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W Review updated:

The complaint filed by Slccsandy on 9-18-09 is completely bogus. The page exhibited on this website can't even be viewed - it automatically closes the unternet usage when pulled up.

I have been in business 27 years and have never not returned calls or taken a deposit and made off with the money.

If there are any questions or concerns, I can be reached at [protected].


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    Oncilla Jan 23, 2011

    OH Please Carol. You have done this to alot of people. I am collecting emails. Im up to 13 already in 2 days so I can file a TICA complaint against you. You are a cat hoarder, and a thief. Many of your cats are sick and unsocialized. You sometimes take over a year to send people papers even. I even know of one kitten dying after you shipped it sick. You need to be stopped.

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    Deanna Gulke Sep 18, 2016

    I bought a male savannah breeder from Carol at Wind Haven that was proven but after a year and breeding 5 of my proven females, no kittens out of him. I am trying to return him, and it's been a difficult task. Let's see if she does the right thing and I will let you know how she handles this situation.

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    Deanna Gulke Mar 21, 2018

    Carol it’s DeAnna from Abambu. You sold me a proven adult F6 Savannah SBT male stud named Sally in July of 2015. Your guarantee states if he doesn’t prove within 2yrs, which was July of 2017, that you would replace him. Sally has been with 6 of my proven females ( I have videos of them mating), and as of to date, he has not produced even one kitten with any of my Queens.
    I tried many times to contact you but I was told by another breeder that you have blocked me from your emails, and you have not answered my phone calls. I paid $3500 for him and since Sally has never proven, this has caused setback in my breeding program. I was counting on a fertile adult male. You also said he was a large male, but he weighed in at almost 8.5lb. when my vet weighed him shortly after his arrival. He has had his own room the whole time he has been here. I can finally pet him but he still won’t let anyone hold him.

    I need to send him back to you for a refund or another kitten. If you want a PCR test, can you please get me a copy of the PCR test you did on him when you shipped him to me so I have something to compare? His poops have been solid the whole time and he has has his own litter box for the duration of his stay.
    Also are there any registered kittens on TICA from this male Sally?
    Since I can’t get a hold of you, I decided to message you here. As you mentioned on your FB page you are a good standing breeder, so I expect you will take care of this as soon as possible and honor our agreement. Please respond, Thank-you. I posted his photo below.

    Here is your guarantee as per our agreement in your words……………………. Kittens and cats sold for breeding come with a two year fertility guarantee. The cat or kitten is not covered for accidents or injuries or problems caused by breeding. At the end of 2 years, if the said cat or kitten has not produced, buyer can choose another replacement kitten from Wind Haven at no cost. Shipping costs are not covered by Wind Haven.

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