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Wal - Mart Supercenter Store #1164Wal-Mart stores getting more vicious everyday!

I am a devout Christian, family man who is disabled and use (will no longer shop at this store) to shop at Wal-Mart and spend about $300-400 monthly. Before I begin let me say, on the 7APR2K5, I had purchased two Biblical Research Books costing a total of about $60!

On the day, 8APR2K5, I went to the store with my wife, son age 6, and daughter age 10 months. Our normal task; would be for me and my children to go to the Deli section and eat or drink something while my wife picked up the items we would purchase. After I would consume the food, I would take either the empty container or take the Price Bar Code up to the cashier for payment. (I was told to do this many times by store employees).

I took the empty containers and Price Bar Codes with me to the cashier along with a full cart of items my wife had wanted. I gave everything to the cashier and had asked if she had scanned the empty containers and Price Bar Code items. The cashier confirmed twice she did. (At this point I usually check it myself, but my son was complaining that he needed to go to the restroom and I wanted to get back home because a bad thunderstorm was coming, so I trusted the cashier and went on to exit the store).

As I exited the store, a lady by the name of Debbie Miller approached me and said I consumed food and did not pay for it. I told her you are crazy, I paid for it. At first she did not want to look at the receipt. When I insisted, she looked and said nothing is on there. I was shocked and looked at the receipt and discovered the items I paid for (over $150!). Her face turned bright red and she left the room, she returned with items from a trashcan. She asked me if these items were mine. She demanded I sign some kind of a form.

I kept repeating lets go talk to the cashier and she can clear this up that I gave her all the Price Bar Codes and Empty Container items. Ask her! If there is a problem it is with the cashier, not me! Ms. Miller refused and left the room again. She returned with another man she said was her boss, he said call the police and secure the videotapes. I said, Sir, you are making a big mistake, I will fight this thing, and I have not done anything wrong. I am a devout Christian; and therefore would never do this! I demanded to see these videotapes so it will prove I gave everything to the cashier. They refused to let me see anything. I said let me call an attorney! They refused!

A few seconds later the Columbia Police G. Wise, badge number # 10855, arrived and began writing an arrest booking. I began telling him the truth and my wife showed up at the door in the back where they had taken me. Officer Wise went into a rage and began yelling at my wife, who had with her my two children. All she was asking (in a normal voice) was what was happening, an employee had showed her where I was. This outrageous officer threatened to have my wife arrested and take my two children to foster home. Because of my illness, I broke down in tears, and kept repeating I did nothing wrong. The store demanded that I be taken to jail, and the enraged officer took me to jail. My rights were never said, I was never told what I was being arrested for, I never saw a warrant until I arrived at the jail!

Strangely, the police took me to another jail in an other county. My family called all night and the next day and could not locate me. They were told there is no one in custody by my name. I even asked the prison when will I go to the bonds court, and I was refused my request, and they even told me I had a five page rap sheet of all kinds of charges. (I have never been put in jail before)! My family got in touch with the courts and demanded I at least be found and released on bond. I was told by the jail that I would be there for 30 days! By the grace of God and answered prayer, I was released the next day.

I still cannot understand why the store manager and police did not want to talk to the cashier. The items were scanned and paid for, and she was the one who scanned them and she knows what the truth is. It seems to be all lies to take down a good Christian family man. I am now fighting this as best I can, and I will sound the trumpet as loud as I can to make the people know what corporations are doing to our freedom! It is out of control and needs to STOP! God Will Give Me Victory!


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    Christinia Bruster Jan 31, 2007
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    To whom it may concern:
    I live in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Not really many people like the Walmart here! Always, we go to Batesville where one, we are treated much better, there is more courtesy, kindness, help and less bad attitudes! Today I found out,once again, why we do not go to this Clarksdale Walmart!
    I know this letter will NOT get me anywhere,because I have complained before with no results. It is like you all stick together like glue.
    This complaint I base upon the two women who caused this problem.

    1. The woman's-your employees, Lack of intelligence
    2. Racial issues they have!{treating the white{us} bad and saying hello,thank you and come back to the blacks,especially since the majority of your employees are black,but not to the white!
    3. Rudeness
    4. Not having knowledgeable working know how!
    5. I mean it does not take a degree to work at Walmart! And believe me, I am more than sure these two woman have NO degrees!
    6.Not the proper training of what it means to be a "Walmart" employee! I mean who trains these people?!
    7. I must say,though, one thing they did learn was how to BOB that head and Scream at your customers and how to call your customer an idiot and stupid! You did a good job at training them that! In fact so much that while they were BOBBING and screaming at me and my son, the whole front half of Walmart was the quietest I have ever heard it, because all the people were looking to see me and my son of 17 be called stupid and being screamed at!

    I can assure you I am writing this letter tonight and for days I am going to hunt for all the top people at Walmart I can find and more to send this letter to! I realize of course we will receive NO apologies and we will not hurt your store any more than it already is, for the word of inner theft is so high on the rise here about your store it is unreal! It also appears you need people so bad to work for you that you hire the first things off the streets! Such as this big,fat black woman in the long sleeve red t-### with the big mouth! And you promote some piddly girl who used to work in the electronics to be a manager cashier or whatever that idiot is! My son who is 17 had to go to Walmart today for his boss, so while he was there, oh, and he also home schools with a Christian Academy School, so do not go throwing your remarks of well look at this woman calling our employees dumb and her son works at 17! My son has been through more than any of your employees, he has Multiple Sclerosis, was in a wheelchair for six years, all his Drs. said he would never walk again, but as of Christmas Eve this year he has been walking two years. He works day shift as a waiter, home schools and is a very devoted and busy person. He is very ill right now with a sinus infection and a cough. So, while he was going to Walmart anyway I told him to buy himself some chap stick and cough drops and cough medicine. I,not realizing about the factor that he could not purchase cough syrup till he is 18, since he does not do drugs, etc. I thought nothing of it. I thought he could simply get his medicine, especially since it is over the counter. I understand if it is a law, but my point is it could have been explained to him in the proper manner, not like he was there to buy drugs, or buy alcohol, or rob the "D" place!!!! The black woman{?} who was the cashier was , snotty, mean acting, indicant, and rude to him, bobbing that fat head of hers and telling him in a loud and ugly manner "HE COULD NOT BUY THAT!", my son did in fact get angry and say"Lady,I am here to buy this because I am sick, do you not see my nose running??????!" I have always taught him to be kind and well mannered, but in a case where he is treated so horrible, I also have given him permission to take up for himself and he said how he felt about the whole deal and any way he acted was quite understandable! He was being treated with disrespect!

    He called me, I told him I was just turning into Walmart. I went in and we proceeded to go down the same checkout stand with the bobbing headed ,fat woman! As you can see, I am angry over this whole issue toward my son! The woman saw me and Johnny talking, as her glaring beety eyes looked at my son with her great hate and I am sure her great hate for "white people"! For, she also looked at me the same way!

    Johnny said to her" I am here to get my cough medicine" as it was still at the counter. He put his money down on the counter top and the woman said " I am not selling you that cough medicine, I told you!" As her head nearly flew off her body, from the bobbing{She has that down just right!}, my son looked back at me and pointed to me and said " that is my Momma", She said" I can't sell you that medicine, I said ,I am his Mother, did you not hear him?!" She still insisted and ran over to a woman who I gathered had that all high power of the "woman Manager Cashier!" WOW! The WMC ,we shall call her, came over and was not at all polite! Saying they could not sell it to him! Then she picked up his money and waved it in my face, I had my contacts in so the "B" did not have to get it so close as I COULD see it! She was loud, impolite, ugly and a "B"! I was so embarrassed!She laid our money back down on the counter. My son was so angry he told me he had to leave as he was about to get quite ugly and security would be bound to throw him out and then they would throw me out because I would have everyone for touching my son!

    I then proceeded to pick up Johnny's money and I said "HERE!" "Now, give me my medicine! The woman with the bobbing head and the ignorance of a goat walked out from behind the counter and said loudly"I am not giving her that medicine, she put the money down on the counter, she did not put it in my hands! " That my friend is the basis to say this was a racial matter!

    So, The ignorant little so called cashier manager came over to the cash register ,picked my money up, screamed at me, called me stupid,said "we are smart here!",to that I said ,"Yes, but as smart as what?!" IN my terms she was as smart as an ###! A smart ###! I am a lady, but this is my son we are talking about, my son needed his medicine, and why did we have to go through all of this to get it?! They both began to call me names, hollar and scream at me, as I walked off they practically followed me, they did a ways and still were making a scene! Is this the way you expect your employees and so called managers to act to your paying customers?!

    I went to the back and found a white lady, young and very polite. I spoke with her and of course she apologized and called the first co-manager above her and I said NO, I will not speak with her! This {Mattie} was the very woman who one night about two years ago, came up to me, my husband and our son and said to us, "Your son comes in here with a bunch of boys", I said "OK" then she said "well, they get routy, and she proceeded to punch at our son's front right chest ,right under his shoulder! I said wait a minute, are you saying "Our son is routy?She said well, no, but the boys are, so I said" First do not ever touch my son again! And be sure about things before you open your mouth!" So when she asked why I would not let her help us, I said " I do NOT like You!"

    And, I do not! No one touches my son, and she needed to have her story straight about the other boys when my son did nothing!

    Any way,This incident of the hollering at us, the smartness towards us, and the "racial" attitudes should never have happened today at Walmart!
    It was embarrassing, hurtful,uncalled for, etc.!
    Names: White Assistant manager?{very nice}----Black Co-Manager-Sherry ?{Nice,accommodating} Cashier manager{nasty attitude, LOUD!,ugly acting,called me stupid in front of customers among other names, screamed at me, NAME Loretta ?------Co-manager,one who touched and poked at my son,{Mattie} ,Woman who was fat, ugly, ugly acting,rude, screaming, said she would not take the money nor sell me the medicine because I put it on the counter and not in her hands, who threw the "racial" slurs! name? Sherry knows.
    I am more unhappy and hating Walmart now than ever! Many people in this town say the same!!!!!!!
    Then tonight my son said he told the woman at the gas pump he wanted $15.00 ,she said tell her what number, he went back and showed her where, she gave him the thumbs up ,so he got in his car and when he got back out he saw $27.00! He went to pay,my son said "I said $15.00" and she said"$27.00" That is all the money Johnny had and he told her I said $15.00 and she said give me $27.00! He threw the money in the thing, which he should have been able to throw it at her. She in my book stole money from Johnny as she should have set it at what he said. My son said a sentence about Walmart to her, which I totally agree! Only since I am a lady I cannot say it. But, I totally agree! Walmart stinks and so do the majority of your employees!
    I think my son should be paid an apology and I also! Your employees are in bad taste.
    Your Walmarts and your employees and most managers leave a lot to be desired!
    Rudeness, bad manners, and racial issues! That is all your {most} employees know!
    Many,many people always speak bad about Walmart-Mostltly we hear-"I just hate to go to Walmart,I hate that store!" While in Batesville we see tons of Clarksdale people!
    This whole incident should never have happened to us!

    Mrs. Gerald W. Buster
    Clarksdale, Mississippi, 38614

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    Fred K. Sep 15, 2008
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    Walmart is great ### face

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