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Xcover Insurance and My Trip Inc.

Xcover Insurance and My Trip Inc. review: Lack of service and caring

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Purchased tickets for travel for 6 from USA to Europe BKBNN-7KD4F-INS. On our return, a confluence of events including one ill passenger and a van driver/chauffer that failed to pick us up for our 0352am flight. Missed our flight by a few minutes and spent the better part of 10 hours trying to call around for assistance. Repeated calls to MyTrip resulted in less than helpful customer service. We had purchased cancellation and trip delay insurance, but it proved useless when needed. MyTrip Inc. defers to the travel insurance company XCOVER (More like: Runforcover!)

MyTrip agents were utterly impossible to understand with the heavy accents and telephone scripts. Xcover, on the other hand does not take calls. Only email but they are impossible to reach!

I spent over $10K to fly my family there and had to spend another $11K to fly them home. They were absolutely useless, unable, and unwilling to assist. I would NEVER use their services again and would recommend you fly through reputable companies instead. This would cost you less in the long run.