.

Zicasso Inc. was founded by my wife Yuchun and I by establishing our core principles on integrity and excellence to create unique experiences for travelers throughout the world. Each team member at ZIcasso Inc. perpetuates these core principles in every aspects which allowed our business to have built trusted relationships with travelers and travel specialist partners throughout the world. For this reason, we take the matter of any entity using our name fraudulently very seriously.

I would strongly suggest that you, as well as anyone who has responded to such fraudulent job posting, to report this fraud to your local authority and police. You may also report this issue to the following Government entities who specialize in these matters at:

United States of America (FTC):


Canada's Anti-Fraud Centre:


Brian Tan
CEO / Founder
Zicasso, Inc.