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I am the consumer who bought two jade bangles from Ying Yu Jade online shop, the seller told me that the two bangles are pure natural, but after I came back to China and went to an authorized institution in China for identifying the two bangles, the result says that the two jade bangles are not natural and were processed by the strong acid and Silica gel! what is more serious is that strong acids are harmful to people's health, So I sent the email to require to return fo a refund, but the seller have not replied me the emails, Thus, every one who is interested in Ying Yu Jade do not buy her products because they are fake and are totally different from her description on her website, she is black-hearted and dishonest businessman, if some one who has the similar experience with me and are also deceived by the Ying Yu Jade online shop, we should band together to protect our just interests, and I have submiited my complaint about the Ying Yu Jade's fraud to the IC3, I am sure that the IC3 will solve the issue for the people who are deceived by the Ying Yu Jade.
I have attatched the photos of the identification results and the bangles she sold to me, the bangles look beautiful, but actually they are all fake, So Please do not buy her products!



  • Di
    disappointedjadebuyer Aug 21, 2013

    I am another ex-customer of Ying Yu Jade and bought 2 jade bangles from her which were subsequently tested to be Grade B+C. I fell for the claims on Kathleen's website that all jade bangles sold on her site have been checked and tested for Grade A and is not artificially altered in any way. I contacted her on email to get a refund, which she was exceedingly rude and refused to give me a refund. She then stopped replying. Kathleen is a very dishonest business person and she should be arrested by the police for criminal deceit.

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  • Co
    Cong Bi Aug 23, 2013

    Hello, disappointedjadebuyer!
    I have reported the fraud behavior of Ying Yu Jade online shop to the IC3, I suggest you could also report your experience of being cheated by this online shop to the IC3. I think we should hold together to protect our just interests and make the Ying Yu Jade online shop be penalized by laws.

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  • Fa
    fake_ying_yu_jade Oct 10, 2013


    I purchased a jade bangle from Kathleen too last year that turned out to be color treated and polymer impregnanted! I had to pay $$$ to send the bangle to Southern California to the GIA Headquarters and had it certified. It cost over $140USD to have it tested.

    Kathleen insisted I send her the original GIA certificate, no payment back for the GIA testing, no refund on shipping costs and no refund on the $100 she charged for me to exchange the bangle from different size from the original purchase. She is a terrible person. Her blog is full of zen and her love for jade, and her "calmness" from the chime of her jade. She is full of hate when told her jadeite is not grade A, as described. She is not very nice, and her true self was shown when shown the truth about the quality of her jade. I wished more people who were duped expressed their experience online. I wish all her customers had their jade tested and not to take her word for it.

    One thing Kathleen insist was correct, get the GIA to certify the jade. But this clearly exposes her fake jade...

    If you choose to buy, do so if you do not mind color-treated and polymer impregnanted jade. She is a fradulent seller.

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  • An
    Anon8888 Nov 04, 2013

    You can report this to ICE as well. They handle internet fraud.

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  • Fa
    [email protected] Jul 08, 2014

    I am too a victim of Kathleen from YingYuJade. The jade bangle she sold me is obvious B+C treated and dyed. I did not know what to look for at that time and her web site came up top with Google search and she seemed to be very genuine from her blog and product description. It turned out it was my worst online purchasing experience. She is very dishonest and rude, threatening me when I told her I would pursue credit card chargeback. Stay away from her as far as you can if you don't want to get ripped off !

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  • Yi
    Ying Yu Jade Jul 20, 2014

    Ying Yu Jade has sold only genuine jade since 2000. YYJ offers a guarantee of authenticity, if the jade you purchase is not genuine we offer a complete refund. The validity of this complaint is doubtful because if you did buy fake jade and denied a refund from YYJ, you could have shown the gemology testing results proving fake to your credit card company and filed a chargeback complaint to get a refund if YYJ did not offer you a refund. Anyone can make "fake complaints". YYJ staff does not recognize the bangle bracelet shown in the photos as one that was sold to the complainer.

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  • Mr
    Mrs.Anglician Nov 03, 2014

    I purchased a carved, three-color jade bangle from YYJ, several years ago. When the bracelet arrived, it was obvious it was dyed and treated. My SIL is a gemologist and confirmed this. There is a lot of misrepresented "jade" material on YYJ website, which in hindsight is obvious when you educate yourself about jade. I am not going to go into all of the details of the back and forth with this person, but it is very sad and quite a sorry situation. I was cheated, but I was also not very educated when I purchased the bangle. Now I know better. I hope you will know better, as well. Buyer beware, and be afraid of this one, very afraid. If possible, never buy any jade online. Also, get yourself a little education about jade, and you will be much safer when entering into transactions. Some good websites are out there, and you can learn a lot about jade. Also, if you live in the Americas, you should know that there is a lot of very nice Nephrite coming out of California, Canada, and Guatemala. There is even some Jadeite that occurs in Guatemala, in lovely colors, as well as a few isolated pockets in California. This is not always easy to find, but I daresay that when you read about the conditions of the jade miners in Myanmar (Burma), you may not want to have anything to do with that product. I also learned this in hindsight. Do your homework and buy your jade in person!!!

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  • Pi
    ping wang Feb 05, 2015

    ying yu jade is 100% fake jade, my jade bangle 3 total all fake, ripped off money, we needs to do some thing, do not let her ripp off angin and angin.

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  • Tu
    Tuberrose Jul 06, 2015

    I live in USA and has bought two bangles from ying yu jade. I complete agree about many complainers who bought from ying yu jade and not very happy about the services neither the products. I bought two bangles that I want from the description and picture of bangle but both of them has cracked line. For the first one she allows me to do exchange, the second one I asked for refund and she is not allowed refund. and email took a long time intentional not respond because she doesn't want to give refund. Beside her bangle are not truly A grade as the description. It is not recommend to shop at Ying Yu Jade. Indeed, she is not honest businessman. She respond your order immediately but comes to problems she deny for her products. Be carefully new shopper.

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  • Ru
    Rubyww Oct 05, 2015

    I too bought a Jade Bangle from Ying Yu Jade a couple of years ago. The bangle was cracked and some part of it was dyed/painted. I emailed her and she never replied. Also, when you looked at her reply here. She said she sells "genuine" Jade. That really means her stones can be treated, cracked, altered, dyed or polymer impregnated. It should be noted that only Jadeite and nephrite are "Jade" but some of these people lump Agate, quartz or other "Jade" look alikes into the same "Jade" category. Research and educate yourself. Unless the stone is certified by GIA or other equivalent agencies, it would be wise to stay away.

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  • Well, here are your signs folks: (1) NO Telephone contact; (2) 'NO returns' policy. THOSE two things ALONE should be enough to keep you away, but then you have (3) restocking fee charged; and (4) requiring a GIA cert to prove her stuff is fake/altered/treated--that alone would cost more than the bracelets.

    I did not buy from this woman, but look at the response she sent to my SPECIFIC question as to fills, dyes, treatments. This is the exact wording of our correspondence. She simply does not answer the question, and instead tries to deflect me from the subject, into her BS sales job. Now what is probably ILLEGAL is her wording it's "all natural", since ANY content of polymer or other filling would not be "natural". Here's the email:
    I'm interested in a jade bangle similar to this one on your site:
    It's a gift, and the person I'm giving it to really only wants the very plain uniform apple green--no other colors/variations.
    On this particular one, can you tell me what grade it is, and if that involves any heat, color, or fill treatments?
    Also, I'd like to see pics & mm size of the actual bangle I'd receive. Would you be able to provide that? If possible, I'd like at least 60mm... Possibly larger.
    Thank you!"


    "Hello [xxxx]
    Thanks for your interest in Ying Yu Jade. If you read the description about the Chinese jade bangle bracelets, you will learn that they are genuine and natural, and the reasons
    they are. I've had Chinese jade health tools made for 15 years from this kind of jade, for the qi energy. Many people wear jade as "medicine", so of course it's all natural.

    My jade carver made the 60mm jade bangles from the same big jade rough, they all are very similar. There are three 60mm that look just like the photo, so that's what you will
    receive. The color is uniform throughout. The size is also as described, 60mm inside diameter, The next larger size is 65mm inside diameter, also carved from the same
    jade rough.

    Thanks for asking, hope this additional information is helpful to you.


    Ying Yu Jade"

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  • Be
    Bewarejadescam Apr 27, 2017

    I believe Ying Yu Jade is now trading as Jade Heaven.

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  • Ja
    Jadegirl Mar 07, 2019

    This is the Ying Yu Jade seller. Her name is Kathleen Knoderer.

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  • Ja
    Jadegirl Mar 07, 2019

    The Ying Yu Jade seller also owns Jade Heaven. Additionally, she sells on eBay, and from a blog called "Jade Blogger". Her name is Kathleen Knoderer. She sells under different names, so be very careful! She is all over the internet with info and videos. You do not want to do business with her, no matter what.

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