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Yancey Events review: I'm asking for my money back.

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1:01 pm EDT
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I attended Yancey Events free seminar today and teachers were very persuasive and because I didn't have money for the 3 - day seminar coming up, they promised to provide information on how to manage my money in order to get into a better financial position to invest in real estate for a fee of $197.00. This fee is also supposed to guarantee future discounts on advanced seminars. However, I have thought better of what they offer and I’m asking for my money back.

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Jan 12, 2015 11:27 am EST

My husband and I went as well. It was 4 hours of a sales pitch with some very misleading and incorrect information. They did not deliver anything as promised, and while I don't need their give away items..if you promise them you should follow through. I feel really bad for the people that gave them $3500 that day to go to more days of their false and incorrect information.

Nov 07, 2014 7:09 pm EST

I too went to a meeting in Tampa. Great presenter. Very engaging. No time for Q&A was the first red flag . Seemed to me that a particular member of the audience was a "plant".I was truly disappointed when I read the reviews that GREED and DECEIT are alive and well in the USA. I'm glad that I was not"decisive" to put my money out last night. I can easily become an investor with the free help online from sites like Biggerpockets.

Nov 04, 2014 10:27 am EST

agree totally. WHAT RIPOFFS!

Oct 29, 2014 10:51 am EDT

We were told we also would get a free digital camera and a free dinner if we attended the presentation. When the food came, what a joke. Dinner was in a medium size box. I opened mine and found a ham sandwich and a small cup of coleslaw. No fork nor a napkin, and that was it in my box.This you call a dinner? Plus...Water in a cup was what we all drank. No tea, no soda but water for everyone with ice. Anyways, getting on with this story, My husband opened his box and received a sandwich and a small bag of potato chips and a cookie and fork for his small cup of macaroni. I mentioned it to one of the men working there I didn't get a fork or the chips or a cookie and was ignored.As for as the ipad and camera, that was a fake.We were going to buy into the outfit to learn how to flip BUT I am so glad I didn't.After reading on here about what was going on and how they treated ALL of us, I am so glad I followed my hunch, I didn't join!

Apr 08, 2014 4:47 pm EDT
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Presenter Paul Young From Utah/Georgia/ Canada
My “PRO” Jed Baadsgard From Utah
2nd Pro Davina Burns From Florida
3rd Pro Laura Olsen from Utah

We Recently attended a “Yancey Event” intro event December 2013 at Kalahari in Sandusky ohio followed by the 3 day class In January 2014. We were so excited when we left the initial December intro meeting in December because we were told we would be guaranteed access to funding our deals 100% with only 1% percent interest for 90 day flips Also we were so excited to have a jam packed 3 day learing seminar where we would be so overwhelmed with information we were instructed to bring plenty of paper for notes and several pens/pencils because there was so much information.
We were very much miss lead with the whole thing. For starters we found out the special gift that was to be given away to the first 50 person that called for the week of the add was a hoax. Meaning the people sitting next to us in Sandusky from tiffin Ohio Were told the were 1 of the 50 and they were given the name of the person whom took their order and were told the ipad would be reserved for them at the event. They were very hurt and felt abused by your corporation. In hind site we should of took that as a sign.

We specifically asked the 4 hour presenter/motivator about the financing and he stated to several of us” as long as you take the 3 day class you are guaranteed 100% financing for a 90 day flip”. We now know that is not true and is very misleading and we feel it was a bait and switch technique.
When we attended the 3 day class with Paul we were so excited and happy be at the educational event However that changed later in the afternoon of the 1st day when we were hearing more “life even stories “ about family trips and other non education and non useful “filler”. I will say the first day was ½ education and ½ non essential filler.
On the 2nd day we had the day start with more happy stories and a small amount of education followed with our “ private planning session” Our private planning session was a basic background gartering of how much net assets we have and how he can raise money with our private credit or credit cards. I assumed this was for buying houses so we faithfully followed our pro’s guide . However the mass wealth of assets was primarily for the use of the pro’s to find out who could purchase additional education.
We spent a lot of time on the back half of the 2nd day being told more stories about life and also how we needed to step up and buy addition education. However Paul took me aside with my attending partner and told us “off the record” as paul put it with a gentlemans handshake “ Aaron if you do the next level I can guarantee you we can sell 5 house a week everyweek the boots on the ground is in your area. He said we need somebody around here to buy houses and resell to our boots on the ground groups and I tell ya what we can get you about 5000.00 profit on each of those deals. Now how does that sound.” He then said you do the education and the first round you will make all your money back and then some extra too”
At this point I felt I was between a moral dilemma … Make a bunch of money maybe if its true or lie to a bunch of people if I did this program. Im to moral to screw people over so which did I do. Our third day started early with a 8 am meeting with our pro . Our pro spent 2 hours telling us to buy buy buy and not focusing on our game plan. We went back to our purchased education plan and found our instructor to be telling more stories not educating . My pro(Jed Baadsgard) had a 1 on 1 meeting in a corner with paul Young the presenter whom then pulled me aside and tried to persuade me to buy buy buy. After lunch I was pulled aside again for over 2 hours to buy buy buy again and I was then told to leave when I would not buy. At that time I had my pro and a 2nd pro(Davina Burns) working me to buy buy buy.

My point to this is that I feel this class was a sales pitch the whole time from day 1 till day 3. I don’t feel the class is a class at all I feel its just a sales pitch. I feel we were taken advantage of and I feel very abused by PMI marketing and Yancey Events. I feel pmi marketing and yancey events has set a lot of people up into believing the group is an education provider where they are just a marketing firm for a very very basic “FREE data” That anyone can find on the internet as well as twisting verbiage on the lending capability and qualifications and plans for lending. I feel defrauded by the lending sales pitch with empty answers and a lot of stories.

I am truly disappointed and hurt that Mr. Yancey would risk his reputation and name on such a program. Everyone involved seems to be out to get us realy educated and prepared to achieve loads of wealth. What I wanted from the class was what was offered but not received.

A proper education of house flipping and investing
Financing for 90 days for 1% on any property that meets the” criteria” for lifetime.
At this point I feel a refund may be the best option for your sales pitch if not all than at least 2/3’s of the tuition (1995.00) (we only received 1/3 of class time without filler info)

Feb 21, 2014 3:37 pm EST

I am trying to find the form to fill in for the free camera. I cant see any form anywhere. What am I to think? Hum

Sep 12, 2013 10:58 am EDT
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I'm a senior citizen and Yancey gurus wanted me to tap into my IRA and Roth IRA for money. They also convinced me to apply for other credit cards and raise my credit to
$10, 000. dollars. Today my savings have been depleted to half having paid Yancey
$36, 416.00. I'm trying to get my money back.

Jul 27, 2013 7:12 pm EDT
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I enjoyed the free Yancey Events seminar a few months ago in Burlington, NC. I was almost persuaded because the instructors made a very persuavive sales pitch. I decided to wait until the end of the program to make up my mind for certain. However, after I did not receive the prizes that they had offered on the phone, I decided not to.

After i received my invitation, i calledvthe phone number to reserve my seat as the mailer instructed. On the telephone the representative offered attendees a free digital camera and free dinner. The invitation that they sent in the mail also said they would be giving free Apple mini iPads to the first 50 callers. The telephone operator said he knew nothing of the free mini iPads. He said I would receive a free digital camera and a free dinner just for attending.

I got to the program 30 minutes early. The program began at 6 pm and did not end until 9:30pm. They said that they would not give prizes unless people stayed for the entire program. When the program was over, the handed a cheap digital camera to each person going out the door at the Ramada Inn. Some of the people began to complain, they were told to check the website for winners for the mini iPad.

There were many people that I knew there from my hometown. None of us received a free dinner nor mini ipads. The cheap dollar store camera was not worth the 3 1/2 hours of my time that I invested. I was not so much looking for free stuff, but looking at the reputation of the companty. I figured it was the old bait trick of making promises of a unbelievable prize and then not give it. Yancey Events and I would not a favorable relationship because I believe in being honest with customers. It is not good business to make promises and then not deliver them. After I got home, I researched the reviews and found that they have a not so good reputation.

Jun 19, 2013 12:48 pm EDT

I paid $2000. I'm also asking for my money back. It was just another sales pitch. They want you to increase your credit limit so you can spend $40, 000 to buy their advance training program.