Zeal German Shepherd Luxemburg Wisconsindog breeder

K Jul 08, 2019

zeal german shepherds beware!!! of them never buy pups, dogs from them any of the ads are truth !they sold 10 weeks old blind pup with neurological problems which die after 5 days .they are selling multiple pups on multiple sits, they have 15 grown females that they breed every time when they are in heat. Now they have 5, 6 or more liters they mix those pups on ads .1 time they are 8 weeks then the 4 months like on pictures you can see those pups for sure not 8 weeks on different ad his 8 weeks pups are much much smaller .if you buy pup from them even vet will talk you that age of your pup is different then they talk you, next you will have health issue those pups are not check by any vet or have any shots done by vet . you check DNA the DNA of pup not much the parents DNA .You will have big issue to registered pups if you registered them at all. They are scared they react with pee everywhere and running if they hear louder sound or faster move they are not socialize with people at all.Those not quality or show dogs, they promise you whoever you wont so you buy dog from them . in the future everything not count no health guaranty or other promises that they promise to you they will not help you at all. and in the end of fighting with them you will have to take them to court and spend more money if was not enough that you over pay already for your dog .

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    another lady contact me that they sold her blind and sick pup he die after 5 days they refuse provide any vet information to her or money refund .they offer to sale her another dog ! how low they will go with this.

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