zebcom computersFraud Company - Big Scam


zebcom computers are big time scammers . they advertise about low prices on classified sites and sell duplicate goods .theyll say about gurantee but when you go to them for service they wont provide you any service

i bought 7 LCD monitors and AMD mother boards from them but within a 2 month had problems with 4 motherboards . i went to them and they said go to company service center but AMD service center told to me that these are duplicate and they cant provide gurantee .

i went back to zebcom computer guys ...they started fighting with me for this saying they cant help you on this issue you have not baught this with us ... i even showed them their bill but same bloddy response

beware guys dont go for cheap prices buy only from good shops and make sure packing is not altered


  • Vi
    vijayvargiya Oct 11, 2010

    all nonsense. this is only because of popularity of the firm, person who is personall fight this stupidness did if this person mention his or her mobile no than we can discuss what is right and wrong this kind of steps destroys self respect of the person, definately nature law will punish very shortly.

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  • Ro
    Rohitmundra Oct 11, 2010

    yeah why not nature of law will punish the person who is responsible for all the wrong doing ... by the way its not just me search with zebcom computers scam or fraud and youll see lot of complainst against them

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  • Bn
    b n rao Oct 11, 2010

    zebcom computers is the only place to all kinds of computer producst .
    there are thousands of possitive reasons but i will be saying only bottom line is, what ever we buy at this site product can be claimed to direct company for warranty not only in hyderabad but all over india any service centre of that company,
    thanx to zebcomcomputers

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  • Bn
    b n rao Oct 11, 2010

    since last one year we are doing business and either he saw me nor i, and still i havent seen him but till date i never had any kind of warranty problem or any kind of transcation dispute.
    thanx to zebcomcomputers

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  • Om
    OMER bhai Oct 12, 2010

    i dont belive it, because i have buyed many things from MR.Rohit and he is just dependable.he is the best man in t5his buissness.

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  • In
    indra_hyd Oct 12, 2010

    we are from tirupathi and dealing with zebcom computers with past two years never we had any kind of issues related to warranty, products what we purchased from zebcom computers can be claimed directly to company any where in india but as we are from tirupathi we use to claim vijaywada also we claim to hyderabad and never we had any problem.

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  • Ve
    venkat2012 Oct 12, 2010

    Well dude i also had problem with that guy in their secbad shop

    they showed different price in quikr.com listings and when i visited they said taht was mistake .. its just selling tricks donot go on them

    i can see this guy i faking comments with multiple account

    all commenters acoutunts are just one day old

    vijayvargiya --Member since Oct 11, 2010

    b n rao --Member since Oct 11, 2010

    OMER bhai --Member since Oct 12, 2010

    indra_hyd --Member since Oct 12, 2010

    and mr omar phone number 9246598650 is listed in violent phone numbers on net

    see here

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  • In
    indra_hyd Oct 12, 2010

    this will show how a person can spoil the image of a person for the sake of just a few hundreads. as a person is unemployed and wants to trouble people and spoil image, tooks amount and make people bad publicity
    thanx to a person who didnot mentioned his or her name and never give any kind of identity till yet.
    as we are from ongole and doing more than lakhs of business in just last two months i dont think such kind of activities can harm any body prestige.

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  • Bn
    b n rao Oct 14, 2010

    complaints board is the best place to place false complaints as it dont have even a option where as other sites are ready to get mails if any complaints was made with an intention
    b n rao

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  • Jh
    jhawarsandeepaarthi Jan 14, 2011

    this complaint fellow must display mobile no and identity r the bich

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  • Na
    Nanaji Jan 30, 2013

    ZebComcomputer (Mr V Rohit)Very froud man.420 man.I deposit 60000/-Rs But not send my material.

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  • Wa
    WAY2 Jun 11, 2014

    Mr Rohit very froud 420 very danger man .I purchise dell laptop i deposit many SBI
    A/C 2002632129

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