www.buyrealpassport.compassports and id cards

T Jul 20, 2019

This fake website of scammed me 800 EURO for an european passport; they deal with people living in Douala in Cameroon and Texas in America with another scammer named Stephen.

You will never obtain document from them. They just show you the scanned copy of documents and take your money; no document is sent to you. BEWARE. SCAMMER ALITE DOCUMENTATION SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER

  • Updated by Takeni 777 · Jul 20, 2019

    WWW. BUYREALPASSPORT.COM or ALITE DOCUMENTATION is a dangerous scammer with his groups is Douala-Cameroon and in Texas in the US . Beware of this fake website of ALITE DOCUMENTATION including Stephen of TEXAS.
    SCAMMER -SCAMMER -SCAMMER Scam scam scam. They took my money but they did not send my any document. BEWARE. SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER

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